St Mirren v Celtic, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 14.00.

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  1. Burnley78 11.45pm



    I am loving Celtic just now .. MissGFTB is now 15 and Celtic daft (her mum & 2 big sisters are all Sevcoians) for a time I was petrified as she is close to them all .. but thankfully she has went with her father and is a wee rebel …



    As Neil Lennon said to Brendan today 8 wins and a draw in your last 9 games ….. and some are still not happy 🍀🍀



    I liked Neil blaming Brendan then Brendan blaming Neil for being successful … that will annoy the Neil Lennon haters :-)



    Love it

  2. G F 11.49pm



    Thank you



    (Still nothing about Celtic but thinking of my health)



    Much appreciated… mate

  3. Excellent hard thought win today, was a bit worried about the tie as St Mirren had been in decent form.Good draw for the next round also,hopefully another win will breed confidence and set us up for the run in.

  4. Not got a clue about American fitba



    Mahomnes 300 passing yards ??




    Kelcie touchdown ??



    Boosted 3/1 to 6/1 …



    A fool and his money are easily parted …

  5. gftb



    That is how far the QB has thrown the ball. (But not all in one go)


    Touchdown? Bit like the tries Scotland didn’t get against Wales and France. Worth 6 points in Vegas

  6. Celtic Mac 12.23am






    I don’t really understand rugby either …



    I would never watch American football but realise the Super Bowl is a big thing so trying to watch it …



    I like all sports but football is the only one I think I can understand :-)

  7. Spikeysauldman 12.39am



    I like your thinking



    Either that or they haven’t paid their internet bill

  8. Good morning all from a chilly 2 degree, wet underfoot Garngad.



    Some people /posters really should grow up now we have the “we are the real fans as we post after a game brigade” OMG listen to yourselves.



    Some posters have other commitments, a life really.



    So sad, so, so sad Some people attacking posters for not posting after a game.



    Entitled or what.



    Anyway a win is a win, a very poor surface we move on that’s all that should be said about yesterday.



    D. :)

  9. Mcgregor back on form and Kyogo involved made a big difference yesterday. Idah looks decent and has a bit of pace and power. Other positives for me were Yang and Kuhn. Gave away far too many corners. Taylor back this weekend and hopefully CCV not too far behind. If we get CCV back and he stays fit, it’ll be a massive boost. We (home support) have to realise we probably ain’t going to play faultless football for the rest of the season. Just stay with the team and get them through each game to win it. 3-0 v Killie😁

  10. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Good morning CQN.



    Bit more positivity around the club and the blog following yesterday’s game.



    Very welcome.



    We weren’t perfect – as in match comments will attest to – but for those who like to watch games back after the result is known – it probably looked reasonably comfortable.



    It’s incredible how the dynamic around upcoming fixtures changes.



    Three away games navigated in a week.



    Then a cup draw.



    We now have four of next six matches at home.



    All one week apart.



    With players coming back.



    No reasons for complacency.



    Fair few reasons for optimism.



    Have a good day all.

  11. Good win yesterday and good mood music from Brendan post match.



    Big Joe was excellent and although there are a few hearts in mouth over the season with the big fella , overall I believe he has performed much better this year.



    Wee Bernabei has been given the freedom to get stuck in and thought he looked pretty secure most of the game , anyone messing about in his side of the pitch is going to catch a sore one eventually.



    I’m assuming that Brendan took a look at the pitch and decided playing an earlier ball was a better option , kinda meant Cal was getting caught more often than normal.



    All in all steadying the ship type of performance, need to push on now ready for the better weather and pitches.




  12. This day in 2020 we won 3-0 at Dundee.



    King Kenny was stand in manager of a Celtic team which had won just 3 trophies in the previous 12 years.



    We won the league cup that season but hardly celebrated as we had blown the league and cup by then.



    3 trophies in 12 years. This was 6 years after ‘the rebels had won’ and we had still only won 1 cup 1 league and 1 league cup. Imagine what our malcontents would have made of that ?



    No bogeyman to blame for the pie queues being too long, or for too many projects, or for the 38 trophies won in the 24 years since.

  13. Pity Kevin’s did not put his millions on St Mirren to win. This guy has not liked us since he did not get the job at Celtic years ago.

  14. BURNLEY78 on 12TH FEBRUARY 2024 10:26 AM


    “This day in 2020 we won 3-0 at Dundee. King Kenny was stand in manager”



    That feels like (half) a lifetime ago 😁




  15. Majestic Hartson on

    QUADBHOY on 12TH FEBRUARY 2024 11:22 AM


    BURNLEY78 on 12TH FEBRUARY 2024 10:26 AM



    “This day in 2020 we won 3-0 at Dundee. King Kenny was stand in manager”



    That feels like (half) a lifetime ago 😁







    I’m not feeling the best today and it messed with my mind when I read that date 😂




    Intresting, you are right with BBC as a source, however I use other football Apps that have 50/50 split. I dint realise this could be measured differently



    It definately looked a 50/50 split



    “I’m not feeling the best today and it messed with my mind when I read that date 😂”



    Me too, I had to double take it!


    I blame the super bowl and forgetting to book the Monday off work!



    It took me back to John Barnes and his 4-2-2-2 formation which gave a slight giggle, followed by a shudder. I was against BR coming back but when you think back to some of our managerial appointments over the years perhaps it is better the devil you know! Good to hear BR sounding more calm and positive after the game and praising the players for recent results despite all the chopping and changing and injuries. I was genuinely worried that some of his recent comments might have irked the players but that was the calmest I’ve felt watching a match in quite a while even with all of the set pieces / high balls from saints.




  18. I actually enjoyed yesterday’s game. A very competitive cup tie. We defended well with a makeshift defence and scored two good goals. The first from a magnificent pass by Callum setting up an excellent breakaway goal. Our best players were Big Joe, Stevie Welsh and Bernabei. The horrendous condition of the pitch made it difficult for our players to control the ball, pass accurately or play good football and yet we did at times. It was a difficult fixture but we took control and went through to the next round. I think it showed that Brendan has steadied the ship. I have a feeling we will get steadily better from here on in especially when our injured players return.



    Well done to Brendan and the Bhoys!

  19. presumably rangers won’t concede a penalty for the rest of the season given that they conceded one just before they would’ve broke a record. The soft biases they experience will continue. The sooner our quality gets back on the pitch, the better. Even having a clumsy DM back has made a difference.

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