Why Neil Lennon got the job


And so it’s Lenny.  Let’s put some easy to apply context onto the decision, Jose Mourinho and Rafa Benitez were not about to pitch up in the east end of Glasgow, those names were placed in the pubic domain by those in the betting markets.  Jose is pondering his next move, with a number of oil wells pumping away at his disposal.  Should Rafa leave Newcastle, he has a mind-blowing deal on the table from a Chinese club, and that’s before he is on the market.  There was not a candidate of Brendan’s calibre.

Salzburg manager, Marco Rose, ticked lots of boxes. Salzburg were scintillating against Celtic this season, but the whole of Europe knows about Rose, who will join ‘some German team’ in the summer.

We could have had David Wagner, two great seasons with Huddersfield before it all collapsed, but never having managed a club bigger than Huddersfield (or any other club), the risks were evident.  How would he cope with the scrutiny and pressure to win every game, when he has not actually won anything?  Before he joined Schalke, he was a possibility, but not a clear favourite.

We could have thrown the field open and gone for a Ronny Delia-type candidate, someone who has outperformed – and won things, in another European league.  There is a time for this kind of appointment, but is that now?

This month saw new names on the market, like Chris Hughton.  Hughton did for Brighton what Wagner did at Huddersfield.  He was a worthy candidate but there were red flags among the green.  Hughton spent £77m at Brighton this season (selling £12m of talent), but it was careless.  £17m went to Alkmaar for Alireza Jahanbakhsh, but the player was given 90 minutes only four times.  This is the kind of shabby recruitment that values Oliver Burke at £15m.  It is as wrong for Celtic as it was for Brighton.

The major consideration, and why Neil got the job, is that Celtic have a major rebuilding exercise to undertake.  They need to replace Lustig (whether he remains as backup or not), Boyata, Benkovic and Mousse Dembele.  Despite the mainstays of central mid being under contract, this area of the team needs at least one significant recruit.

Not only do they need to spend money this summer, but they need a high success rate from the new arrivals.  Signing the likes of Burke, Toljan and the legendary Compper would jeopardise the most precious of properties in football – a place in history.

Whatever you think of Brendan Rodgers, Celtic know very well the commercial impact a manager of his calibre brought to the club, but that level was not open this time.  We could have repeated the Ronny Deila experiment from Europe, or picked up someone recently out of a job in England, but not at this time.

Everyone at Celtic knows that for the next 100 years, fans will look back at this period and ask one of two questions: What was it like to live through +10-in-a-row? Or, How did they not get 10-in-a-row?

We need to spend, what for Celtic, is a lot of money, perhaps more than ever.  It needs to be spent well, with a lot more hits than misses.  If we break our transfer record again this season, the player(s) needs to an outstanding success.

Whatever Neil’s strengths and flaws, one comment from Peter Lawwell immediately after the Cup Final gave insight into what the club seen in the manager, “he has a great eye for a player”.  This appointment was not about stepping up when required, being a real Celtic man, or winning the league and Scottish Cup.  This was about spending a lot of money to make sure we get nine and then 10-in-a-row.

Celtic believe Neil Lennon can spend your money effectively.  That is why he is here.  Buckle up.


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  1. Love Neil and all he epitomises.



    Share the reservations of many as to his appointment.



    Understand the logic behind it also.



    Can’t offer a better realistic option as Bielsa was taken off the menu with yesterday’s announcement re PSG and Leeds. I have no other ‘certainties’ I can think of.



    As complete aside and off topic. I notice we are seeded to be Pot 3 if we do get to the groups and so maybe we might have fun in Europe after all.



    I would love to see BR enjoying mid table EPL as we take on Bayern or similar in the last 16 CL.

