When the player is the only danger


Since a substantial investment in 2021, Atletico Madrid have been more reserved in the transfer market.  This season, they concluded on Antoine Griezmann for €20m, the same sum they paid for Nahuel Molina a year earlier, but those two aside, the top figure they have paid for any one player was €6.5m.

They would need to break a barrier that has been in place a while to get Celtic to give an offer more than a cursory rejection.  Matt O’Riley is good, but is he Griezmann+ ?  We’ll see.

As you know well, the more important factor is that Celtic are nip and tuck in a title race (unlike Atletico), they signed Matt on a new long-term contract last year, they are one of Europe’s most financially stable clubs and have more prize money to play for this season than anyone would offer for Matt and Kyogo combined.

Given the above, Devil’s Advocate, why would you sell?  Matt has picked up as our creative fulcrum from Reo Hatate, who held that title last season and is now fit after a lengthy absence. Everything else being equal, Paulo Bernardo will drop out when Reo is back in town, but Paulo has done an excellent job of backfill of late.  So there is no panic in central mid.

The money coming in would need to be the material difference in acquiring for a gap elsewhere in the starting line-up.  I don’t see this.  The only real danger comes from the player himself.

We have heard that hoary old, “Don’t feel in the right frame of mind to play” line from a couple of central defenders and one striker in the past.  It is not that common a tactic, but it is always disruptive.  On the last occasion, Brendan stood his ground on deadline day morning, then hunted the player at lunchtime.

Matt is one of the good guys, I like him, there is no reason to suspect he would cause issues.  But, he also has an unusual strength of character about him, which led him to walk out on professional football and start again from nothing, rather than stay at Fulham.

Let’s hope the storms don’t come back until next month, that weather would turn a saint.

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  1. Seems like Brendan is out of touch with the reality of our football club operations. I clearly heard him say that that we’re not selling any first team regulars and that he is still hopeful of bringing new faces in. It’s good we have a few posters on here that are closer to what’s really going on.

  2. AN TEARMANN on 25TH JANUARY 2024 11:43 AM






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  3. newcastle is wrong, that was the return to celtic park game and the opening of the north stand

  4. An Dun,


    Patiently sitting by his keyboard,desperately wanting to call Brendan a liar,still not willing to accept MOR is not going anywhere,and itching to see us fail to add this window.


    Total trumpet.

  5. Been saying since this window opened,its not a great month to get players in,to much derision and accusations of Board lover,from idiots that just refuse to see the truth,because it does not back their agenda.


    Today,we have the person that you would think would be the most keen to see new arrivals,Brendan Rodgers,saying how difficult it is,but we will keep trying.


    So he is a liar ?.

  6. bournesouprecipe on

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  7. St Stivs,


    Enjoy Valencia its my favourite Spanish city.


    I’ve been 6 or 7 times and last year did one of my retirement bucket list items by going to the fallas, it was incredible. If there is another city in Europe with the same combination of city, turia and beach I’ve yet to find it.


    I’m jealous just thinking about it.




    Long time no see. Are we going to get to meet up soon?



    Regarding your questions:



    1. Wolves.



    2. Liverpool.



    3. N Forest



    4. ??????????????????????




  9. Big Jimmy



    Superbru sets the gameweek duraation so your 14.5 pts from 6 games does have a better points per game claim, it does not beat the 15 points from 8 games that Bada Bing scored, according to Superbru.



    The good news is that this week has another 8 games to forecast on so Bada’s 15 points may not survive the week.

  10. TIMMY7_NOTED on 25TH JANUARY 2024 5:20 PM


    St Stivs,





    Enjoy Valencia its my favourite Spanish city.






    i aint there bud, judith in a wacky tartan dress was telling us on the weather today, record breakin temperaturs in east spain, 28 degrees in valencia highlighted, i have pals in alicante, saying it is torturously hot already and fearing the spring

  11. While most other senior clubs in Scotland and England were already capable of playing under lights it was not until October 1959 that the Bhoys switched on their floodlight system. Another reflection of the contrasting board management of the pioneering founders compared to the poor management by the boards the post-war era.



    Regardless, the Celtic board boasted that the Parkhead lights were the best in football and that the four pylons – at 208 feet high – were the tallest such structures in the world. By the end of August 1959 the pylons and lights were all up and the work started on cabling and connection.



    The floodlight system was installed at a cost of £40,000 by Edinburgh firm Miller and Stables Ltd, or “drenchliting” as they called it.



    One of the most disappointing points about their construction was how the board funded the purchase of the floodlights. First team favourites like Bobby Collins were sold on (against the wishes of Bobby Collins himself) to help raise the funds for the erecting of the floodlights. Taking in the success of Bobby Collins down south over the following decade in contrast to the general shambles at Celtic Park, then truly the Celtic support were sold short by the board.



    The first match in which the floodlights were used was in a friendly v Wolves on 12th October 1959. To mark the occasion the Hoops had actually hoped to organise a glamour friendly with bigger fish. They had first tried to bring Real Madrid to Celtic Park for the game and though they offered the Spaniards a £5000 guarantee, Real Madrid required double this figure. The second choice was the French side and European Cup runners up Stade de Rheims, who also were unavailable. Wolverhampton Wanderers as English Champions were the third choice.



    (Stolen from Celtic Wiki)

  12. Tom McLaughlin on

    Reading back and between the lines, a few posters clearly pig sick at the club’s rejection of Atletico’s bid for Matt O’Riley and Brendan’s confirmation that the player is happy to be told he’s going nowhere.



    Earlier posts about Matt’s “certain immediate sale” have now morphed into “no more signings”.



    They’ll never bliddy learn.




    everyone knows the celtic park floodlights were a gift from develara in cahoots with the nazis to guide the german bombers

  14. So if there’s something you’d like to try


    If there’s something you’d like to try


    Ask me, I won’t say no, how could I?





  15. general interest



    PROPOSALS have been drawn up to breathe new life into a a major Merchant City landmark including creating a restaurant, coffee bar, gallery and rooftop pavilion.



    Plans to refurbish the B-listed Tontine Building, which fronts High Street, Tontine Lane, Trongate and Bell Street, have been submitted to Glasgow City Council for approval.




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