Trebles and a poor grasp of history


The League Cup win was a big one, the league title was always on the cards, only the Scottish Cup remains to complete the treble. Recency bias afflicts us all. So, when we consider our treble chances, we may be inclined to be confident.

Anyone with a grasp of history will know that our Quadruple Treble seasons is an aberration and that trebles are remarkably rare. Jock Stein won our first two, Martin O’Neill added a third after a gap of 32 years and we waited a further 16 years for our fourth.

Ronny Deila came close in his first season, as did Ange, both fell at the Scottish Cup semi-final, Ronny’s loss to Inverness in particularly controversial circumstances. A year ago, we failed to put the game to bed and were undone in extra time. That reversal against Newco came despite confidence that followed a League Cup win, a commanding lead in the league and coming from behind to win at Ibrox earlier in the month. Parallels with last year are clear.

Trebles are, in fact, ridiculously difficult to win. You need to out-perform your rivals on most occasions in the league and on every occasion on all cup ties. This requires form to consistently peak at the right time, which is almost impossible to control.

Ange is not without worries. No matter how fit several of his squad appear this week, he will know, at best, there will be no more than 45 minutes in several of their legs. Planning how to start the game, then how to change the game, with the potential of extra time, is a step into the unknown. Still, great teams find a way.

Road to Seville

Our latest interview with those who are cycling from Celtic Park to Seville next month, in support of the Celtic FC Foundation, is with Gaubi Beijers. Gaubi is from the Netherlands and unlike most of us, found Celtic as an adult. I will let him explain why he found Celtic, what it was about the club, or more specifically, the supporters, he connected with.

Celtic is now an established part of his life, as is a commitment to the work of the Foundation. Listen in to what he has to say about our club, and please, do what you can to support the efforts of all who have made such a sacrifice to be ready to cycle across Europe in your name. You can support their efforts here and follow on Twitter at @Road2Seville23 .

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  1. As a wee aside ,



    I binge watched GUILT on the BBC Iplayer.



    Superb, but I am not giving anything away.



    Being a long term regular visitor to Edinburgh (and Leith before it became trendy even the Boundary bar one time) one of the daft wee pleasures of the drama comedy



    (well I laugh often at the patter, thon sarcastic responses to obvious questions that scottish men do, guy walks into the office full lycra, shorts, helmet, go pro,


    Did you cycle in Johnny ? naw I came on the bus from Pollok)



    So the wee Guilty pleasure is when the back drop scene is definately not Edinbugh, with the guys popping up in Glasgow back street, the saltmarket arches, the greenock esplanade (how often is that used in scottish dramas and you think it must be wonderful living there it is beautiful, look at that view) Inchgreen dry dock and the peace of resistance, THE STAR HOTEL IN PORT GLASGOW as an Orange Hall, seriously, how they got the unionist bunting up in the port, the must have done it during lockdown.



    Anyways thoroughly recommend it.

  2. Big Jimmy – From earlier Yes from 12 noon. Or high noon as we call it in tge Garngad.🤣




  3. Agree with the need to be cautious paul67.


    They’ve scored against this season; we’re missing our best players or won’t have them for the full game.


    That being said, they are poor and unidimensional – they will press us and lump the ball up the park to try and get some momentum.


    3 — 1 to us

  4. I don’t think we’ll see Ralston playing LB and Welsh at RB.



    We will be stronger this year.



    They’ll be weaker, they’re missing Madden.

  5. Focus on the climb ahead.


    Trebles are still to be gotten


    Work still to be done.


    Play our best fully fit team.


    Concentrate on our selection and how we play.


    To many needless associations.


    Clear the head Celtic.


    Do them




  6. DRAMBOWIECELT on 27TH APRIL 2023 11:45 AM


    @Big J when you see this….Was catching up on a few weeks posts…Iv’e not been on due to the ole health.