  2. 67 European Cup Winners on

    LARSSONSE7EN on 27TH MAY 2019 3:35 PM


    Yes it is possible


    But it is also possible another would/could have been better



    My point is we neVer asked the question




  3. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    I’m finding it hard to comprehend that having just achieved the historical TR3 TR3, we are all back on here complaining/ arguing about this that and the other. No one seems to be genuinely happy – It must be in out nature. If we do achieve 10IAR it will probably be the same, do the 10IAR on the Saturday then back on here to complain argue about whatever on the Monday, I’m sure we’ll find something to complain about.



    Quite incredible, I suspect a lot of these anti NFL posters are simply running scared of Stevie G, which in itself is also quite incredible.

  4. Paul67 et al



    Willy Maley, Jock Stein, Billy McNeill, Martin O’Neill, Gordon Strachan, Neil Lennon, Brendan Rodgers……


    And David Wagner?

  5. 67 EUROPEAN CUP WINNERS on 27TH MAY 2019 3:46 PM



    I get that ma Mhan… but like I’ve said all along, it’s my total belief that NFL is the right Mhan for the job. Maybe the board thought that too… and not because of downsizing, cheap option etc…. just simply… THE best Mhan for to job.



    I agree with them. ?



    Hail Hail ????

  6. Like most on here, I will offer 100% support to Neil and the team next season.



    Like many, I feel we could have done better.



    Like all, I am not paid millions by Celtic to come up with suitable candidates.



    Genuine question – Rodgers left almost exactly 3 months before Neil was announced. From a recruitment perspective, what were our board doing? Lots? A little? Nothing?



    Had the result not gone our way Sunday, or had Neil declined the offer, did we have a plan B? It doesn’t sound like it. What a risky strategy. (or lack thereof)



    Would really wish for a little less name calling on the blog. Share, argue and discuss opinions. Insults have no place on here. Paul is equally guilty with the ‘panty wetters’ mention a few days back. Unbecoming.

  7. Someone said Lennon should have stuck to punditry and he will be a failure…. ???



    In 6 months he has won a League and Scottish cup. No failure there.


    He has won us 8IAR no failure their


    He has won us 3 Scottish cups IAR, no failure there


    He has won us 9 domestic trophys IAR, no failure there


    He has won us a treble treble, no failure there



    Lenny done this with a squad that was as deflated as an old mitre5 as the Rat deserted ship, no one else LENNY the successful.



    It’s going to end up in tears, aye you are right there, because the zombies will hate him getting9,10 IAR, a Fenian from Norn Ireland, oh will you be crying into yer wee orange sashes…



    Some comments on here over the last few days have been a disgrace, but I know we are all entitled to our opinion, I can only assume some people have an agenda, and not the club at heart.






    D. :)

  8. Celtic Champs Elect on

    Neil Francis Lennon a real true Celtic republican leading us on to 10 in a row and as aI believe we will win the league for evermore and we will keep on winning trebles every year forever




  9. Fool Time Whistle on




    Thanks for another nice post – a Monday special.






    I agree that nothing can dispel the treble treble feeling.



    Imagine how Newco are feeling – the Seething G revolution ended up a damp squib,


    Referee & media conspiracy accusations & blaming Scott Brown for not being provoked by his thugs.



    Welcome Neil Lenno, the candidate that was never seriously considered a contender by Celtic fans.




  10. Go tell the Spartim on

    Cheap option


    Bank the BR money don’t need to waste money on a recruitment process


    Has an eye for cheap players


    No major overhaul needed blah de blah



    Usual apologists giving it “I’m a better supporter than you” dissenters should be banned




  11. Not a lot of quality measured football on display at Wembley. It’s a wee bit frantic.


    The game is getting a bit towsy but I’m sure that sooner or later one team will string three or four passes together.

  12. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    Yeah FTW



    what is stevie gee going to do – his campaign has been a failure, abject failure. He has had to admit to having to improve. His team are unprofessionally ill-disciplined. He’ll realise now there’s not a lot of money or recruitment opportunities. He’ll be shi* scared of a board backed lennie. He’s used all his cards – it’s everybody else’s fault, go out and kick the shi* out of them, raise your game against celtic to please the hordes, he’ll know the refs can only get him so far.



