Tilio is a player: the evidence mounts


Marco Tilio scored a spectacular equaliser which secured a draw for Melbourne City away to Sydney this morning.  His first touch, change of pace, drop of the shoulder and finish from 18 yards were all exceptional.

It took 61 minutes for A-League viewers to see this from Marco, which is more than twice as much gametime he was allowed at Celtic before being shipped out on loan.

Since joining St Mirren on loan last month, Hyeokkyu Kwon has been a revelation at the heart of a Scottish Premiership midfield.  Marco’s 27 minutes for Celtic were 27 more than Kwon got before being shipped out.

Both players are Celtic players because they are genuine talents.  The reputation we are earning by not giving them opportunities will only do us damage.

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  1. Around 10 still to trap for Superbru by 3pm this afternoon. I have succumbed to the gambler’s fallacy and predicted a draw at Ibrox. Can Friesdorfer be right for once? Can Naismith have enough brain cells to be playing Rope-A-Dope with Clement? Will Lawrence Shankland score against his dream team? Find out in the next episode of Soap FPL.

  2. So is our regression not due to ‘unavailability’ at all? Is it a disjoin from recruitment team through to coaching and selection?


    Or, like Mikey Johnston, are we seeing players performing at a level more suited to their talents?

  3. Another dig at the Manager . So should Kuhn have been loaned instead he drops his shoulder cuts in and passes the ball backwards, as for Kwon being a genuine talent I haven’t seen him play as I don’t watch St.Mirren, big difference being able to play for Melbourne or St Mirren than for Celtic.


    However if no-one trusts the Manager he will need to go, but, not on his own, he didnt create this squad or the club direction that was Lawwell and his cohort.

  4. Here’s a quote from Brentford’s Lee Dykes, a club that we tend to praise for recruitment strategy. Yet if a Celtic recruiter said this, would it be treated as an excuse?



    “I would say, as a whole, I think that January is a seller’s market, not a buyer’s market, and a market that we don’t tend to want to work in too much. We don’t believe that the valuations that are placed on players are as realistic as in the summer.”

  5. If we are not seen as a club where young players can develop what harm will it do Celtic? If they’re good enough they will get games Tierney McGregor confirm that I really cant think of anyone else we have had from the Academy set up, both Hickey and Robertson decided to leave or were deemed to have no future. When was the last goalkeeper we developed, left back ,competent midfielders who can have a career at the club, strikers was Jack Aitchison the last one, that is not good enough for Celtic surely, but Lennoxtown is supposed to be a class set up , something is wrong bigtime.

  6. Glenowen



    Mikey J is playing for a promotion chasing English Championship team. That is a higher level than all but 2 SPFL clubs. Hearts would struggle to avoid relegation in that level.



    We can’t diss that level, I’m afraid.



    We can say it’s just a few games, though, and too early to say or insinuate that Brendan made the wrong decision.



    It’s better that these players get game time and improve. They will either get back to us as better prospects or we will get a higher transfer fee for them.



    Bosun Lawal has re-invented himself as a defensive midfielder with Fleetwood this season after being tried at RB and CB last season. The loan might be the making of him as it was for Callum at Notts County.



    Most loanees will not get back to us. Haksa is setting no heather alight at Stoke. Injury has hampered the loans of Adam Montgomery and Ben Summers and the B team goalkeeper, Oluwayemi. I can’t see Liam Shaw or Johnny Kenny finding a route back to Celtic and the jury is out on the B team loanees McPherson, Anderson & Carse

  7. Regarding yesterday’s interim accounts; my understanding from a few good sources, down the years, is that the board’s number one instruction from the largest shareholder is to avoid returning to the shareholders for additional investment. In other words, generate and protect sufficient cash headroom to avoid a rights issue.


    This is not wholly unreasonable but when the balance tips away from proper investment in the company’s core business- the first team- it may, ironically, threaten the cash stash. We could be watching this in real time.


    Separately, PL’s excuse about FFP rules in England hindering our transfer activity looks thin to me. Wouldn’t these rules present an opportunity to buy from clubs who require to reduce their exposure to FFP? And would we have been shopping there in any case? Straw clutching.

  8. From my vantage point in the North Stand , caught a cameo role for young Mark , and first impressions was that he was just too small ( given his pace) to make an impact in the Scottish game.



    Running through a wide open defence from a quick clearance from the keeper is fine but proves nothing ; out if all our summer transfers , Young Mark is the most problematic.



    For those that can cast their minds back to Lazio and AM home games , we played well with a mix of new signings much better than Ange’s tactics in the previous CL campaign.



    Where we have come unstuck is when the heavier pitches kicked in and our tippy tappy approach floundered in converting chances.



    Confidence has been impacted with sizeable section of the home supporters now adopting booing to express themselves; hopefully management and players get on the front foot tomorrow’ , perhaps Motherwell will believe what their reading in the papers and venture out their 18 yard box and we can exploit the space.




  9. dessybhoy



    Well we did develop Conor Hazard, though he did not get much game time for us but did play elsewhere in Scotland. Now down at Plymouth in the Championship which is a good level, couldn’t stop Mikey Johnson scoring for WBA midweek though to be fair.

