The games we aspire to


As fans, we all like to think we know what we are talking about.  Then, now and again, we’re happy to leave decisions up to the man paid the big money to take them.  Brendan Rodgers told the media yesterday that Cameron Carter-Vickers could be in the squad for tonight’s game against Lazio.  What a thought.

Liam Scales and Nat Phillips are the alternatives.  Scales is fully fit and will play, Phillips, on the other hand, has had only 74 minutes gametime this season and, like Cameron, must still be well short of his peak.  I am not convinced either of them have 90 minutes in their legs.

If you are reading far from Celtic Park, it is a miserably wet and windy Scottish day, the contrast with the climate we saw at the golf in Rome at the weekend is considerable.  Everything about Glasgow will feel foreign to the Lazio players.  Those of us at the game tonight have a role to play in this.  It will be a long 90 minutes against a team better than anyone we will face in domestic football.  Patience and support is required.

These are the games players leave their homes in Japan to live in Scotland for.  They are what we all aspire to and what we measure our progress against across the seasons.  Enjoy your night.

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  1. A big game tonight. One that we need to win.



    With so many domestic cups won in recent years, I can honestly say that a win tonight would mean more to me as a fan than a league Cup trophy, maybe even a SC cup. We need to make a mark at this level.

  2. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Usually I get a good feeling that we will do something in these games and it usually doesn’t happen so I’m glad that I don’t have much of a feeling about this one.


    Central defence is the obvious issue. I’d probably go with Phillips.


    Time to start producing the goods on the stage that matters, Celtic. Go out there and do the business.

  3. Quietly confident.



    We are getting better,



    We need Reo to find his feet and range first thing tonight.



    Be nice for our wee Japanese genius to get one tonight, Reo’s form will have a lot to do with this as well.




  4. Paul 67,



    Another poignant article. Speaking the language many of us desire.



    Burnley 78,



    Thanks for the replies on the previous article.



    HH, the journey continues.

  5. We need to defend diligently, attack with purpose and take some of the chances we create ,and we need a change in fortune a deflection flying into the opposition net would be grand instead of the misfortune we have had to endure in Europe. Go to it Celtic, it is very possible to win this tie.

  6. My dads birthday today



    Good excuse to get the beers in and watch a game with him



    Give us a win Celtic

  7. Last season proved that getting out of a CL group was beyond us. That said we played some very good football without translating that into goals, and could and should have got past Shaktar for third place in the group. Just two seasons ago, we could not qualify for the CL, but made a decent effort in the EL qualifiers and group stages, beating Jablonec home and away, knocking out a good AZ team, and beat Real Betis at home and Ferencvaros home and away. Then of course, early 2022 we got a football lesson home and away from Bodo Glimt. We have beaten better teams than Lazio at Celtic Park, and we have lost to weaker ones. We can play on the front foot, but we need to be able to play when we are put on the back foot, something more often than not which happens when we give the ball away cheaply when fully committing up the park. That requires concentration, organisation and leadership, something that for all his qualities and ability Calum McGregor does not always bring to the party in the way some previous Captains have done. Not an easy task leading Celtic into a big game like playing Lazio, but without that we will find it very difficult to succeed, find it and we will triumph.

  8. MODERATOR1888



    Best wishes to your Dad!



    Hope he has a great day…………………….and night!

  9. “CELTIC MAC on 4TH OCTOBER 2023 12:55 PM


    That requires concentration, organisation and leadership, something that for all his qualities and ability Calum McGregor does not always bring to the party ”



    True that he doesn`t ALWAYS display those qualities but I would say that he MAINLY does.

  10. Feel strangely confident about tonight. We know that Brendan knows how to win. We have put in many good performances in Europe only to come away empty handed, so this is something Brendan and the players can remedy. Our Achilles heel has been our inept performance in front of goal – time for the wee man to step up.



    Don’t think I’ll be able to watch the game so will be refreshing the ‘GG commentary at very regular intervals.



