Timely boost as Mackay-Steven signs pre-contract


Delighted we have made the pre-contract signing of Gary Mackay-Steven.  Gary signed for Dundee United from Airdrie in 2011 as a 20-year-old and soon became a popular figure for United fans.  He has been one of several members of Jackie McNamara’s squad who has attracted attention this season and will be a loss to the former Celtic defender.

It’s all about the system

Gary is left-footed but can play on either side of the 3-behind-the-striker Ronny Deila likes to deploy.  He is industrious and has a bag of tricks that makes for a good highlights video on YouTube.

I watched him turn it on against Dundee on New Years’ Day, and fondly recall a virtuoso Scottish Cup performance at Ibrox, but I’m always reluctant to offer a recommendation on a player we’ve only seen against Celtic, or in the odd TV game.  The most encouraging part of this deal is that Celtic will have watched the player literally dozens of times – we want to get our first choice players, and we don’t want to be dependent on the recommendation of a foreign-based acquaintance.

United may consider cashing-in on the player this month, but I’m sure it won’t be for the £80k Sheffield United offered earlier this week.

This will be a timely boost ahead of tomorrow’s important game against Hamilton Accies, who I’ve watched a fair bit of this season.  They are a far better team than we thought they were went they left Celtic Park with a win in October, while their pitch provides a different challenge.

It’s as game I expect us to win but I’ll be happy when the result is in the bag.

Many thanks to everyone who booked tickets for the CQN11 St Patrick’s Night on Friday 13 March at the Kerrydale suite.  You can book at the bottom of this page, or email me if you’d like to hold a ticket, celticquicknews@gmail.com .

The event has been live for less than 24 hours and we are already well on the way to funding the school kitchen in Malawi for Mary’s Meals.

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  1. Doc



    A genuine conundrum.


    But one with a simple resolution for you as an individual- do as yer telt by Mrs doc!!! Or else….






    HH jamesgang

  2. twentyfirstofmaynineteenseventynine,



    The only chance they have is to make it a battle and hope that no football breaks out.



    In one sense I love the idea of showing them contempt by playing our young bhoys. But I would fear for their safety up against McCulloch, Black and co.

  3. twentyfirstofmaynineteenseventynine on

    joe joe john



    If youre still on parking is at Caird St/Beckford St, 5 mins walk to the ground. Enjoy yerself




  4. Morning Timland from a cold hun free mountain valley.






    I agree 100%, there are rules and rules, both on and off the park, those who set the rules, are immune to the rules.



    I hope they suffer for all eternity for their crimes against humanity and football, jeezo, do I feckin not like them, I would go as far as to say I actually hate them.



    Enjoy the game.




  5. twentyfirstofmaynineteenseventynine on

    Gordon J



    I hear what your saying Gordon, I think they would handle it, it would also show those hammerthrowers up for exactly what they are. The other side of the coin is to play our full team and really wallop them. Overall its a game we could do without I think




  6. JamesGang, that would be my normal default position, but the emotional blackmail from the daughter is a big factor, on both parents.


    Take Miss Doc out of the equation, easy decision, keep Mrs Doc happy and give it a wide berth.

  7. doc- I have the same moral dilemma, got offered a ticket and as vale bhoy said had the privelage of paying approx. 25% over the face value just to get it.



    The safety issue is concerning but the 100% cast iron certainty of being exposed to 2 hours of incessant bigotry is the main issue for me.



    Will decide nearer the time.


    What’s happened to the Anya rumours?? I’d take him in a heartbeat.

  9. HT


    Quite right. Keep that torch burning





    I think only you can make that tough decision. Personally I wouldn’t be anywhere near hampdenon the day but I’m notoriously scaredy cat. ;)

  10. Marrakesh Express on







    You’re spot on there. Last night was a pilot show for the big one in two weeks. We seem to be sleepwalking into a lose-lose situation.


    The hun mob will be intent on violence, have no doubt.


    Even if it’s 90% hun perpetrated, it’ll be reported as 50-50, ‘old firm shame’.


    Front and back page of DR today has no mention of the big hoose being stormed, or the attack on Hearts fans.


