Tilio small scouting sample pool


Marco Tilio completed his move to Celtic from Melbourne City today.  The winger, 21, was an unused sub in the Australia squad at the World Cup last year.  Last season he established himself as first choice for Melbourne after two years on the periphery of the side.

He has made 53 starts in senior football, so there have not been many scouting opportunities, but it is just four fewer than Liel Abada had made when we signed him as a 19-year-old two years ago.  When real talent gets to around 80 appearances, we often encounter competition for signatures, so we have moved earlier since the days of Virgil.  This smaller sample pool will inevitably produce more varied outcomes, not all will make it.

The most reassuring aspect of this signing is that it was completed in June.  Players signed this early in the window are high on the target list.  He is not a response to interest in Jota, although I expect one of the other wingers will be made available as a result of this deal being confirmed.

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  1. He is not a response to interest in Jota,





    Thank goodness.



    Welcome to Celtic, Marco.

  2. I did like Jota both as a player and as a decent young man.



    I am disappointed he is leaving but respect that it reflects where we are in the food chain.



    Keeping someone from earning money beyond their wildest dreams would never work medium term.



    Hopefully both Celtic and the player are happy with the outcome. A year ago only Benfica would have made money on him. Credit due to the club leadership for turning that situation into a major windfall.



    Pity, like Ange, he didn’t stay another year. Really sorry about the lads direction of travel to Saudi.



    Hopefully one of the other potential wingers we have makes the most of the opportunity at Celtic to similar mutual benefit.

  3. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    “He is not a response to interest in Jota”



    So he’s not actually gone then. Big Peter gets a lot of stick on here, but he comes across as someone you would not want to play Poker with, if he does go, I’m sure PL will get us the best deal possible.

  4. Welcome to the young Aussie.



    If you are as good as your cricketers then you will do for me.

  5. BURNLEY78 on 30TH JUNE 2023 6:05 PM


    Lambert 14


    Aye it’s all the chairman’s fault.


    No ambition.


    He probably gave them Saudis the oil so they could do it in the first place. Sneaky Pete




    Hiyya Peter


    Hiyya pal

  6. The Jota deal with the Saudis is just part of DD’s bigger deal to sell his shares to them.

  7. TheLurkinTim on

    What a great day in Edinburgh….meetin new n old….Tom McLaughlin, Carpe Diem, BRRB, n Brian McLoughlin….no relation ;-))



    Hope to ser y’all again wen the window slams shut ;-))




  8. TheLurkinTim on

    In resropect…Ange was tellin us he was for the off wen he quoted Tommy Burns….we the fans are the only constant



    H H.

  9. bournesouprecipe on

    TV sport headlines……




    Tennis tonight Sevco can’t have managed another loan signing

  10. Liverpool pay €70m for 22 year old Dominik Szoboszla from RB Leipzig



    He looked a good player when we played them but not outstanding.

  11. Not a mention on sky sports Re our new signing. Plenty Re Aaron Mooy leaving and arrangers maybe signing 2 or 3.



    Not sure if it’s our PR or their bias but it is garbage.

  12. THELURKINTIM on 30TH JUNE 2023 7:03 PM


    Jota was here on loan to buy….he’s been ours for a year



    It’s a really tidy profit for one years ownership

  13. Bournesoup



    Yes. As lurkin Tim says we only signed him in July last year.



    Making any return on him was only possible after we signed him.



    He was scouted and taken on loan earlier.



    My point is this a


    Is a great ROI on one years cash outlay.



    Just a pity we could not have got another year out of him and likewise Re Ange.




    Winning G



    Yes I saw Ange. Didn’t surprise me he was there. As someone said similar atmosphere to spurs stadium.



    Since they started God Save Queen pre the cricket internationals it has become anyone but England for me. Don’t start me on Eoin Morgan !!

  14. bournesouprecipe on




    Sportswashing Saudi Arabian type money moves the goalposts, he can’t be denied the chance to earn that type of wealth. There’s more than one Portuguese already there, Ronaldo for one. It’s annoying that Jota may have been offered it, at the start instead of the end part of his career, like Benzema etc.