    Good luck Bhoys and I hope everyone has a special night.

  11. hot smoked



    Agreed. Need to put those qualities on display for ninety minutes against a team like Lazio.


    And keep eleven men on the park…




    Good point about keeping 11 men on the park.



    Hoping the mib treats us fairly for a change!

  13. I hope for a win, expect a defeat, so will take a draw



    The CL is brutal.



    We need all our players fit and flying, unfortunately we aren’t there yet.

  14. Apologies for broken record time – why not play four recognised midfielders (Calmac, Reo, MoR and Iwata/Turnbull) to offer better protection to the defense and play Kyogo up front with Maeda having a free role to play either side of him. Being stuck on the left does Maeda no favours in these games.



    A regular occurence in CL games last season saw up pressing high, losing the ball and getting caught out of position with fast counter attacks. Unlike SPFL teams, CL teams don’t often need a second chance to penalise slack play.

  15. Deniabhoy,



    Been saying this for ages.Maeda,more times than not,innefectual on the wing.Not so playing on the shoulder of CHs,with Kyoto.With the 3 midfielders offering great support,and one supporting the defence,IMHO,its the way to start these games.Too many times we get sucker punched.Caution and boldness,don’t need to be poles apart.

  16. Huddle,



    We saw just how brutal last night with Man U and Arsenal.Add in Benfica,U. Berlin.


    I have many mates here who support Galatasaray,and they moan all the time how poor they are.Lens down at the bottom end in France.Brutal.

  17. Union Berlin have played well in their first 2 games but have zero points after conceding injury time goals in both.

  18. Lots of common sense on here today. Deniabhoy I agree totally with what you said-protect the defence where possible. Mod pass on birthday wishes to your Dad. Can see a draw tonight

  19. Home early and the ‘getting ready’ starts in the next couple of hours.



    I really don’t how I feel about what the outcome may be, but heading for Celtic Park anytime is special, and on Euro-nights extra-special.



    “In Brendan we trust”, and never more so than tonight. He guided us through at Ibrox when we were somewhat under-strength – so over to you again Brendan. HAIL HAIL!

  20. DENIABHOY on 4TH OCTOBER 2023 1:26 PM





    Yes !!


    My problem with Brendan, a top class manager and Ange, a top class manager, is their failure to accept that we do not have the players to play in Europe the same way as we play in Scotland.


    We have to adjust both our positioning and our football style to accept certain realities. One midfielder in front of the back four and one in front of the three midfielder’s with Kyogo up front.

  21. Huddle and Turkey,



    Good discussion on last night’s games – my biggest take away was the number of late goals.



    If we have anything to preserve at 80 minutes, concentration levels must be very, very high.



    Not fooled by Lazio’s league position or 2019.

  22. Mod


    Happy hooooooopy birthday to yer da.


    Just play to your best bhoys and see where it takes us.

  23. CELTIC MAC on 4TH OCTOBER 2023 12:55 PM



    Nobody does though. Some are just better than others.


    I think our captain is class.


    I think other players can look to him to see what’s expected when playing for Celtic,


    can look to him for inspiration and to see what being a good teammate is:


    that hard work makes smart work easier.


    Callum McGregor is a great Celtic captain and a great Celtic player!




  24. Incorrect offside VAR decision in England –


    – VAR audio recording released.


    – PGMOL issue an apology.


    – Media debate the value and application of VAR in the game.


    – Klopp calls for the game to be replayed.



    Incorrect offside VAR decision in Scotland –


    – “Jota was offside when he received the ball”

  25. Maesto


    Share your view on the pop-ups , very annoying. Mick the Mooch linked with Man U job when Tin Hat gets the boot !


    Good luck tonight!!

  26. MOD


    Enjoy yir day wi your da,


    Jeez whit he pit up wi :-)))


    Pity missed ye Saturday,


    Not to worry anurr time mate.




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