    Anyhoo ..the posts about your after the event winnings bets etc ..i feel were out of order…





    Reason being…





    I’m sure last year or before??? when you were posting about bets said you were reluctant to give





    Tips etc as you would worry about fellow tims losing money etc??. In fact the last bet i had was a young jockey





    Doyle i think ??had a double and for 20quid i got 200 odd …it got the wean an I pad…Anyway i took a foto of it





    for a laugh……. as previously someone had made the same assumption about your bets…lol.





    Anyway i love reading and watchin out for you bets .and great to hear you had another payout last night..H.H





    Cheers Mate.



    Aye, there were Two or Three JEALOUS CHUMPS on here who were clearly IMPYING that I was a Liar, whenever I had a winning Bet come up.


    It was a weird strategy by those Chumps to firstly QUESTION my Bets, and therefore insult me….and then in the next breath BEG ME to give them Horse Winners and/or Fitba Winners from then on ?????



    You are CORRCET mate, as I have usually been VERY reluctant to Post on here my Horse Fancies in particular, for the simple reason that you mentioned, as I wouldnt want any Celtic fans losing money because of ME….SPECULATING on Horses.


    I am more than capable of picking Losers as well as some Winners now and then, but it appears that there are some on here who are INCAPABLE of doing either ?


    I had several good Bets come up recently, and I was on a good wee run for a few weeks, however there is a LOT of LUCK involved, although I do tend to stick with certain Stables/Trainers and/or certain Jockeys.



    I hope that your health improves, and please give the wee Yin a BIG Hug from me.



    All the best Mate.



  7. In the Timterweb and Twattestphere there is a lot circulating about unfairness of the HOME TICKET SCHEME and the Ballots done, in as much as no criteria for who is the ballot is ever published, and you only ever know if you are in the ballot by an offer popping up on your membership.



    Coupled with the unfairness of away ballots, who gets them ?


    Well the exact same people get them 95% of the time. Brigaders, Supporters clubs , the corporate sponsors and the dear seas holders, that is who.



    A proper root and branch review of all these hidden policies should be done and proper ballots allowed.


    Was it not like this went we went back to celtic park ?



    How do you even get on to the away ticket scheme ?



    What has really intrigued me, the SEMI FINAL, 3 times there are ballots, the last just this week.


    So this is either Celtic holding back some of their allocation, or corporates and hampden handing tickets back, or very unlikely people were offered tickets and said no thanks.



    Either way, there is never enough tickets, but there has to be a transparent ballot process.


    Those who get a semi final ticket, should not be first up for the next ballot.



    And another thing, our rubbish attended home cup ties – WE NEED TO FOLLOW FORTUNA DUSSELDORK make it as free as possible to as many NON SEASON TICKET holders as possible, lets give back to the wider community, throw the dorrs open free gratis.



  8. I think it is best to talk about Trebles in the relatively modern concept; since the League Cup was inaugurated. We often talk about Big Jock getting the first. But surely (I’d need to check to be sure) that Willie Maley and his various teams won all domestic trophies on offer, while the League Cup wasn’t available there was the Charity Cup and also the Glasgow Cup, which in it’s day was a big deal. You can only win domestically what is in front of you. I think we should also talk about the Trebles which Willie Maley’s teams won.


    I hope I haven’t made a fool of myself and it turns out he never did win all domestic trophies in one season!

  9. McPhailbhoy



    No need to talk of anything cups,games or trebles


    I don’t know how many we have won to be honest.leagues,cups,Scottish cups.



    I hope we win each time



    I see it all as part of reestablishing an identity toileted.



    In 2012 was there any flatulence bout ⁵⁵?


    No it was all bout the ubend and how ¹⁴⁰ years ended.


    We have been square pegging round holes since bro.


    Wuruld rekord crowds in each division lest ye forget,I guess generations to come will be informed of why they were not always in Top divisions due to liquidation.



    In short leave the hun to their numbers


    They are no very good at them



    Hope all good bout the town




  10. MCPHAIL BHOY on 27TH APRIL 2023 1:58 PM



    your right and partially wrong.