  15. Well we all hope that young Marco does very well at Celtic, like Odin Holm, one for the future.



    Our moneyball approach seems to have matured, it seems to rely on analytics and scouting, quality over quantity if you will.



    Maybe it’s not a priority for this transfer window but let’s face it, when the planning for this transfer window seriously got going, we expected things to be very different – mainly the manager making the decisions.



    So good luck to Odin and Marco as well as great prospects football wise, they seem like a couple of sound lads.



    Having said that if we have planned any more moneyball activity this window we should shelve it.



    With the loanees coming back tomorrow, we have a first team squad of over forty players, far too many.



    A dozen will have to move on, another dozen haven’t made the grade, either because they haven’t had the opportunity yet or they didn’t take it when they got it.



    We are going to lose some of our stars as well.



    Yet in a month’s time, we need a first team capable of mounting a challenge in the UCL group stage.



    We will be utilising different formations and tactics this season, we will (hopefully) have new first team players to integrate.



    A lot of work, for the management, backroom and recruitment ghuys – we know though we have fholk more than capable of rising to the challenge.



    Hail Hail

  16. BURNLEY78



    Won’t go there re Eoin. Still love the game. Off to the biggest rivalry Derby of them all tomorrow, Kendal (them) v Netherfield (us).



    WG, LA9

  17. Tom McLaughlin on

    Had a super day in Auld Reekie with BRRB, Lurkin Tim, Carpe Diem & Brian M.




  18. When a Club is offering a player that sort of unbelievable money in wages, I just hope they are fair in their valuation when offering his Club an appropriate compensation, especially as he is on such a long contract.



    £30M should be doable by Celtic, If they are going for £20M then they will be going for the whatever % sell on fee.






    On previous blog, CCV is the rock you build upon but couldnae believe you didnae huv Reo in that top 4. :)

  19. LAMBERT14 on 30TH JUNE 2023 5:31 PM





    ‘There is no point in you and I agreeing that Celtic will only maximise their potential if they stick ruthlessly to an elite player trading model’



    Who is gullible enough to believe that selling one of our elite players is beneficial?



    Very few of our players are capable of playing at the elite level of champions league.



    Jota is one of those.








    If sevco bloggers were telling their fans the same we would be laughing at them.





    LAMBERT 14



    Am neutral in this as there has been nowt from Celtic


    Til then it’s twat publicity.



    But you be Jota for a moment.



    You earn x at moment let’s say 20k gross



    His agent says,here, this new league is started Saudi



    I can increase your wages 10 fold gross turning net


    Ie 200k in yir paw vs 20k gross



    What would you do? Remember Bosman now in that players like you are in control.




  20. TheLurkinTim on

    Pete…sell on fee is 30% I heard today….crazy number tbh…our price should be £25/30M after that’s taken in to account



    Did u get yer Prodigy ticket(s) for OVO Arena November? Am in standing section up front, god help me 😂



    Access to a private bar may mitigate my fear lol




  21. After the recent situation with Ange and after following Celtic for nearly 40 years, I have promised myself going forward to not get emotionally attached to managers or players anymore and I find that kind of sad. My first real hero was the Maestro and there have been others over the years but no more. That leads me to Jota, if he goes he goes. We seen what keeping an unhappy Edouard, Christie and Ajer achieved? If he wants to leave so be it. In this crazy world now and the environment we operate in they are here for two years max and are only passing through. Jamesie and Calum’s testimonials are probably the last we will see. Don’t like this new age football and the Saudis will make it worse

  22. bigrailroadblues on

    Good evening all from wetherspoons, George Square. That Embra mob know how to charge for drink. Thought I was back in Dublin. 😳

  23. Should we be accepting Saudi blood money for any of our players?



    -Torture used as punishment



    -executions on the inreas



    – no freedom of speech



    – protests not allowed



    – women widely discriminated against



    -religious discrimination is rife



    -human rights organisations banned



    It goes on.



    Or mibbe it’s ok sometimes.



    Disgusted is a feckin understatement.

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