Tom, Dedryck and the money sloshing around England


There is always a worry when your players go to the World Cup.  Every scout on the planet watches every kick of the ball.  Some will have databases, some work from spreadsheet, but most have notepads full of scribbles.

Eyes will be drawn to previously undervalued talent – you bet Iran’s players will be well researched today.  Eyes are also drawn to players with little time on their contracts, which is why getting Tom Rogic signed up before the tournament was so important.

It is a truism of the game that fortunes can change quickly for players.  Three months ago Dedryck Boyata struggled to find support, apart from Brendan Rodgers, who assured us he “would improve” following a difficult afternoon at Ibrox.

Today he is the defensive pivot of one of the tournament’s fancied teams.  He also has one year left on his Celtic contract.  There will be interest in him.  Such is the market in England (on ending his Aberdeen loan spell last year James Maddison played 44 lower league games for Norwich before Leicester bought him for £24m), anything could happen.

I hope Dedryck has a great tournament and I hope he signs a new long-term contract at Celtic when he returns.  But there is a lot of money sloshing around English football right now, let’s hope it all heads to Iran.

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  1. Mon Peru …….. gaining in confidence….frogies have gave up diving……..jammy bassas

  2. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Not sure how true the John Terry rumour is (would have thought Lampard might have been wanting him at Derby), but I would definitely take him if we had the chance.


    I have said before, we don’t have poor defenders, but we lack organisation and leadership. Terry gives you both. In buckets.


    Our defence is operating at below the sum of its parts. With Terry in there that would reverse.


    Even if we just got a year out of him, the knowledge the others would get would be invaluable going into the future.


    Anyway, he may only be looking at all his options. I doubt he will be short of offers.

  3. Hunderbirds are Gone on



    Expensive mistake if it happened imo. Hope it’s just a rumour.






    Dedryk is one of an elite group of Celtic players that got picked every week by an expert


    manager saw off weaker mortals but gets panned on the internet for mistakes he’s yet


    to make.

  5. Tobago Street on

    Mbappe, Pogba…the make it hard to like the French. Although did you see this: Mbappe, first half goes down like the puppeteer had just cut his strings, Peru put the ball out. This takes place about 15 yards in Peru’s half. France throw the ball back in but keep possession, take the ball to near the corner flag and put it out! Peru throw in, lose possession. Ball breaks to the French right half near the centre line and under no pressure at all puts the ball out of play. Very fair play to that man!




  6. Yet another poor match. Peru were enthusiastic and not a lot more. France were very poor. Referee obviously auditioning for a position as a referee in Scotland. World Cup has been a great bore with only one decent match (Spain – Portugal) so far.

  7. Boyata is one ,if he wants to play for us ,I would definitely keep . But we still need a mark Reiper / Paul Elliot type CH tough as teak both of them . We have one who has ability , but we can’t rely on him . I accept that players get injured ,part and parcel of being a footballer , joso seems to get more than his share . But not being able to play on plastic pitches for me is a nonsense and no good to us with the plastic pitches now in use . Again just my opinion .

  8. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Lenny gets a 1 game ban for running on the pitch to celebrate a goal……same ban as rat face McCann got for assaulting a guy on the St Johnstone bench…

  9. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    I checked the BBC website fans ratings for players in the Denmark Australia game.



    Our Tom came out top in the ratings for the Australian team.

  10. Those live reports from the training camp in Spain are sending shivers up my spine.



    Well no, not really.



    It’s quite funny actually.

  11. fairhill bhoy on

    Wee update on my sis,she went through her opp and was in high independ ward,now up in enhanced recovery ward.shes doing good.Thankyou everyone for your good wishes

  12. Keystone cops defending in this game. Matched only by the innane drivel from Mark Lawrenson.

  13. kikinthenakas on

    Mark Lawrenson sounds like he hates football and commentates with a permanent sneer…



    Dedryck I like a lot…but hearing he’s likely to be offsky hope not…



    JT if he signs great if not no bothered






  14. fairhill bhoy on

    ADI DASSLER-it sure is ,will take her a long time to recuperate,baby steps,thank you ?



  15. I hope Brendan is being coy playing down ‘transfers in’, via the revolving door


    with his latest comments next thing we’ll be getting accused of ‘standing still’ and ‘complacency’ and ‘disrespect’



    It seems our business will be done at the end of the transfer window when players have considered all offers, and options available and I’m glad we’re not hoovering up Bosmans early in the window like other small clubs who feed on the scraps.



    The gap whatever way they dress things up won’t close until Sevco are contrite and begin again where they started in 2012 having jettisoned the racketeer bigots, in effect that reads the gap won’t ever close.



    As Ever CSC

  16. Watching this World Cup,and seeing some of the terrible mistakes made by CHs that are classed as World class,why are Celtic fans so unforgiving when our players make the same mistakes?Every week in the EPL,if you watch Goals On SUNDAY,they highlight the mistakes made by these defenders every week.All defenders make mistakes regularly,all strikers miss sitters regularly,all midfielders make horrendous passes regularly.


    Really gets up my nose when certain players get singled out,and get called bomb scares.Watching the ARgentina game,there are so called “Bomb scares”all over the place,but they cost 5 or 6 times more than ours.

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