Summer madness bites at Cardiff


By all accounts Malky MacKay is a good guy.  He is certainly a good motivator and tactician, and an excellent communicator, unburdened by the airs and graces normally associated by managers in the self-appointed Greatest Show on Earth.  None of this saved him from the sack, though, accused of running riot with the cheque book in the summer.

Cardiff City certainly ran riot, spending in the region of £50m to help prepare for top flight football.  If, as owner Vincent Tan alleges, the spend was unauthorised, Cardiff have a management control problem, not a problem with the manager, who is within his rights to spend whatever money made available to him.

‘Bluebirds’ fans are united on Malky’s side, they are equally united against owner Tan, who appears wholly unsuitable to control a football club.  Changing their strips from blue to red, as red is the colour most associated with Wales, tells you all you need to know about Tan and where he will ultimately take the club, but the extravagance of the summer has already set Cardiff off on the road to rapid decline.

Every club should anticipating making mistakes in the transfer market, it is part of the territory, but they need to be able to afford those mistakes.  Cardiff’s summer signings allowed for no mistakes. The totem was Andreas Cornelius, recruited from from Copenhagen for an outrageous £10m.  The player received a five year contract worth more than the transfer fee.  He’s only 20.  Cornelius also earns more than seven times his salary at Copenhagen, no one will be able to afford to take him from Cardiff, his 18 career goals, all in Denmark, suggest he’s simply not worth anything like money he’s on.

If you’re Cardiff City, here’s the problem when you try to recruit for top flight football: after 50 years in the wilderness, you’re favourites for the drop.  Players with other top flight options will take them, you’ll have to pay over the odds to convince players to sign on.  You’re also shopping in a market you have absolutely no experience of – making mistakes more likely.

Spending £10m on a striker was possibly a sensible idea for Cardiff (I can imagine how popular it was, any sane voices would have been whistling against the wind) but what striker, genuinely worth £10m, would go there without being ‘bribed’ with copious amounts of cash?  I’m aware of the parallels with Celtic, which £10m striker would come to Scotland?

They could have received 50 knock-backs before doing a deal in Copenhagen.  This pattern was replicated across the rest of their summer spend.  They should have invested their Premier League windfall on long-term development, irrespective of the short-term consequences.

For the sake of the club’s fans I hope they survive but inadequate controls at board level, with an owner seemingly intent on self-destruction, a rapid decline through the leagues seems inevitable, sooner or later.
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  1. johann Murdoch



    You seem reliably informed on this subject. Is there something we should know?

  2. BSR





    ……..I remember my blessed mother warning me of the damage that could be done with a “Goldbergs Card”.



    The talent in the store was always top-drawer….

  3. leftclick Together we will get justice for the Dam 5 on

    As well as provi tick my mam went to Lawson Fisher at Christmas store they put on a bus(through the agent out ML4 way) busload went in picked what you wanted and paid it up all year.



    I didn’t know about the paying up till years later.



    I thought I had it bad as well and didn’t know the efforts my parents were going to to make sure that we had our needs.



    Soon learned the hard way when i had kids of my own LF is still open.


    this time till later

  4. Jimbo67



    The Sacred Heart Church is in Cowie :-)



    And a prayer will be said tomorrow for “Newradbhoy” family in Tenerife, plus a candle will be lit for them, in it.



    Hail Hail

  5. If FF leaves we should bring back Marshall from Cardiff if he would come, top keeper who was unlucky first time around HH

  6. Thanks everybody .


    For your kind thoughts and prayers.


    My nieces mum is flying out tomorrow.

  7. Joe Ledley for the off is an fairly open secret among first team squad i am reliably informed.



    Hardly a scoop, but impeccable source.


    Stores in Glasgow back in the day.



    1-Small Forests.



    2-Sheep Value.



    3-Big Dicks.



    So,what were the actual names of these stores?

  9. Sir Paui



    Margie,is back…n Kojo ,Snaffled, Her.. Laptop..again~






    Ah am Gled that ye brought up this subject..



    Soccer Manager’s..n,,, Thur .. Kith n Thur Kin..



    Ye , UR atalkin aboot , Fitba’Manager’s.. Urn’t Ye?






    If Ah wur King…………….




    Before, Ah hired… A Fitba’ Manager..( Or..any ITHER .. kind o’ Manager,in Fact..n whitch Ah actually.. DAE..!!)



    He wid hivtae Meet.. the K.S.Q’s..



    Which.. Contain this Maist Important.. well.. Q.!!!!!



    Any Aspirant , who desired tae Procure..or Secure.. ( Wan of the two) the Celtic Managerial Role….. Must hiv bin Born



    Under the Zodiacal Sign o’



    CAPRICORN…( Mair Aboot.. WHY.. latah.)






    Secondly.. but, n jist as Important..



    Any Asprirant.. who ..well… Aspires,tae become the Manager ..o’ the Celtic Fitba’ Club.






    LEFT HANDED..or…in the Vernacular(Which Kojo…Jist .. Luvs)..



