Timely boost as Mackay-Steven signs pre-contract


Delighted we have made the pre-contract signing of Gary Mackay-Steven.  Gary signed for Dundee United from Airdrie in 2011 as a 20-year-old and soon became a popular figure for United fans.  He has been one of several members of Jackie McNamara’s squad who has attracted attention this season and will be a loss to the former Celtic defender.

It’s all about the system

Gary is left-footed but can play on either side of the 3-behind-the-striker Ronny Deila likes to deploy.  He is industrious and has a bag of tricks that makes for a good highlights video on YouTube.

I watched him turn it on against Dundee on New Years’ Day, and fondly recall a virtuoso Scottish Cup performance at Ibrox, but I’m always reluctant to offer a recommendation on a player we’ve only seen against Celtic, or in the odd TV game.  The most encouraging part of this deal is that Celtic will have watched the player literally dozens of times – we want to get our first choice players, and we don’t want to be dependent on the recommendation of a foreign-based acquaintance.

United may consider cashing-in on the player this month, but I’m sure it won’t be for the £80k Sheffield United offered earlier this week.

This will be a timely boost ahead of tomorrow’s important game against Hamilton Accies, who I’ve watched a fair bit of this season.  They are a far better team than we thought they were went they left Celtic Park with a win in October, while their pitch provides a different challenge.

It’s as game I expect us to win but I’ll be happy when the result is in the bag.

Many thanks to everyone who booked tickets for the CQN11 St Patrick’s Night on Friday 13 March at the Kerrydale suite.  You can book at the bottom of this page, or email me if you’d like to hold a ticket, celticquicknews@gmail.com .

The event has been live for less than 24 hours and we are already well on the way to funding the school kitchen in Malawi for Mary’s Meals.

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  1. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    I would urge anyone on this blog who has influence at Celtic Park to ensure that Celtic make some kind of statement in accordance with Auldhied’s suggestion.



    I really think that this has all the potential to make the 1980 Cup Final riot look like the Teddy Bear’s picnic and that some poor sod is likely to suffer serious injury or worse. To think otherwise would be wreckless neglect.

  2. Green pinta of course the war would have been lost. But your analogy depends on what you believe is appeasement here.



    I do not see appeasement as not going to the game. That is a protest against the return of bigotry and the big lie. If people want to go then fair enough.



    Appeasement could be described as not taking a scarf or colours. But sadly that’s just common sense ( and a sad indictment on the game itself).



    Real appeasement is saying and doing nothing while corruption, cheating and your support are subject to criminalisation. Or rather perhaps that’s not even appeasement just willing participation for the love of money.

  3. Marrakesh Express on

    I’d like to think that someone at plod hq is clued up or brave enough to recall the history of hun violence and use it to project or forecast what’s about to hit them.


    The Manchester force admitted to underestimating the 2008 invasion in terms of numbers, drink guzzled and subsequent violence. Knowing the hun all too well, me and some mates predicted it, potentially at least.


    There is no excuse for our own police force. Mind you, weren’t two of our finest charged for wrecking a CP toilet?


    What chance have you got?

  4. Tim Malone. Celtic will say nothing except of course to tell us to behave (but secretly hoping for a riot).

  5. Gary67 10:31 on 17 January, 2015


    I see the sun has us signing Maloney on a Bosman. Hopefully just tabloid nonesense.




    Lustig, Boerrigter, Forrest……Maloney???



    As the character played by Roy Schneider in the film Jaws says,



    “You’re going to need a bigger treatment room”

  6. twentyfirstofmaynineteenseventynine on

    Off to the game, hope everybody has a great day and we have three points in the bag at the end of it




  7. 50 Shades of Green…



    You are completely correct. I suspect the reason the pitch was not cleared was that they simply don’t have the manpower or equipment any more.



    This was the elephant in the room on BTSport… If it had been any other club they would have been questioning the professionalism and organisation.



    But not the Huns. They have to perpetrate the myth that this Shambles is still a “big club”.



    As for the ball situation… beyond farcical. A yellow ball against white slush for yer big TV spectacle… amateurs. Total amateurs.

  8. Still waiting for the SNP to call a summit.



    Last time Lennon’s angry reaction to The Constant Gardner was enough to put the business of government on hold and smear the Tims.



    Last night? Two of the most culturally Scottish clubs, a near riot in a public street, and stadium break in, buses attacked and people assaulted in the snow. All set to the strains of 17th century vile anti-Catholic songs.



    Sturgeon’s reaction?: Nothing to see here.



    Same for Budge.



    Hypocrites all.

  9. Starry I firmly believe that there are many who would welcome a riot. And of course it would be the celtic fans fault.