    I will go find out but I suspect we won all 3 CUPS in 1892.


    Scottish, Glasgow Cup and Glasgow Merchants Charity cup.


    But that is also the first league season, and we were 2nd then.



    I think we might have won 3 trophies during the 6 in a row edwardian team,



    I will go find out.



    Mr Potter, Liam Kelly & David McCallum in all their books continually mention the league is the secondary competition to winning the Scottish cup until the return from 2nd world war.



    And also the smaller community cups, Renfrewshire and Lanarkshire and such like had great kudos at a local level.



    With this in mind competion for the Glasgow FA cup was fierce in the early days and invitaiotn outwith the city was prestigiuosly accepted.



    That is not to be confused with the Glasgow Merchants Charity cup. A competition cherished by the victorian and catholic charities and critical to celtic in the early days to dovetails with raising monies as the ethos of the club.



    A last not often talked about competition, THE GLASGOW NORTH EASTERN CUP, this was our first trophy in 1888/89 , a bare year and a bit in existance, for good measue we won it the year after as well, but withdrew in 1891 because of the new league season.





    The majority of attendance records are for cup ties.

  11. And when they talk numbers they are nervous



    I noted a big change in hun psyche after LC




  12. SAINT STIVS @ 12:20.



    I think we should reclaim the orange for our away kit. Orange top, white shorts and green socks or swap the shorts and socks. It would sicken the ugly mob and put paid to the “Dutch” lie they tell every season.



    Reclaim the Orange 🍊

  13. Some “firsts” for the newly established celts – 3 and a half months old, and inot their first final, but we lose.



    1888-09-06: Celtic 0-2 Cowlairs, Glasgow Exhibition Cup Final







    Glasgow Exhibition Cup Final


    Played on neutral ground at Exhibition Grounds, Kelvinside.


    A shock result as reports stated that it was expected that Celtic composed of Edinburgh Hibernian and Renton players would be “invincible”.


    Celtic described as a “Glasgow-Irish Roman Catholic combination”.


    This was Celtic’s first ever tournament, and the First Team’s first final.


    Celtic’s first competitive match defeat, but something to learn from.



    The John Glass proclomation looks quite prophetic 135 years later ………



    Note also, TOM DUFF the COWLAIRS ORANGEMAN and out first Know Protestant player.



    .There was only one way to do it, merely winning trophies would never be enough to satisfy the wearers of the green & white and their supporters, it would be done in the truly unique style of the Celtic race – with ingenuity, skill and passion.







    Dunning, McLaren, Collins, McKeown, Kelly, Gallagher, McCallum, Dunbar, Groves, Coleman, O’Connor.





    T. Duff, McCartney, McLeod, Sinclair, James McPherson, Bishop, McGuinness, Hamilton, McCall, John McPherson




  14. When I was kid ma da’s sister worked in a sports shop in wishy so we would often get the strips they never sold 2 or 3 years later. I got a blackpool top once and wore it with white shorts and green and white hooped socks. It was massive so I wore it for 5 or 6 years 😊

  15. BIG JIMMY I have never said you where a liar ,or have I asked you for a tip,🐴🐎,I’ll give you a tip in the 3/40 at Punchenstown ,Bloomfield Bijou.

  16. bigrailroadblues on

    I’ve never recovered from numbers and sponsors names and players names being put on our beautiful jerseys. Bah humbug and harrumph. Regards- old git from Govanhill.

  17. 1889-02-09: Celtic 1-2 Third Lanark, Scottish Cup



    Our first Scottish Cup final, we are only 1 year and 4 months old.



    How sore this must have been for the establishment clubs. The upstart immigrants, teaching the natives their own game.



    And a disputed did not cross the line goal given to thirds.



    This was one of the finest displays of football witnessed for many years. The ground was in fairly good condition. Third Lanark won the toss, and chose to play with the wind at their backs.