    KAURRIE..or KERRIE.. Fisted~



    Fur, Everybuddy Knows that.. Being Kaurrie or Corrie Fisted is a Must..If.. One


    Is tae AMOUNT A tae ..well. Greatness..



    Leonardo Da Vinci.. Michael Angelo.. Beethoven.. Franklin.. Sir Isaac Newton…some.. even Claim.. Einstein..



    Ach.. maist of the Biggies..wur.. Left Handed..



    also.. in…Nearer this Century…



    Harry S.Truman,Ronnie Reagan, Gerald Ford, Georgie Bush Jnr… Bill Clinton…and.. even…. Barry Obama.. were,n, Are..



    Left- Haunded Folk.



    All Made it Big.. N…tae the Biggest Office in the World..



    Eight of the Fairly n Recent… U.S. President hiv bin .Left Handed..


    ..that’s only fae the 1880s…



    (There wur Probably Mair..as ye know..or ye might no Know..



    Children…In the “OLDEN.. some say.. GOLDEN… DAYS”.. were Discouraged from Using their Left Hand..


    if being Left Handed…,happened tae be one of their Natural Inclinations.. N… sometimes.. were discouraged rather.. Painfully…)



    Wur….KAURRIE FISTED.. or.. In the Yankee.. Patois.. Wiz


    a South-Paw..



    Shocked? Ye shouldna be..






    So is.. KOJO~ Left Handed!



    Noo..if That is no Amountin tae Being .. Great.. then Ah am A French.. Poodle!



    Which..well.. Ah MAY… happen tae be,anyway.. but, That’s ..beside the Point!



    So.. Noo That Ah hiv gien Ye ..Jist .WAN..o’ the Main Parameters,, which a Celtic Manager Must Possess..afore.. He wid Be EVEN Considered fur the Post..



    By.. Well Kojo….



    Noo ..the Sixty Four Dollah Question.. Noo.. Comes A-Beggin’




    Of OOR… Present Manger..



    Is Neil Lennon….KAURRIE FISTED?



    Well.. Actually.. Ah don’t Know the Answer tae that Question..



    Dae You??





    Ah wid Tak a Flyer .. at Answerin’ that question..






    Ah wid Hivtae ..say..




    Ah Don’t think that he Is.’






    Is He???



    Noo, Afore Ah get Intae Telling ye Why a Fitba Manager, or ..any ither Kind Of Manager, which Kojo , Wid Hire..



    Wid Hiv tae Be under the Sign of the Goat..



    Ah must inform ye..that



    Ah wull leave that Explanation. Alain.. fur the Time Being..’



    n.. Let ye know WHY Being born Under the Sign Of Capricorn is a Most Important


    Qualification ,for any Aspiring Fitba’ Manager..or Any ither Kind of Administrator


    Tae Hiv in his.. C.V.



    Some ,Ither Time.



    Nice Chatting. Pal






    Still, Laughin’

  10. hun skelper



    Who does he play for nowadays and I thought the same about Maloney, McManus and Caldwell an hour or so ago.

  11. N… Furthermore..



    Ah forgoat..but..Ah wull Divulge it tae Ye Noo.




    Kojo , Wiz Born Under The Zodiacal Sign o’…



    Ye Guessed it..




    Capricorn..(So wus Jesus.. but,.. That Goes withoot Saying..but Ah said it Anywey!)





    Still, Laughin

  12. eldiegobhoy



    18:42 on 28 December, 2013



    McManus and Caldwell you must be joking and wee sick note no thanks

  13. El Diego Bhoy




    Thanks,Palomine… n Ye Ur.. Urn’t Ye?




    Ah Reciprocate “THEM” , right back at ye..and Tae Yer Two Luvly Gals.. an


    The Ither members o’ yer FAMILEE!






    Still Laughin’

  14. hun skelper



    We appear to be at cross purposes. I simply asked where these guys now plied their trade and I certainly wouldn’t wish any one of them being brought back to Celtic.



    But thank you anyway. And Sunderland presumably are already assured of staying up this season as Fletcher is in their squad.

  15. Wull ” Kevin Bacon”






    Wull He Sizzle in the Hot Arena.. that’s.. Celtic Park?



    Ah wid ..Hazard a Guess, at that ,Yin..



    Yes.. He Wud ..n .. An Hope that He Wull.



    This kid, is a real Diamond ..no in the Rough.. but.. The Noo.



    So..He wull Coast us..



    Big Bucks..



    Tae Hell, wif .. Poverty, Says Ah..



    Peter, Ye jist goata Splash .. the Cash..oan this Kid..’



    Two Million.. Shmolians, Wud Secure his Services…



    Ah know, It is A Loata.. Shmolians!






    As Ah said.. “Whit the Hell?”






  16. eldiegobhoy



    19:07 on 28 December, 2013



    Sorry mate my bad picked you up wrong.


    I don’t want us to sign fletcher I have a bet in Sunderland and was hoping he scored a hat-trick HH

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