The Greatest Glories in Green and White: Top 10 Celtic Legends


Football, an unparalleled spectacle that unites communities, nations, and continents, is personified by clubs like Celtic FC. Over their illustrious history, the Hoops have been graced by numerous remarkable talents, leaving an indelible mark on the beautiful game. This list of top 10 Celtic players of all time will resonate with all faithful Celtic fans especially in Budapest and Scots alike, a testament to the club’s global appeal. The Hungarian Unibet, with its thriving betting platform, mirrors the ebullient Celtic spirit as fans wager on their favorite players and fixtures.

10. Shunsuke Nakamura: The Japanese Phenom

Shunsuke Nakamura, a beacon of technical prowess, navigated the Celtics to their first Champions League knockout stage in 2006. His artistry in the midfield was a spectacle in the J2 League and Celtic Park, with a notable tally of 33 goals and 165 appearances.

9. Stiliyan Petrov: The Bulgarian Maestro

Stiliyan Alyoshev Petrov, the Bulgarian powerhouse, was the first foreign recipient of the SPFA Young Player of the Year. A legacy etched in four Scottish Premier League titles, his dynamic midfield play was the lynchpin of Celtic’s success during his tenure.

8. Jimmy Johnstone: The Twinkling Star

Jimmy Johnstone, lovingly christened by fans as the greatest player ever, was a marvel on the field. From a 6-0 loss in his debut match to countless victorious battles, Johnstone‘s story is one of resilience and unrivaled brilliance.

7. James Kelly: The Founding Captain

James Kelly, the first captain of the Hoops, led the team in its debut match, setting the tone for an illustrious journey. His tenure, though marked with a modest scoring record, was instrumental in cementing Celtic’s foundation in football history.

6. Henrik Larsson: The Swedish Sensation

Henrik Larsson, the prodigious striker from Sweden, stood out as Celtic’s third-highest goal scorer. His exploits on the field made him an international phenomenon and the most decorated overseas player in the club’s history.

5. Scott Brown: The Enduring Midfielder

Scott Brown’s tenure at Celtic is a testament to his resilience and leadership. As club captain for over a decade, his unwavering dedication propelled Celtic to ten Scottish league championships, solidifying his legacy at the club.

4. Roy Aitken: The Tenacious Warrior

Roy Aitken, often referred to as a “force of nature”, was the embodiment of Celtic’s fighting spirit. With a career spanning over two decades, his leadership and grit were instrumental in Celtic’s historic league and cup double in their centenary year.

3. John Thomson: The Guardian Between The Sticks

John Thomson, the late goalkeeper who made his mark in the early 20th century, is remembered fondly by the Celtic faithful. Tragically, his promising career was cut short by an unfortunate on-field accident, but his impact continues to resonate within the club’s storied history.

2. James Quinn: The Resilient Forward

James Quinn, the striker who thrilled Celtic Park for 15 years, remains one of the club’s leading goal-scorers. His exploits in the 1902 British League Cup and the 1904 Scottish Cup final against Rangers are part of Celtic’s rich folklore.

1. Jimmy McGrory: The Prolific Marksman

Finally, Jimmy McGrory tops the list, a striking testament to the club’s rich legacy. His scoring record, a goal a game for Celtic, is a feat unparalleled in the history of the club, making him the highest-scoring player in Celtic’s history.


Celtic FC continues to inspire fans across the globe, including the large community in Budapest and the Hungarian diaspora in Scotland, embodying the spirit of unity and camaraderie inherent in the beautiful game. The tales of these legendary players will forever be etched in the annals of Celtic’s history, inspiring generations to come.

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