    Dam and Dundee was milked for months.


    Someone at CP and in fact Holyrood better see this coming. Lives are at stake.


    It will also be going worldwide.


    Scotland’s shame are dragging the whole country down with them, and we’ll be their no 1 target.

  11. 50 shades of green on

    Guys for me one of the funniest things from last nights comedy show was the guy with the broom clearing the centre circle line.



    just seen pictures on sky from Hamilton of their groundsman clearing the pitch with a small tractor.



    O how the mighty have fallen, and I’m sure I heard the commentator say they only managed to find the match ball in an old kit bag just before kick off. F’n priceless that mob.

  12. mullet and co 2 on

    Neganon2, I normally don’t invest in the sensationalist approach some have around the Rangers games. I have been to many and saw no violence. There are the sectarian chants and songs but that has been it.


    It has always been the aftermath in towns and the City itself which has bee the scene for violence. Angry men with no semblance of rational thought and a drink in them.


    This game has the potential for violence with the ICF and various other right wing gatherings now mobilised by the events at Rangers.


    You may be correct, sadly, that Celtic will say nothing. If they do not they will happily play along with the ones as bad as the other treatment but more importantly act as an active accomplice to violence and sectarianism.


    I’m never surprised that Rangers are allowed to get away with this stuff. They had a sectarian signing policy for over 100 years and only a handful said anything. No official statement was ever made from our club and no apology was ever made by Rangers. The SFA said nothing and have never apologised for their support for that policy. But but you wrote something on a toilet door and sang song about a defunct terrorist organisation and that really annoyed us….

  13. Goldstar10, cheers, think I will do similar, I’ll buy the tickets.


    If we decide against going I’m sure I’ll have no problems selling them.



    Skyisalandfill, I’m a fast runner:-)


    But the worry is some idiot throwing a brick and the wee lass being on the end of it.


    Don’t know if it’s worth that risk.

  14. Buses stoned, sectarian singing inside and outside stadium, serious disorder at entrance, fan kicked senseless by mob. Manna from heaven for most tabloids. Not here, well, not them.


    No arrests? Media blackout.


    I’ll be nowhere near Hampden for the sf. I’ve read the script.


    What punishment did sevco receive after condoning a boycott against their opponents in a cup game, costing them much needed income.


    Come on Celtic, grow some.

  15. Doc


    Don’t envy you the decision mate, like the rest of us you’ll have to make your own choice


    Then ask Mrs Doc if it’s the right one.

  16. gordybhoy64


    10:25 on


    17 January, 2015


    Trouble at sevco v hearts, let’s use it to have a go at the Celtic board



    Exactly.Neganon in like a shot,along with the usual suspects.



    No love for Focus,but they rarely arrest on site.After the Livingstone game,the huns were lifted from their homes,just like the Celtic fans.Same in George Square.14 lifted later.Its how they work.Thats what the cameras are for.

  17. Good morning CQN, the CQN Coupon for this weekend:



    Jobo – Spurs


    BT – West Ham (Sunday)


    GL2 – Ipswich


    AWALK – Man City (Sunday)


    PF – Swindon


    Pog – Tranmere


    Lennybhoy – Bournemouth


    TTT – Middlesburgh



    Keep the Faith!



    Hail Hail!

  18. It now seems that offensive behaviour at football doesn’t include assaults, threats, vandalism and anti-Catholic and anti-Irish singing.



    You live and learn.




  19. You know, don’t post too often, but I’ve a nagging doubt about attending the game at Hampden and I’ve never shirked from any game before. I go to the game with my kids btw.



    But, my dad wouldn’t take me as a youngster to the games v. them since he seen someone hit in the head by a bottle thrown out of the Rangers end of the old North Stand at Hampden. I’m now beginning to understand his thought process. It’s less inside the ground I’m worrying about though, it’s in the streets outside.



    I kinda agree that Celtic and our supporters are in a no-win situation.




  20. oldtim67



    10:43 on 17 January, 2015


    For every £10 we spend SEVCO WILL SPEND 5P.