  10. Anyone enlighten me did Ron Delia and John Collins get out of Ibrox unscathed last night or did the polis stand back and let the hun hordes loose on them

  11. NegAnon2



    I agree but are you saying our club Celtic would secretly be hoping for a riot?



    Achtung Achtung Negon on Overload, shut down shut down shut down:)))



    For Mash get Smashed…

  12. Topkat



    The Telegraph also managed to say something that the SMSM, print and broadcast, somehow find very difficult. . .



    “….since the Club was liquidated in 2012….”



    Not hard, is it, sticking to the facts.

  13. Anyone care to hazard a guess on sevco’s punishment for their fans chanting of proscribed songs inside and outside their stadium.


    I’ll guess absolutely zilch. Any bets?

  14. the glorious balance sheet on

    Southside 1050-



    Bang on the money. I`ve been banging on about this for months since the draw was made. There are plenty of people whose interests would be served by there being serious disorder at the cup semi-final.



    For example, the politicians and police. The SNP and Police Scotland have been (rightly) getting a kicking over the OBAF Act. The forthcoming “independent and comprehensive review” by academics at Stirling University into the implementation of the OBAF Act will be crucial in determining the future of this legislation and is due to start in March.



    It would be very convenient for the police and politicians if serious trouble occurred around the semi-final; so close to this review any trouble would be used as justifying a continuing need for the OBAF Act.



    If anything, any trouble at this match could be used by the review as justification to extend the scope of the OBAF Act and extend police powers in terms of getting supporters` personal data from clubs etc.



    I fear we could be heading to a 1980 Scottish Cup Final situation where the Zombies are going to be intent on causing violence at this game. They are seriously raging at the state of their club and are driven even more demented by their inability to do anything about it. Throw in some thoroughly deserved ribbing from opposition fans and you have a raging Zombie powderkeg that is intent on doling out violence.



    If this is met with any of the same from our side in retaliation then it will be used by lazy journalists, know-it-all politicians and pro-Sevco stenographers in the MSM to peddle the “One side is as bad as another” lie.



    At the moment the only thing that they have to live for is to try and cover us in some of their own slime on 1 February. Throughout the last few years we have regularly heard talk from them of “if we`re going down Scottish football is going down with us”, “we have nothing to lose etc” They will no doubt put these words into action on that day, especially if their team is being thrashed on the park.



    We know the truth; that they are a sick cancer on Scottish society, their liquidation gave the footballing authorities and other clubs the chance to put them in their box but being too interested in greenbacks they blew it.



    The footballing authorities, other clubs and the SMSM treating them with kid gloves re liquidation and the “same club” myth has actually made them even worse. If you let people perpetuate a big lie they feel comfortable spouting a 1,000 small ones, hence we get all the “we are the victims” “we are being punished” “we were relegated” mince.



    It says it all that even Hearts fans now think they are scumbags.

  15. There’s plenty of evidence of sectarian singing on the BBC sportscotland podcast last night. The nature of the songs is not addressed, but then it never really is. However, the aggression between the fans is discussed.


    It’s weird reading people directly state that it isn’t. Agenda’s eh?



    What can you even say about the extreme reaction we see from fans like neganon. In a week when unreasonable people have caused so much pain and sadness, and accounting for the mess Rangers are in, who have 40k neganon’s in their ranks obscuring sensible discussion of a solvable problem.



    Does any Celtic fan get the feeling we’re itching for a fight? Not remotely.

  16. Unless weather conditions are exceptionally bad, any club which fails to have their pitch in a playable condition due either to lack of manpower or failure to operate undersoil heating should, in my opinion, forfeit home advantage and the game should be replayed at the opposition’s ground.

  17. Ah starry there is no such thing as publicity. It’s a bit like people who go to motor races looking to see a crash…….



    Just think of all those juicy TV contracts for future hun games. Lovely.



    I think you have been on the voddy dude? :)

  18. 50 shades of green on




    You and I know, and countless numbers of other Scottish football fans know, but I think last nights farce has shown everyone else that the ” big club myth ” is just that a myth.



    I mean they couldn’t even afford to give the wee lassie that was a mascot a strip without the gambling logo on it, they had to cover it up with black tape ffs, not even fit enough to be called amateurish neither they are.

  19. After last night I’m now worried about my safety, indeed sanity, as someone who works in Glasgow.



    Naaaaaw. Not thems. ……. found out SOAL works in the same office block as me!!!!