    Enjoy the coming season gangsta g.

  13. As I see it Lenny has managed us for 14 games in the current stint with a record of 10 wins, 3 draws & 1 loss.


    He did this with a team decimated with injuries at the end of a long season where every game was laced with tension.


    Replicate that run over a 38 game League and it would give us 90 pts, 3 mote than this season’s winning total.

  14. ulysses mcghee - a demographic of one on

    You can’t always get what you want


    But if you try sometime you find


    You get what you need…





    Potential hip shooting.














    Just another day at the coal face for Celtic and NFL.



    It’s sunk in now. This window and the ins and outs will define our board.



    We needed to replace Armstrong and Roberts before we even consider the 5 or 6 we need now.



    But a treble treble ? We genuinely live in interesting times…

  15. weebobbycollins on

    “….but until that man (Peter Lawwell) gets to hell out of our club , Celtic FC will continue to under achieve”….



    Celtic FC…shocking underachievers…lol

  16. Martin Waghorn the last hope for Detby?


    I laughed so much I won’t need to take my daily diuretic.

  17. ‘GG on 27TH MAY 2019 4:18 PM


    OG by the keeper?



    Header by Michel Platini aka John McGinn

  18. Celtic are in a good place Right now, we have a proven manager in place and money in the bank to improve our team. we need 3 or 4 first team players in key areas to add to a young squad that has a lot of improvenent in it.



    I recall watching Celtic lifting the scottish cup against airdrie fc, a great day for a supporter who had never see much success beforehand Will Celtic get 9 and 10 in a row? I have no idea because football is not science. But, I think we have came a long long way.



    if we dont win the league it will not be the result of under investment given we spend double what any other team in the league spends.



    sevco fans that are happy with nfl getting the job forget they recorded 1 win in 7 against his hibs team and 1 win against his Celtic team after the league was won. Nfl of Celtic will have far better players to call upon than he had at hibs.




  19. Celtic40me


    My inattentive view was that it was a bad handling error by the keeper.


    I can’t see either of these losers surviving in the EPL.


    Lots of energy but no skill.

  20. I fear P67 is trying dampen down the backlash against Lennon’s appointment with talk of investment and a big rebuild this summer. The problem he has is that our CEO has already stated we don’t need a big rebuild and that the squad is strong. I won’t be holding my breath for big summer signings in our problem areas.



    Whatever about the rights and wrongs of appointing Neil (I’ve yet to meet a Celtic supporter that wanted him), the manner of his appointment was back of a fag packet stuff.



    Our CEO has admitted we sat on our hands for three months and did sweet FA about looking at management options. They offered Neil the job in the fecking shower room and announced it before he even signed his contract.



    Our view of ourselves as a well oiled machine has taken an absolute kicking. Amateurish stuff.

  21. ‘GG on 27TH MAY 2019 4:33 PM



    I was being facetious about McGinn who If you believe what you read has morphed into a completely different player to the one we saw playing for Hibs and Scotland. It was a horrible mistake by the keeper.



    They were two pretty ordinary teams in an ordinary division, although Villa have said they’ll spend some money even if they don’t go up

  22. mullet and co 2 on

    A manager should be much much easier to find than a player.



    How hard does he work?


    What players has he signed and does he have a track record of developing young players?


    Do players respond well to him?


    Does he challenge the management up the way?


    Does he use sports science and statistics?

  23. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    He gets some rap on here but here he is Celtic ‘s chief executive Peter Lawell talking about Celtic’s treble treble….



    “I love it. I just want to keep going. I’m fresh, I’ve got passion, I’ve got desire
and I look forward to the new chapter with Neil.



    “We won’t stand still. We want to
 make Celtic the best that it possibly
 can be.



    “That’s our desire, it’s our need and that’s what we’re going to do.”



    Doesn’t sound like someone who is out to do us any harm, not quite sure why we have


    Celtic supporters who think that’s his intention.

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