Victim blaming media misreport police, Kent “pushed” Brown and Lennon ethnicity


This week has been a rerun of the aftermath of the 2016 Scottish Cup Final, when Hibernian humiliated Newco, resulting in a media narrative against them being prepared and distributed to the masses.

The Herald yesterday ran the line “Police have consulted prosecutors about Scott Brown’s behaviour during Sunday’s Old Firm game.”  This bears no relation to what happened and lacks credibility to anyone who witnesses key events at Celtic Park on Sunday.

Police asked prosecutors to review three items:

1. The melee involving around 15 players at the end of the game.
2. Ryan Kent’s punch on Scott Brown.
3. Alfredo Morelos elbow on Scott Brown.

Watch the melee again.  What police officer in their right mind would look at 15 players grabbing, dragging each other to the ground and ripping clothes, as Scott Brown looked with his hands by his side, then limit comment to Scott for smiling at grown adults?

You can make your own mind up why the newspaper report contained no mention of Kent or Morelos assaults being reported by police, that information was not selected for you to read about.

Instead, the headline screamed, “Police consult prosecutors over Celtic captain Scott Brown’s ‘goading’ at Old Firm (sic.) match”.  Inaccurate, misleading and selective.

In the greatest act of mitigation in history, the same article asserts that Scott Brown was “pushed to the ground by Ryan Kent”.  Pushed.  To.  The.  Ground.  Pushed!  Honestly!

Everyone knows this is factually inaccurate.  Scott Brown was not pushed by Ryan Kent.  Scott Brown was punched by Ryan Kent.  This is as clear a case of victim blaming as I have read.  Deliberately misreport the assault while running a headline blaming the victim for goading.

The actual police quote in the article read, “The actions of the players involved are for the relevant sporting authorities to address.”  This happened and three players will serve suspensions.  No Celtic player had a case to answer.

Monday’s edition of the same newspaper took a more sinister tone, suggesting Celtic’s ideal managerial candidate “may as well have described Neil Lennon right down to his ginger hair.”

What does “ginger hair” mean in this context if not Neil’s Irish Catholic ethnicity?

Be clear: Celtic could not care less about the ethnicity of any of their staff.  Celtic fans come from all walks of life across Scotland and beyond.  It is not a club supported exclusively by one community; its success is a consequence of welcoming all.  We even have some who once ‘walked’ in July as season ticket holders.

In the years after Rangers liquidation, these pages were full of comments hoping that we never play Newco, not for the football, which we can enjoy, but because of the metaphoric rubbish that is left on our doorstep.

They have a business model which their chairman made clear is dependent on stopping Celtic.  Failure in this respect threatens their viability and this makes Celtic and our players vulnerable when they punch, elbow or lash out through media briefings.

Scott Brown was not pushed he was punched.  He was not reported by police, a group of at least 15 players were reported, with only two individuals named, neither of whom was Scott.  This attempt to intimidate him will fail.

He will lead us to nine-in-a-row next season, but unfortunately, you are going to read more of the same, as the media briefings from Ibrox become ever shriller.

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  1. weebobbycollins on

    C’mon Scaniel’s wee donkeys…


    Aff oot for a ride in the rain…


    kevj, where are you? Hope you are ok…

  2. Very good article Paul. I agree with everything you say with exception to the last sentence.



    We should tackle this bias head on every time it raises its ugly head or else it will continue. There is video and photographic evidence to clearly show it wasn’t a push.



    Get the lawyers on it and take them to task. The media are no friends of ours, never have been or will be unless we force them to tell the truth.



    Hail Hail COYBIG ????☘️






    Repost from last article



    LARSSONSE7EN on 3RD APRIL 2019 12:06 PM


    GREENPINATA on 3RD APRIL 2019 8:27 AM




    I was one of the posters who said I’m learning to scrol by some others. Clearly you’re one of them… ???




    Just to clarify… if I was to read every single post on CQN, every day and reply to all that I wanted… I would have to give up my job and most of my other hobbies! It’s a time consuming enough hobby as it is…




    All I meant is that there are several posters who continue to be negative regarding our club and seem to never have a decent comment to make and to me, help drive the level 5 agenda against our club.




    I don’t buy papers for a reason. It’s the same reason I scroll by some posters, I don’t want to read that guff and choose to be a little discerning with my time.




    3 points tonight please Celtic.




    Hail Hail ??☘️??

  3. Walked into golf club yesterday.


    It was all Broonie’s fault.




    Lenny as the Celtic players would never act like they did under BR.


    I Might have put a few right about things though. No gimmes.




  4. I would like to think the club are looking at what action they can take agaist Adrian Durham after his unbelievable rant yesterday

  5. traditionalist88 on

    We even have some who once ‘walked’ in July as season ticket holders.





    Whats his name, promise I won’t say anything ;)




  6. Bain





















  7. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    With the greatest respect, telling us The Herald and the SMSM are nothing but Hun propaganda machines is hardly a revelation.



    You make it sound like they are forced to report on ‘the media briefings from Ibrox’ when we all know they are complicit in the lies.



    The Brown narrative was started on Sunday by your chums at the BBC. Quite how they can be easily co-opted by a PR firm is scandelous.

  8. GORDYBHOY64 on 3RD APRIL 2019 12:30 PM



    I would like to think the club are looking at what action they can take agaist Adrian Durham after his unbelievable rant yesterday




    Gordy , can you give a flavour of what he said?

  9. Garngad to Croy on

    If they want to peddle lies about our club, they should be refused access. Bring back Finbar the doorman !

