The winger brigade


Interest in Australian Marco Tilio  is fascinating.  He ticks a few boxes and with the deal so close this early in the summer, he has clearly been watched for a while.

But he’s a winger. Another winger. Are we signing great prospects because they are great prospects, or are we signing to plan?

Unless there is an unlikely sale of wide players this window the bench and stand will be busy with wingers next season. I cannot think why.

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  1. Ange would have had 5 in the door by now, what’s happening? :)


    Pretty sure he said the targets had all been identified for the summer several weeks back. Brendan, I imagine, not prepared to rubber stamp players who he has no knowledge of and without knowing who is likely to leave.

  2. ON the blog. Abada most likely to be off and won’t extend contract, JF at end of career and MJ surplus to requirements.

  3. Prestonpans bhoys on

    Agree we don’t need more wingers, a few 6 foot + built like a tank bhoys would counter act the moles obvious tactic plan.

  4. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Scullybhoy- I was at the Prince gig,unbelievable performer,and believe me, he was the best thing that played at Celtic Park around that time….

  5. Tbh, Jota is the only winger I trust. Maeda’s end product is questionable. Abada capable of being a ghost like presence on any given match day. Forrest a squad player at very best. MJ, moving on very soon I’d imagine.

  6. kevinlasvegas on

    Afternoon bhoys,



    Fingers crossed for Adidas Friday. Tillio with the new Snake skin home top?




  7. An Dun



    Given the game time he had and his relative youth I would have to disagree with you the Abada.



    He seems to also get goals in both critical and big game. He also gets into positions to score more than many.



    Everyone sees things through their own lens but my personal view is that for someone so young coming to a foreign country, where the club he plays for has a huge swathe of support who openly despise his home country, he has done really well.



    Sadly I doubt he will stay though and I do hope we get some value if he leaves.

  8. Other than Scott Brown, when did we last have a physical midfielder who could play the enforcer when required? Scott excelled at it for a couple of seasons or so without being particularly dirty.


    Current midfielders are all “nice” guys.

  9. kevinlasvegas on

    100% An Dun,



    Both new players in early shows the Lawell pipeline is Alive and well post Postecoglou, both look cracking players, fast and strong and not scared of a tackle. We will need steel next year.



    On the wingers, Jota is the only stand out, both Abada and Maeda have lots of work to do with the ball at their feet, both have lots of work to do decision making wise as well. All they both have consistently is pace the rest needs work in my opinion. JF like the latter two also relied on his pace which seems to have gone now. Haska is never a winger the same as Iwatta is not a DM. So aye for me, we need wingers Pablo.



    See Ange has the big checkbook out down south, we might get to keep all our bhoys yet.



    If you look at all our stars, they have all suffered from loss of form over periods of time, apart from CCV and Kyogo (Injuries) and I think that inconsistency will put Ange off coming in for Hatate, Maeda, Matty O, jota or Abada. Down south he won’t have the luxury of inconsistent players that he had up here.



    Exciting summer ahead. We will find a local team to replace wolves, ” celtic disarray ” headlines started already by the click bait shit stirers.






  10. New season fixture list due to be released tomorrow. Wonder if we will be at Ibrox in August?

  11. kevinlasvegas on




    Abada’s numbers are amazing. But I think reading between the lines that he was binned much like GG after the contract noise last season, agent causing his own player game minutes is not a good agent. I would love to see him stay and kick on like a new Sinky but money talks and agents need to get paid.



    Compare Reo’s agent. Shuts down every false story within hrs. That’s the guy you want.






  12. kevinlasvegas on

    Fixtures will mirror Anges first season coincidentally of course. Open at Pittodrie home to hibs, away to hearts, home to St mirren, away to sevco. That’s the worst Fixtures I can think of but it won’t be far away so we don’t get a chance or Brendan to settle. Pressure on right away so life after death.fc get momentum.



    It’s a random computer generated fixture list. If you believe that I have a bridge to sell you.




  13. garygillespieshamstring on

    Visit to hunsville will be in the first round of fixtures as it is their turn.



    Date of game will depend upon whether the spfl computer thinks Mickey Mike needs time to bed in his changes or they would benefit more from meeting Celtic before Brendan gets things organised.

