Squad management the big question of the week


All we can ask from an international break is for Celtic players to return uninjured, which appears to be the case as we head into the intensive weeks ahead.  It even looks like Mohamed Elyounoussi, who headed to Norway after taking a knock, has returned fitter than he went.

Players like Callum McGregor, Odsonne Edouard and James Forrest would have benefited from a complete rest, but at least they were taxed in only two games across the fortnight.

Squad management will play a big part in Neil Lennon’s thinking right now.  Livingston and Rennes, who both visit Celtic Park in the next 8 days, have far more important games after facing Celtic.  Livi play six of the seven lowest placed teams they can face before the winter break, while Rennes cannot qualify for the knock out stage of the Europa League and are one of seven clubs within a point of each other in Ligue 1.

Neither will see the Celtic game as a priority, we should plan our squad accordingly.

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  1. theBHOYfromU.N.C.L.E on

    Wearing these new trainers Jared Tallent has been Race Walking World Champion ten years running………

  2. I don’t think playing,Taylor,Biton,Ntcham,,Rogic,is weakening the side.All first team squad players,and not some young kids being thrown in.Use the very good squad we have got.I have confidence in them.


    Its Livingston for Gods sake.They are crap taken off the Axminster.


    What’s the point in having this squad if we don’t play them.

  3. canamalar



    I get that Can, maybe that walking on air kind of thing.


    Might be more to it with the latest designs. Re the modern football boot, well it is lighter, but so were sand shoes when I was younger.

  4. glendalystonsils on

    Don’t know about Rennes , but Livi will bust a gut trying to stop us winning . They will kick , hold and niggle all day while packing their defence and doing their utmost to spoil……all condoned by the officials . We have to be on song from the first whistle.

  5. Parking fine help required!



    Left my car in an Asda carpark for a bit too long after shopping there and received a letter from Horizon Parking charging me £70 for exceeding the free parking time.



    I remember advice being given here a few years ago, regarding just ignoring these letters but im not sure if the law has changed now?



    Can anyone advise me whether i need to pay this fine?

  6. TR- From the advice on here a while ago, I remember an informed guy said, do not contact the company, as you will be deemed to have taken ownership of the ‘fine’,ignore it.

  7. Livingst Put a spoke in our run in last season – no way will they stop kicking, gauging and flying in 0-0 is an Olympic gold for them, anything else is a bonus.



    Full metal jacket for Celtic on Saturday- there are no walks in the park.

  8. Bada Bing



    Thanks for your response.



    Yeah i remember it……



    Want to make sure its still ok to do that now?!!

  9. Delighted the real fitba’s nearly back.



    I think everyone hoping for a nice 2 or 3 nil victory on Saturday with LG getting the last half hour and then 90 mins against Rennes.



    Lenny should be saying publicly that no offers for any of the squad will be considered in January and the players and their agents should be told the same….we don’t need uncertainty and unsettled players especially this season. We know that player trading is a big part of the overall business plan but it must be put on hold until summer at the earliest.

  10. Thunder Road



    The law has been clarified in recent times. For the correct up to date position, there’s a whole thread on moneysavingexpert.com.



    Personally I still ignore them and they still go away, but don’t make a habit of getting these tickets, eventually they’ll chase you.



    Final bit of advice – if you were shopping at Asda and still have a receipt for doing so, as for Asda’s help. I got the same thing at a Tesco and Tesco were very helpful, got the ticket annulled.

  11. Battered Bunnet from earlier, great post about your dad and your boots.😂



    How many other Mums or Dads invented stuff to keep weans busy/ happy and to save cash as well of course.


    Of course your dad was well ahead with this one right enough.



    Hail Hail



    D. :)




    So every team in the SPFL up their game against us



    A result against us will set up and boost livi confidence going into games against lesser teams but we should not think they consider us a high priority.



    Who’s kidding who here, they’ll come out all guns blazing and try to kick us off the park into the bargain, gat a grip, you never watched the SPFL before?






    What he said. Agree 100%.

  13. Thunder Road


    I think, think, that unless the penalty is from the Council or Police, it is not enforceable. Good advice earlier, do not respond, but equally don’t make a habit of it. As Field of Drams mentioned, the law has been changed recently, not sure of the implications of that. Martin Lewis website is a good reference to start with. Good luck.



  14. Rowley Birkin QC on

    Thunder Road – as Bada Bing said just ignore them. They may send a couple of letters but do not engage with them.



    Hail Hail

  15. prestonpans bhoys on




    Ignore their letters even the one that says the are handing it over to a debt collection agency. Doesn’t happen😁

  16. Only my opinion , but, I feel we will NEVER get an even playing field in Scotland. Year after year, decade after decade we get stuffed by “The Establishment” that is Scottish Football.


    The only way out I feel, is for us to get into the English set up. Why not buy Carlisle United, re-brand and climb into the very top where all the money is!!!!


