Summer madness bites at Cardiff


By all accounts Malky MacKay is a good guy.  He is certainly a good motivator and tactician, and an excellent communicator, unburdened by the airs and graces normally associated by managers in the self-appointed Greatest Show on Earth.  None of this saved him from the sack, though, accused of running riot with the cheque book in the summer.

Cardiff City certainly ran riot, spending in the region of £50m to help prepare for top flight football.  If, as owner Vincent Tan alleges, the spend was unauthorised, Cardiff have a management control problem, not a problem with the manager, who is within his rights to spend whatever money made available to him.

‘Bluebirds’ fans are united on Malky’s side, they are equally united against owner Tan, who appears wholly unsuitable to control a football club.  Changing their strips from blue to red, as red is the colour most associated with Wales, tells you all you need to know about Tan and where he will ultimately take the club, but the extravagance of the summer has already set Cardiff off on the road to rapid decline.

Every club should anticipating making mistakes in the transfer market, it is part of the territory, but they need to be able to afford those mistakes.  Cardiff’s summer signings allowed for no mistakes. The totem was Andreas Cornelius, recruited from from Copenhagen for an outrageous £10m.  The player received a five year contract worth more than the transfer fee.  He’s only 20.  Cornelius also earns more than seven times his salary at Copenhagen, no one will be able to afford to take him from Cardiff, his 18 career goals, all in Denmark, suggest he’s simply not worth anything like money he’s on.

If you’re Cardiff City, here’s the problem when you try to recruit for top flight football: after 50 years in the wilderness, you’re favourites for the drop.  Players with other top flight options will take them, you’ll have to pay over the odds to convince players to sign on.  You’re also shopping in a market you have absolutely no experience of – making mistakes more likely.

Spending £10m on a striker was possibly a sensible idea for Cardiff (I can imagine how popular it was, any sane voices would have been whistling against the wind) but what striker, genuinely worth £10m, would go there without being ‘bribed’ with copious amounts of cash?  I’m aware of the parallels with Celtic, which £10m striker would come to Scotland?

They could have received 50 knock-backs before doing a deal in Copenhagen.  This pattern was replicated across the rest of their summer spend.  They should have invested their Premier League windfall on long-term development, irrespective of the short-term consequences.

For the sake of the club’s fans I hope they survive but inadequate controls at board level, with an owner seemingly intent on self-destruction, a rapid decline through the leagues seems inevitable, sooner or later.
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  1. Re Krazy House



    I was once in a ad for them in 1972 – wearing a tartan shirt.







    Jimbo67supporting Oscar Knox

  2. KevJungle



    Hope your well pal….too early for Jackie Mac,maybe a couple


    of year’s down the road…..JL and Sammie should be shown


    the door….I’m told TW was in need of a erse booting……Pukki


    is not a striker…..Balde win be a cult hero…..Stokies frustrating,


    and aye too a standing area.

  3. Guys, Pukki is not and never will be a striker. He is an attacking midfielder, a playmaker, and should be played there. Makes sense to me. :))



    Weefra HH supporting Wee Oscar.

  4. hen1rik


    The first time I saw Dallas was at a 3-3 game at Ibrox. He refereed fine in the first half but when Celtic went ahead early in the second the savages went mental and Dallas seemed to lose his bottle. Clearly influenced by the crazed home support he gave them every decision until the final whistle.


    At the infamous CP title decider he gave them some very strange free kick awards in the first few minutes and the pattern for the game was established. I had a bird’s eye view of Mahe’s first booking – Mahe tried to get the ball and Wallace elbowed him in the throat. Mahe stuck a foot in, free kick Rangers and a Yellow for Mahe. Mahe sneered at Dallas and looked at him with contempt. Dallas’s face was – and this is true – contorted with rage and he kept staring at Mahe well after the incident.


    The guy beside me said, ‘Mahe’s going off the first chance Dallas gets.’. And the guy was a prophet.

  5. Steinreignedsupreme on

    jimbo67 16:16 on 28 December, 2013



    “Re Krazy House



    “I was once in a ad for them in 1972 – wearing a tartan shirt”



    The Bay City Rollers based their image on that advert.