  14. “Rangers are”PREPARED”to let Kamara go along with Wright and Mc Laughlin.Dont you think that’s really nice of them?.A fee of £ 5 million,is expected for Kamara,who SCORED ONCE AND HAD ONE ASSIST ,in 39 games last season”.Eh,would not really advertise that fact.


    Meanwhile,”Celtic pre-season in turmoil as Wolves pull out of tournament.


    Has to be great news for Michael Beale,as every advantage will be taken,by the manager,and his resurgent team”



    Where does one even contemplate starting with these deranged Morons.

  15. vinniethedog on

    We’ll be home first game…champions always are….think we’ll be at Tynecastle 2nd game Pittodrie or ibrox 4th






    Anyone know if this book was ever published?





    Not yet B2B,


    Still a massive amount of research and work to be done.The author is at Jan44 so still some tumultuous research into it those historic events on a day to day basis.But like all his work will be worth it.






  17. For me,personally,Maeda is a waste of a jersey.Crossing erratic bordering on shocking.


    Goals return,poor.Goals assists,poor.Ability to beat opponents to the bye line,very poor for his alleged pace.


    One fantastic goal against Hibs,and one brilliant cross for Jota,one good goal against them,are the highlights of a couple of years.Compare his goals and assist to Abada and Jota.For me,going by what I have watched,he should be much,much more,but fails to produce far too often.


    Some will disagree,but stats tell the facts.

  18. On this day 1931:



    Celtic end their summer tour of North America with a 4-1 victory over Baltimore.



    To commemorate Celtic’s first tour of America in 1931, the Bhoys were presented with a Native American Chief Statuette from the United States Football Association. During the tour, which was centred around Pennsylvania, New York and Baltimore, Celtic played 13 games, won 9, lost three and drew once.







  19. Maeda was pretty much a guaranteed start under Ange which meant Jota was played on the right to accommodate him. I don’t think anyone can argue that Jota is better on the left. Jota and Abada provided a more balanced attacking line but Maeda’s work off the ball was unsurpassed by any other player. His engine is what Angeball was all about.

  20. quadrophenian on

    As an A-league watcher – and prompted by an earlier mention of Mikey Johnston – I’m really wondering if wee Marco is an upgrade on Mikey J. They seem much of a muchness tho Marco’s close control can be delicious.


    Aussie sports journo pal just nodded when I said I thought Tilio was still a bit lightweight.


    I think this is a city group production rather than a pure Angle-led pick.



    A good big yin will always beat a good wee yin, as the old saying goes.

  21. Abada will go.


    Forrest is too old.


    Maeda is technically weak.


    Haksa too slow.


    Summers & Vata still projects.



    I can see gaps for quality.



    I think the week Aussie can play in a 10 too.




  22. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    An T – cheers.



    Hopefully WW2 book will be available before WW3 starts !







  23. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Hopefully Tillo is an early signing because he is a more straightforward signing … with the acquisition of more meaty individuals to follow.

  24. the long wait is over on

    It’ll be interesting to see whether BR considers Maeda’s qualities of workrate and defending from the front outweigh his failings in poor chance conversion and the surrendering of possession / Row Z crosses.



    My feeling is he won’t and that Maeda will no longer be pretty much a guaranteed starter.

  25. “PRESTONPANS BHOYS on 29TH JUNE 2023 12:08 PM


    Agree we don’t need more wingers, a few 6 foot + built like a tank bhoys would counter act the moles obvious tactic plan.”



    That, to me, sounds more like `copy` than `counter act`.


    Surely a good ghuy like yourself wouldn`t like to do that ?

  26. quadrophenian on

    What Haksa lacks in speed I just think he compensates in directness and strength. Same with Daizen san.


    Doesnt always come off but not to be jettisoned just yet as Brendan can bring out the best in many.

  27. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Reading back, I had to go and Google if we actually won anything last season….

  28. Virtually every season we win the league and most other cups, yet we need to get in the big guys because??

  29. glendalystonsils on

    Huns trophy cainet is already bulging with -;



    ‘The bragging rights cup’ .



    ‘The best signings cup’



    ‘The most improved team without kicking a ball cup’



    What a miserable ‘not the start of the season yet’ , we’ve had.




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