CQN’S quest for a supporters’ song for Tom Rogic continues today. We received some pretty decent submissions yesterday and published these over two articles yesterday afternoon and evening. More suggestions have come in for consideration and here they are…

First up is Gerry McGrath who again is working on the basis that the Men at Work tune is the way to go. Gerry wrote:

I saw you’re article regarding the Tom Rogic song……great idea!

Here are my suggested lyrics to the Men At Work tune:

 Super-Strikes are his Spe-cial-ity

He curls them in, can’t stop him, no-way

We call him Rogic, the big tall Aussie

Who’ll take the mick out of a ‘zombie’

And we sing:

 Tom came from the land down under (yeah yeah)

Just to become, Celtic’s Bhoy Wonder

Can’t you hear, can’t you steal his thunder?

Well, you better run, you better take cover.

Next up is ‘Momo Baldie’ who not only has a suggestion for a new song for Tom Rogic but has also a new one for Moussa Dembele in mind!

Momo Baldie doesn’t think any of the suggestions so far will work at the games, although would be fine for the buses and supporters clubs etc. He wrote:

“Re the Rogic song, I’d suggest some of the offering would be fine in supporters’ clubs and buses but at the park it has to be short and repetitive as in:

We’ve won the league again, fly the flag, fly the flag!


Na na na nana nana nana nana Celtic!

So my immediate idea for the TR song would be along similar lines:

To the tune of Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport…

You can’t tie Tom Rogic down, Sport

You can’t tie Tom Rogic down,

You Can’t tie Tom Rogic down, Sport

You can’t tie Tom Rogic down!

All together now,

(Repeat and repeat and repeat)

Re Moussa, hearing snippets of songs during the game the other day made me think of one for him along existing lines.

To the tune of ‘Walk In The Light’:

He scores with the left

He scores with the right

He scores with the head

He’s Moussa Dembele!


Jonny from the Calton reckons we need to keep things short and sweet.

He wrote:

My suggestion for the Rogic song is to keep it short, keep it simple, and make it one the Aussie’s will lap up.
To the tune of Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi
Tommy Tommy Rogic
Oi Oi Oi
Hoop hoop hooray is the first to suggest we use the Skippy song. Here’s his submission:
Rogic, Rogic,  Rogic the bush socceroo
Rogic,  Rogic,  Rogic will score one for you 


There has been a bit of a team effort going on by the Bogan Bhoys in Hamilton and they have come up with a few suggestions, one late last night and a second this morning.

Their first suggestion is to use the tune from The Wizard of Oz…

We’re off to see the Wizard
The Wonderful ROGIC of Oz
We hear he is a whiz of a whiz
If ever a whiz there was
If ever a wonderful whiz there was 
TOM ROGIC of Oz is one because 
Because because because because because 

Because of the wonderful things he does
We’re off to see the Wizard
The Wonderful ROGIC of Oz

Gillian Dott aslo opted for The Wizard of Oz with slightly different lyrics…

We’re here to see Tom Rogic

The wonderful Wizard of Oz

Because because because beeecausee

Because of the wonderful goals he scores…


Then this morning the Bogan Bhoys in Hamilton were back in touch with to suggest adapting an old one used by the Tartan Army from the 70s for big Jim Holton (who actually has brown eyes and not blue!)

Anyway back to the Bogan Bhoys, who wrote:

Great idea to have a song contest for Tom – long overdue! Another submission from us on the lines  of the old Jim Holton song………

Six foot two
Pass right thro’
Tomas Rogic’s after you
Na na na na , na na na, na na

Wears eighteen 
In our team
Vital to the Green Machine
Na na na na , na na na, na na

Pass and move
Oh so smooth
He’s got our team in the groove
Na na na na , na na na, na na

Our hearts soar
Watch him score
Celtic, Celtic, to the core
Na na na na , na na na, na na

Bartley Mooney has suggested these Rogic lyrics…

Tom Rogic is the name

Football is the game

And he plays at Paradise

The lad from down under

Has a shot that sounds like thunder

As he plays the Celtic way

Tom has class,Tom has style

And he stands out a mile

The lad from Aussieland.


Martin Garrity is the first to suggest using the theme tune from Neighbours…

Rogic, everybody needs Tom Rogic.

He scored a stunner at Pittodrie.
All the bhoys know he can play.
Rogic, he came from Oz to play for Celtic
That’s why Tom Rogic is here to stay.
Gary Fisher returned to the Men at Work tune with these lyrics…
He comes from the land down under
He has skills of wonder and a shot like thunder
Tom rogic, the man from down under
you better run, you better take cover
I dribbled past a deid zombie.
A quick one two oh what a combie.
Lined up against the huns and they looked nervous.
F***ing right, I had them fur my breakfast
And we said

Niall Paterson has an idea for a new Tom Rogic song, using The Stone Roses song ‘She Bangs the Drums’.  He asked us to listen to the song first and provided the original lyrics as follows…

Have you seen her have you heard

The way she plays there are no words
To describe the way I feel

How could it ever come to pass

She’ll be the first she’ll be the last
To describe the way I feel
The way I feel

His Tom Rogic version is…

Have you seen or have you heard
The way he plays there are no words
To describe the way I feel

Oh what a shot Oh what a pass

Tom Rogic’s ace Tom Rogic’s class
can’t describe the way I feel
SHOUT **The way I feel**”


Brian McQuade thinks we should keep the new Tom Rogic song simple but effective and accordingly he has opted to use the tune of ” Oh its Magic”
Oh oh oh 
Tom Rogic, you know
Going to get us 10 in a row
Rob B from Nottingham has given his apologies to Kylie Minogues in advance when suggesting using “Can’t get you out of my Head”…

La la la la la Tom Rogic
La la la la la Tom Rogic
La la la la la Tom Rogic
La la la la la Tom Rogic

Oh we can’t get you out of our head
Cos your goals are all we think about
Oh we can’t get you out of our head
And the Huns they can only dream about havin you

La la la la la Tom Rogic
La la la la la Tom Rogic
La la la la la Tom Rogic
La la la la la Tom Rogic

Read back HERE to catch up on yesterday’s suggestions and if you have a song of your own that the Celtic support could adopt for Tom Rogic please email david@cqnpublishing.co.uk and we’ll get it up on CQN for consideration…

Thanks to everyone who has emailed so far, especially those who have gone onto write song for Mikael Lustig and other players!
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