    Am I mad, maybe




  17. Re Nakas FK anniversary



    Naka best free kick taker ever at CP…some crackers in his back catalogue. 2 v Man U and one at Killie to win the league and his shot from 40 yards v the hun








  18. Nae googling and only 10 minutes to have a guess.


    Q1. We’ve played 27 games so far this season. Only 2 players have walked out of the tunnel for every game, either to start the match or to take their place on the bench. Names?


    Q2. And who has been this season’s Super Sub, coming off the bench on 13 occasions (as well as having 3 starts)?



  19. Thanks for your replies/advice bhoys and i really appreciate your help…….been trying to read some forums on it






    Had shopped in Asda but never take the parking voucher which i believe turns a 1 hour stay to 2 hours, as im generally never there that long. However on this occasion i went across the road to my sisters office and basically she talks tooooo much!


    Despite saying i need to go about 10 times…….here i am on a football forum seeking advice!


    Generally i always pay by cash whenever i shop, so the receipt from Asda would have been in the wheelie bin that day, so no proof as such that i was shopping in the store unless they want to go over cctv footage!



    Friesdorfer, Rowley Birkin and Prestonpans Bhoy



    Got a similar letter from them a couple of years ago for doing the same thing and i ignored it then.


    Got a letter every month for about 6 months initially offering a reduced fine for early payment but also threatening me with escalated fees and debt recovery if i didnt stump up!



    Not sure if doing it again a couple of years later is making a habit of it but hopefully ignoring them again will have the same result.



    Thanks again for your help/advice




  20. Kikinthenakas


    I dont know what Graveson said to Neville at the penalty that Big Artur saved buy he filled his shorts and made no attempt to anticipate a rebound, Nakas free kick was unbelievable in that game as was the noise, incredible night.

  21. thunder road



    Does the £70 demand say anywhere that it is a “fine”?


    Or maybe a penalty? Either way you need to caw canny in Scotland. The Supreme Court has already ruled on this question back in 2015 (UKSC 67) and two years ago a Scottish Court (VCS v Mackie) awarded £24,500 to the company after Mackie refused to pay 100x£100 day parking penalties. Failing to pay can be seen as a breach of contract (and given that you have already admitted to knowing you had stayed over the allotted (free?) time, they could in theory sue you in a Civil court. Doubt if any legislation has changed that but could be wrong.

  22. Celtic Mac


    That case was different. The lady in question parked in a designated spot at Dundee City Quay, day after day, ignoring the signs and penalty notices. She was stupid beyond belief, and didn’t really help herself.



  23. OK, so my attemot to flush out the thoosands of lurkers that are reading this very post as we type has failed. But thanks, Thunder Road, for a guess. You win the Meat Loaf award… ;-) Answers in 5 minutes.

  24. Celtic Mac



    It states that its its a ‘Parking Charge Notice’ for ‘Failure to Validate Parking Session.’

  25. The 2 ever presents are Edouard and Gordon.


    Eddie has started 23 (and went off substituted in 9 of those), has come on once as a sub (away at Motherwell) and sat on the bench 3 times.


    Craig has stayed on the bench for 22 games but has 4 90-minutes under his belt (Motherwell away, AIK x 2 and Partick) and 1 x 120-minutes (Dunfermline)


    Supersub is indeed Jonny Hayes – Jonny has been in the ‘squad’ for 25 of the 27 games. He has started 3, stayed on the bench for 9 but came off the bench on 13 occassions.


    My, the nights are fair drawing in….

  26. Jobo



    Is it Paradise by the dashboard light?



    Who is she and when will she be there? ;)

  27. Thunder Road,


    You’re probably having a joke back at me but just in case you missed it I was referring to 2 Out Of 3 Aint Bad ;-)

  28. Dessybhoy


    You’re right…it was the loudest roar I’ve heard at CP when Arthur saved the pen from Saha.





    Was Bain not in goals away at Well remember him being slow going down for their first goal..I think 🤔






  29. friesdorfer



    Court found her liable for all the unpaid notices and some. Or enforced private parking penalties?

  30. thunder road



    Courts can interpret as breach of contract, but Management Company would have to take you there first.

  31. KICKINTHENAKAS – You are, not for the first time, entirely correct. SO what’s my excuse? Well, I didn’t start my ‘player of the year’ thing until I received the go-ahead from Paul67 in late August. The first game that counted was away to AIK and since then I’ve been keeping a super duper spreadsheet with all sorts of game by game stats, goalscorers, red cards, as well as the all important votes for each player. But during this latest International Break I was a bit bored so decided to revist the earlier games from this season and add then in too. But in my haste I made one, I repeat one, schoolbhoy error and you just had to highlight it and embarrass me!


    So the updhot of all of this is that French Eddie is the only player to have featured (if a bench can be regarded as a feature) in every one of our 27 games.


    Nothing gets by ole Kickinthenakas! ;-)

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