  6. gene’s



    Thanks for that. Expect a full and thorough investigation by the highest authorities. Not. :)



    Weefra HH supporting Wee Oscar.




    And I’m still waiting for the royalties!




    Jimbo67 supporting Oscar Knox

  8. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Stephane Mahe is the only player in the history of Scottish football to be given a yellow card for correctly pointing out his opponent had dived.



    Vidar Riseth’s sending-off in the same match was hysterical. He obviously felt the same as the rest of us regarding the sham performance of Dallas and decided to take it out on Claudio Rayna in stoppage-time.

  9. Steinreignedsupreme on

    jimbo67 16:38 on 28 December, 2013



    “And I’m still waiting for the royalties”



    You’ve no chance of getting them. The Rollers never even got their money sure.




    Indeed they didn’t. Were he still around I’m sure Tam Paton would have made an excellent Zombie FC Chief Executive.




    Jimbo67 supporting Oscar Knox

  11. Steinreignedsupreme on

    jimbo67 16:45 on 28 December, 2013



    Good shout. He ticked all the boxes. Payton was a very slippery character indeed, and his spiritual home would not doubt have been Ibroke.




    No doubt the MSM would have airbrushed the less savoury aspects of his personal life from history. Hell they’d do it with Chairman Mao if need be.




    Jimbo67 supporting Oscar Knox

  13. Steinreignedsupreme on

    If Pukki had signed for another club he would be world class by now.



    That’s the logic normally applied on here…

  14. Folks – re Krazy House



    Some mates and I often look for and post old Glasgow photos – Krazy House is hard to get photos of in general and basically impossible in regards to its interior.



    Has anyone here got any they know of?




  15. leftclick Together we will get justice for the Dam 5 on



    15:58 on


    28 December, 2013


    Just in to ask…..



    Whose keeping Tony Watt oot the team ?




    The simple answer is Tony Watt

  16. McDowellcelt god bless wee oscar on

    Think it’s already been asked on here before but would you rather we played our regulars (sammi, ledley, stokes, puukki etc) to try remain unbeaten this season or use the 2nd half of season to let atajic, Henderson, Johnstone, George etc develop and see what they can do. Fisher has done well since given the chance. I think it’s criminal if we don’t blood these youngsters this season and give them a chance!

  17. leftclick Together we will get justice for the Dam 5 on

    ulysses mcghee is praying for Oscar


    16:59 on


    28 December, 2013


    Folks – re Krazy House




    I spent many a Christmas Provi line in there :))

  18. leftclick Together we will get justice for the Dam 5 on

    Hugh Dallas has a trust lieutenant in Scotland to make sure his son goes far.

  19. leftclick Together we will get justice for the Dam 5 on




    Hugh Dallas has a trust lieutenant in Scotland to make sure his son goes far.


    His name is Wullie Collum.

  20. leftclick



    From Dee’s all the way up to the Trongate – that was my family’s provi stomping ground.



    Anyone help with the name of the sports shop at the Tron on the street with Goldbergs – had all the football tops in it?



    My brother and I were wracking our brains trying to think of it on Christmas Day…




  21. "mouldy67" supporting the fearless Oscar Knox on

    ulysses mcghee is praying for oscar



    17:05 on 28 December, 2013




    Roberts stores



    Football tops upstairs



    Trainers down stairs

  22. leftclick Together we will get justice for the Dam 5 on

    ulysses mcghee is praying for Oscar


    Get on the phone to your bro and tell him you’ve just remembered it was Roberts :)))))))))))))

  23. Aye that’s it. Roberts stores.


    My mate worked there, used to go in when his manager went for his lunch.


    Used to rescue some clothes, before the shop lifters stole them.


    Wranglers, Levi’s, Parkas, good gear, a mods paradise ;))

  24. Steinreignedsupreme on

    ulysses mcghee is praying for Oscar 17:05 on 28 December, 2013





    “Anyone help with the name of the sports shop at the Tron on the street with Goldbergs – had all the football tops in it?”



    Roberts Stores.



    I remember the Celtic top from the 1977 Scottish Cup final was in the window for a good while.

  25. Ulysses- go with Roberts stores or remember you have 2 lifelines left – phone a friend and 50-50 ?



    Must hurry you …



    Millionaire csc

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