    McCallum scored for the Celtic and Marshall and Oswald scored for the Third.



    It will be heard with satisfaction that a very large share of the money taken from the two final matches is to be divided among charitable institutions. The Queen’s Park, whose whole history is studded here and there with acts of benevolence, may give the whole amount – £120 – realised from Saturday’s stands to the new Victoria Infirmary – an institution in which they, as a South-Side club, have a strong interest.



    The Third Lanark at a meeting on Wednesday night also decided, with characteristic liberality, to give a share of the drawings to deserving city institutions.



    And the Celtic, we are confident, will show their interest in the more needy of the Catholic charities by dividing among them a share of the sum that fell to them.



    The total sum taken on the two days was £1711.





    Third Lanark RV:-


    Downie, Rae, Thomson, Lochhead, Auld, McFarlane, Marshall, Oswald Jnr, Oswald Snr, Hannah, Johnstone.



    Goals:- Marshall 25, Oswald.





    Kelly John, Gallagher, McKeown, Maley W, Kelly Jas, McLaren, McCallum, Dunbar, Coleman, Groves, Maley T.



    Goal:- McCallum 67.



    Att:- 13000.



    Ref:- Mr Charles Campbell (Queens Park), umpires Mr T Park ( Cambuslang) and Mr T McCulloch (Our Boys).



    The ball principally aided by T. Maley, was taken to the Volunteer goal, and McCallum equalised amidst a scene which simply baffles description. This put new life into Celtic, the whole team playing as one man, McKeown being cheered over and over again for his superb kicking. The Celts continued to hem their opponents within their territories and a continual bombardment was kept up to Downie. The Irish form, compared with the beginning of the game, was simply astounding. Try as they liked, however, they could not increase their score.



  18. Thanks Saint Stivs and others,


    so I was wrong, I suppose the League and Cup double was quite an achievement in itself, but I just assumed that the 6 in a row and 4 in a row teams would have had their fair share of ‘sweeping all before them’ but apparently not.


    It does show you as Paul67 says that to be consistent in the League and also win across both cup competitions is quite a feat. We probably, myself included, after the quadruple treble seasons go used to it! We probably should never take any League or cup win for granted, it also makes them all the sweeter when we do.

  19. BIGRAILROADBLUES 🐎🐎6/1 a good start ,but your right ,been called a jinx many times,some which came true ,

  20. bigrailroadblues on



    Well done both of us. I may celebrate with another pint. I’ll raise my glass to you old chap. 👍🍻

  21. TIMBHOY163 on 27TH APRIL 2023 3:09 PM


    BIG JIMMY I have never said you where a liar ,or have I asked you for a tip,🐴🐎,I’ll give you a tip in the 3/40 at Punchenstown ,Bloomfield Bijou.




    Calm down young man, I wasnt Posting about you this morning.



    YOU were ” Big and MAN Enough” to APOLOGISE to me on here a couple of weeks ago. I would be more than happy to meet you at a CQN Bevvy session.



    As for the 3.40 at PUNCHESTOWN Today…..I did NOT back the Winner as a Single……………I BACKED the REVERSE FORECAST on the 1st and 2nd.


    The Forecast paid £41.06 for a ONE POUND Stake…….so Happy Days.



    Ya Dancer.



    Cheers Mate.



  22. TIMBHOY163 on 27TH APRIL 2023 3:09 PM




    I was Posting about Three other Posters who were NOT Big or Man enough to apologise ) for more or less calling me a Liar.


    I can remember the Monikers of Two of them, but not the Third, but it was DEFO NOT You !



    HH mate.




    A place in the sun on just now, young couple looking for a place for £100.000.



    I’ll keep an eye out for your place..



    Bovetes is the first stop

  24. TIMBHOY163 on 27TH APRIL 2023 3:09 PM




    I would NOT ACCEPT any apologies from the other Three Posters….not that I am expecting any apology.


    They mean FECK ALL to me.


    Jealous CHUMPS.



    HH Mate.

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