    HH jamesgang

  20. What Ann Budge hasn’t made her statement yet? Maybe no toilet doors were involved in last night’s hi jinks.



    See that Celtic are not only actively colluding with Sevco but are now secretly plotting to have our own supporters attacked. Seriously what colour is the sky on your planet

  21. NEGANON,



    You obviously dont know me if you think I am a board supporter.I wrote on here the other night that I really do not care about them one jot.We have had worse boards,and I am sure we will have better.My only concern is the 11 guys on the park wearing the Hoops.


    I used to rant and rave about the board,no longer.Waste of time.They have kept us viable,a big plus for me,maybe the only one,but thats as far as my concern for the board goes.


    I know you are a great Celtic fan,but just once,I wish you would show it for the guys out on the pitch.


    Celtic hoping for riots,mayhem!!!!!!!!How do you come to that conclusion?.

  22. Safety of supporters is obviously the top priority for most people, but, the fact that the SPFL not only has our semi-final opponents listed as Rangers on their website, but has them listed as founded 1872, thus giving official approval to the Big Lie, makes the competition a sham, and many don’t want to pay to watch a bent game.

  23. NegAnon2,



    My view I that we should concentrate more on what we do and less on what they do or might do.



    I believe our silence as a club was, and is wrong. I do not accept the argument that speaking the truth would have inflamed the situation and I think the club is morally wrong by letting supporters do their unpalatable work for them.



    I also think that they will perceive job done, if they think they have frightened us into staying away from a winning LC semi.



    I do think that a club statement outlining our reservations prior to the LC semi is required.




  24. Bony bhoy putting aside the somewhat ridiculous comparison of my post to the ongoing terrorist horrors, tell me, how am I itching for a fight?



    All I am doing is being realistic about scotland and about those who run Celtic in particular.

  25. I Think at the end of the day, The Police should go to the S F A ,and tell them to issue warnings if there is a lot of assaults after the match ,at Hampden then we the Police will take steps for no more football games,between Celtic and Sevco,lives are more important than insitutions,and SKY or B T ,

  26. the glorious balance sheet on

    Ann Budge never released a statement after the Hearts-Celtic match until a few days afterwards.



    I wouldn`t expect a statement from her until into next week.

  27. Why do I feel that the whole Scottish Establishment is yearning for there to be serious trouble at the LCSM so that they can get back to their favourite fall back position: one’s as bad as the other. Why has Mrs Budge not spoken out about what happened to her supporters last night, while she couldn’t wait to attack us? Why has our First Minister not called for a summit and invite them and Hearts to Holyrood this week? Where is our Justice Minister coming out and condemning the sectarian chanting? Where is our Police Chief calling for action to be taken against the mob who attacked his members, defending the Big Hoose? All running for the nearest and deepest cover they can find.



    We live in Scotland. We and our kind are here on sufferance. (My Dad, who fought in WW11, used to think things began to change after that but no longer thinks so.) It’s long overdue that people on here woke up to that fact. Some things won’t change no matter how much we might expect it. The undead have been allowed to do what they like forever and a day and that will continue because too many in power want things to stay that way.

  28. Neganon2


    There are plenty reasons to have a go at the board,last night’s carry on ain’t one,why not r question Ann Budge on her silence?, and I find it amazing that you think anyone involved at Celtic would like to see the support involved in a riot

  29. 50 shades of green on

    Guys if your doon the barras the day and you see a guy selling a gross of unused tennis balls. Ignore him , he’s a hun trying to flog last nights left over stock.



    Stupid huns

  30. Turkeybhoy I don’t think we can ignore the board because they have a direct impact on the 11 players on the pitch and on the success or otherwise we see and support.



    I stick by my point on riot lust. It’s clear that the authorities believe that sectarianism is good for business. The notoriety that brings will bring in desire for lots of people to watch these so called Derbys. After all we are losing 10m of potential income are we not?



    What I apcan reassure you of is that I love and support my team. But I view the mainstay of that team as celtic supporters. And my anger is that we are being sold out by our custodians.

  31. the glorious balance sheet on

    The Daily Record tweeted a picture of the teamsheets from last night`s game.



    I couldn`t help but notice that Sevco`s official letter head said “The Rangers Football Club founded 1872”. Surely they didn`t become “The Rangers” until 2012?



    They are tying themselves in knots with all the lies they tell.

  32. Ghordybhoy64 why don’t celtic ask Ann Budge why she hasn’t said anything? Or would they rather the celtic support do all their dirty work for them?

  33. NegAnon2



    So I take it that was an Aye then, you believe that Celtic are secretly hoping for a riot as that will increase the TV interest in the “Return of The Old Firm” saga.



    Wow you are Kev Jungle’s Nurse and I claim my five pounds!!



    Up yer dosage:))