  10. Jim Kerr in today’s Times;



    My guiltiest cultural pleasure


    Sport is culture and I have spent far too much of my life pondering too many silly football games, particularly those featuring Glasgow Celtic. An example? I am on tour in New Zealand at the moment, finding myself awake at 4 and 5am, only to watch some of the dreariest style of football I have seen my team play for many years.

  11. SFTB



    Good point re WBA level. Perhaps not the most accurate example.


    I’m just surprised that a Saturday article could be penned (typed, surely?) and continues to lay the blame solely at the managers door. Not to say he hasn’t made mistakes. For me, however, it is collective responsibility.


    Can only hope all egos can be put aside and we have the best people performing their role to the best of their ability.

  12. onenightinlisbon on

    Rodgers appears to make his mind up very quickly on the players he himself has “signed off”. Tillio being one of them. In the manager do we trust?

  13. bournesouprecipe on

    Both players were relatively cheap, the mistake was signing too many in the same price bracket with zero chance of quick development.



    Spirited away like Kobayashi and Ideguchi before, the signing model is broken, if we could have found clubs others would have followed.



    A fear is that Celtic simply don’t know who to buy or how to buy. Whether we win the league or not ‘ unavailability ‘ isn’t the answer, and Dermot Desmond is fattening the calf?

  14. Prestonpans bhoys on

    GLENOWEN on 24TH FEBRUARY 2024 12:52 PM



    Yes another attack on our manager which hasn’t went unnoticed if you trawl through other celtic bloggers. The balance sheet blogger he is called by one!

  15. ONIL



    I’ve been intrigued with the ‘signed off’ comment. Realistically, what happened in the summer?


    You and I know (copyright CQN) that transfers take a long time to get over the line. It appears most, if not all, summer 23 transfers would have been started by Ange.


    When Brendan comes in, what options is he given? “these are our pipeline transfers, let us know which you’ll like us to complete. Sorry Brendan, no time for any others now”


    In such a scenario, most managers would be keen to maximise their options. Get them all in, see them in training and jettison those non performing assets.


    This appears close to the likely scenario for me.


    In hindsight, this was the wrong approach.


    Brendan ‘had the final say’ is very close to ‘Brendan is the last one we spoke to’


    It all appears very disjointed and amateur. I’m not sure what options we had after Ange buggered off mind you.

  16. Weebobbycollins on

    Paul 67…another arrow aimed at BR. He may well be a target but so are Lawwell and Desmond.

  17. onenightinlisbon on

    GLENOWEN on 24TH FEBRUARY 2024 1:01 PM



    Totally understand where you are coming from.



    The difficulty is we are all speculating as to what takes place behind closed doors at Celtic Park.



    Rodgers has gone from saying he will play who he is given to he is signing off on transfers.



    Take Lagerbielke, did Rodgers know anything at all about him before playing him? It has been stated that Rodgers believes he is “too slow”. Surely this must have come into his profile and surely the manager would have been aware of this?



    And Lagerbielke is only one example of many……

  18. We all know the root of problem at the club they can try and deflect all they want but we will win the war in the end and get rid of these money grabbers.

  19. What is the Starz on

    Peter Lawwell scouts these magnificent super stars like Tillio and Kwon and our useless manager won’t play them.


    It must be so frustrating for Peter..God bless him, where would we be without him.


    Bring back Jonny Hayes

  20. RUBICON on 24TH FEBRUARY 2024 12:49 PM



    Why did you post that?



    Do you think Jim Kerr`s opinion counts for more than those of less well-known fans?

  21. Hot Smoked.


    Not at all. Quite the opposite. Just innocently posting a comment I saw in the Times from another Celtic fan.


    I think you’re reading too much into it.

  22. A lot of these players will have been scouted before Brendan got fully aboard and involved in recruitment for Celtic.



    So one question gets begged by me- Why was Lageerbielke considered not too slow for an Ange team that played a faster style of football but is too slow for Brendan’s slower build up play?

  23. The Immortals


    The Two Nines


    This is an excellent book byPhillip Vine .Got it for my Sunset Strip birthday recently


    Well pleased esp since I ‘d never heard of the author.Published 2022, think available from Amazon


    Wd post more often..but for ads and popups !

  24. The Battered Bunnet on

    Rubicon, hope you’re well. If one of your firms was holding onto a year’s cash with no concrete plans to apply it, would you be inclined to:



    a) Sleep well knowing the world can stop for 12 months and the firm would still be able to sustain itself



    b) Insist they use it or return it to shareholders



    c) Get shot of them because there’s no strategy required to earn interest at the bank

  25. TBB, All good, ta. Hope you’re well too. Been too long.



    C or B depending on circumstances. But mainly C.

  26. I am the first to admit I don’t know all the ingredients of Egg Chasing.



    However I like the 6 nations and the odd Glasgow Warriors game. Love to beat the English at Tiddly Winks.



    So for that reason I’m glad our game is tomorrow. But how am I going to make the boozer for 12 bells. Its a hard life.



    HH to all.

  27. Only thing I can say about Tilio …he’s probably better than Khun …..but I’ve a feeling Paul is sticking up for the recruitment 😀


    I see the Minis reverting to type …..r2ngers continue to shoot from distance and it’s working!!

  28. The Battered Bunnet on

    Rubicon 👍



    Aye, all good here. Been a while as you say. We should do something about that, something with hops.

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