  10. The onlooker,


    he pretty much blames Scott for being the antagonist in it all,even hinting that the stabbings that took place was down to his behaviour,seems to think Scott is able to solve the sectarian issues,there is a lengthy discussion on his twitter feed where you can listen to him rant,

  11. Don’t buy the red tops. Don’t buy the Herald. Don’t listen to talksport.



    The difference here is, they are playing a PR game. Trying to keep Kent from being banned more than two games. Trying to deflect from a lost season.



    Celtic are not being drawn into it or getting involved. Celtic’s season is far from over and we don’t need to waste time and energy on PR.



    I’m excited at the prospect of seeing some new attacking talent getting a chance. I expect to see Bayo by the end of the season but what about Oko-Flex and Dembele?

  12. Paul67 et al



    For the sake of balance I should point out that it is Scotland that has the highest % of red heads on the planet!

  13. Paul67



    Good article if SMSM can’t report the news someone has to.



    It’s fever pitch for the club that have won nothing, except a horrendous disciplinary record.

  14. Meanwhile on another planet the Club Secretary of Sheffield Wednesday at the time of Hillsborough has been found guilty of breaching Health & Safety Law.

  15. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Just recieved this….




    I was planning on choosing my words carefully, as I seldom see the point on pouring petrol on to an already heated flame. However, today I have read and listened to so much nonsense, and so many excuses for the type of behaviour we witnessed in the merchant city yesterday. I have heard nonsense like Scott Brown’s behaviour could have contributed to the violence in the city. Really? Can someone please explain to me why an opposition footballer would merit wives, mothers, or children having to take a chap at the door from the police to inform them their loved one has been stabbed. We repeatedly see this behaviour every time Rangers lose a big match, and therefore their deluded superiority complex. The reason? Scott Brown celebrated in front of the Rangers fans, poor wee souls. This will be the same Rangers fans who continually bombard him with hatred, vile and sickening abuse about his dead sister, have attacked him on a night out, and assaulted him inside Ibrox stadium, ironically enough by a convicted paedo in a Rangers top singing about Paedos. He took all the bait, all the goading, all the celebrations when Rangers won in December, yet fires one wee bit back and he’s suddenly to blame for the vile behaviour of sectarian bigots who can’t control themselves. Ryan Kent celebrated his goal in front of the Celtic fans, with his finger at his lips, but it didn’t have me reaching for the cutlery drawer. I even saw four or five people on my social media, referring to the amount of Irish bars in and around Merchant Square, as if somehow that would justifiably goad some knuckle dragging orange knife man to take the appropriate action. I always find it incredibly funny how these same Irish bars had no trouble last week, last month, or even Friday and Saturday, yet Sunday when Rangers lose, boom. An all too familiar tale down that part of town when Rangers lose. Just ask the barmaid at McChuills who was slashed while trying to close the doors to avoid trouble, must have been the provocative way she pulled the door. No point in dressing this disgusting behaviour up, and trying to play armchair psychologist to analyse this type of behaviour. This country is blighted by a burning hatred for Catholicism, and an even bigger hatred for Irish Catholicism, and unfortunately there are way too many voices trying to justify what is purely, and simply, mindless sectarian violence meted out by cowards hunting in packs with knives. They shame our beautiful city, and so do those who condone it.




    Celtic should be clamping down on Talksport for allowing their uber-huns ,Durham and Jim White to abuse their position by constantly smearing the good name of Celtic.


    This is radio station has a listener base al lover the UK and beyond.


    They are damaging the Celtic Football Club brand.

  17. Always been that way but media now are actually fuelling the hatred. Already Morelos is seen as the victim of Scott Brown. Rangers the victims. The fact they have appealed the red card is a symptom of self-entitled they are..worse thing is that they may succeed in appeal! It should have been a minimum 4 match ban anyway

  18. Ach BadaBing



    Its just not easy following the same club,with the same continious history,representative and set up by the irish catholic diaspora,since that meeting in St marys hall we(Celtic fans) have worked day and night to compete and to win.


    We still do that today,onwards to St Mirren game,the weekends game against the 7 year olds is gone,part of our winning history.no amount of meejah shrapnel thrown up by those who refuse to investigate murrays self harm will alter our victory.



  19. One footnote from Sunday on sad fan behaviour..



    There was small pocket of huns dressed in black who throughout the game who were goadingly waving regimental flag of the parachute regiment.

  20. Gordybhoy



    Ignore.ignore talk sport.



    Hope your good mate :-)




  21. Guy that attacked Gary McAllister in Leeds was 33.



    Surprised nobody has linked Broony to that .

  22. glendalystonsils on

    Appeal , knowing you will be free to play in the next key fixture , despite also knowing that you are bang to rights and will be banned anyway when the appeal is heard?


    Sevco are blatant abusers of the system and it is high time it was changed. There are pictures bouncing all over the internet and the media of Kent’s clenched fist punch . In cases like this where there is clear and unmistakable evidence there should be no grounds for appeal.

  23. Some very good and funny posts on this page.



    AT… We can’t just ignore them… As bamboo says they are damaging our business and our brand. Also as someone said earlier the right wing movement in England is now full blown anti Celtic. There numbers are getting bigger and they don’t like us… Rubbish that’s spouted on radio and in print only adds fuel to that fire.



    Clocked that as well Bamboo… The fleg!!! We guy who was waving it got lifted after the goal, not sure what for but there was a helluva commotion to get him as they crowd were trying to save him from the stewards and polis.



    There should have been more of them lifted.



    Great post too Bada, EC67 and sipsini



    Hail Hail ??

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