    Invariably someone else’s 5p!






    HH jamesgang

  21. Careful out there if going to the game today more chance of some of you falling and doing yourself a permanent injury than there is of you getting banjoed by some currant bun on 1 February

  22. Am I alone in thinking that there are those within the walls of Hampden, Holyrood, and police Scotland, who smile secretly at the thought of serious rioting at a nothing cup semi – final.


    I’ll add the Scottish media to that list.

  23. Gary67


    10:31 on


    17 January, 2015


    I see the sun has us signing Maloney on a Bosman. Hopefully just tabloid nonesense.



    I would take him in an instant.Very clever wee player.Improved out of recognition.I bet he is WGS first pick.

  24. My friends in Celtic,



    Many excellent posts this morning. I am away at work when the LC semi takes place, but if I was home I would go. Maybe take some extra precautions, but nevertheless I would go.



    I respect all who say they are not going due to conscience and moral reasons. I respect all who say they are not going due to being frightened.


    But I would also say that appeasement does not work. Our silence as a club can be perceived as appeasement. IMO actions such as last night, with possibly more to come were inevitable no matter what we said, or did not say.



    Please do not think I am about to equate war with football, but as a vibrant blog is all about opinion and stimulating debate I ask you:-



    Would the forces of evil have triumphed in 1940 if everyone lined up against them was a conscientious objector.?




  25. Ahm no going oot in the taxi today Glasgow full of frustrated and dangerous weans throwing snowballs at passing vehicles someone could get injured

  26. Embramike



    And fair play to the scotsman whose article finishes:



    . As these mounted police trotted towards the front door, the Rangers supporters’ battle cries became of the more old-school variety with Derry’s Walls and The Billy Boys given lusty renditions – as was the case when the game was later abandoned after 24 minutes. The ‘Fenian blood’ line in The Billy Boys once left Rangers with no hiding place in Uefa circles over the anti-Catholic expressions a section of the club’s support entwined in their supporting of the club.



    The issue was presented as one of the most pressing the club faced during the last decade; a period during which they had a team capable of reaching a European final. How times – if not the enlightenment of some of the Ibrox faithful – have changed. By the end of the evening, the violence being reported was not related to the intemperate nature of any words being vocalised but related to alleged incidents that ensued as Hearts’ travelling support boarded their buses. The rancour at Rangers is struggling to find any acceptable outlets.






    A prescient last line I fear.



    HH jamesgang

  27. Imagine the telegraph reporting break in at the offices at ibrox……nothing to report on that says the Dee Arr…..they wis probably looking fur the Luvin cup…….how appropriately named !!!

  28. Turkeybhoy it isn’t difficult to criticise the celtic board. They after all couldn’t care less about us as a support.



    Yesterday I got a survey from celtic. Do you know what it was about? Betting. Who do I bet with etc etc. celtics focus is only on money. Dexter asks earlier about Anya. Dexter celtic will spend no money. GMS? We won’t pay money even though the team needs help now and we are struggling in the league.



    But forget the footy for a minute. Celtic are accomplices in the institutional sectarianism. They want you to play your part as victims willingly.



    Turkeybhoy I don’t understand you and your angry defence of a board that has repeatedly let us all down.




    Mullet I am sure that there is a section both at celtic and widely in Scotland that looks forward to the violence. Just think of the media interest and the money it will bring in.



    The scottish government laughingly brought I’m the OB and FOCUS to hp help eradicate sectarianism but they will do anything and everything to return the supremacists back to the top to allow it to feed ongoing sectarianism.



    Oh the irony……….

  29. All this hysteria about the LC game.Have you all been living in a vacuum for years?.Just how are this mob any different from times gone bye?.They have always been violent animals.


    I never missed a Hun game,and I witnessed some horrendous scenes of violence in the 60s,70s,80s,90s,right through.Glasgow City Centre was always a very dangerous place after the game.The A and E figures were horrendous.


    Go to the game,outsing them,gub them,make your way home carefully,as was always the way.I cant believe some delicate souls are thinking of not going because of the songs they will sing.Too much drama on here sometimes.