Zenit players again disrespect Celtic


Zenit players have been chatty with the Russian media since returning to St Petersburg this week.  To a man, they attributed their defeat at Celtic Park to a fitness deficit.  But, do not fear, they will still go through as they are the better team.

Exactly what logic they use to convince themselves that a few days break in Rome will sufficiently improve their fitness to allow their general superior-ness to prevail is unclear.  Footballers with a “We are better, so we will go through” attitude are short of an effective plan.

When in Rome, Zenit players did what others do – posted photos of them visiting the Colosseum on social media.  There were no hard fitness sessions; they do not even seem to have sought intervention from a higher authority at St Peter’s.  To put it mildly, if this was Celtic players in the days before and after huge European games, I would incandescent.

This team believe they only have to turn up tonight to progress in the competition.  They may well have spent £150m on their squad, but they are no Bayern Munich.  We taught them a lesson at Celtic Park that they appear not to have learned from.

You can do it again, Celtic.

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  1. I also like the American comedian Steve Wrights idea. He called his dog Stay. That was one confused dog.




    “C’mere Stay”

  2. MIT



    Incase you missed it on last page



    So, you’re lost in thought, happily meandering through the park, when your ears pick up a growling sound, and suddenly some slavering beast is headed in your direction, looking mean, certainly keen, when the cry goes out, “He’ll not touch you”, pronounced as per my post as one mocking word.



    Followed by another growl, “heedf*^%#*^%#betterno!” From me.



    And to think I walk to ease stress!

  3. Was already over excited before reading Paul’s article.


    I mean, at what stage in the Seville run did we actually think we might get to the final? Qualifying tonight would turn an already very good season into potentially our 2nd best ever!


    Less than 6 hours….

  4. Lads.. thanks for the explanation.. too early here.. my brain is not yet engaged … but I have to say I like it



    Beatbhoy … thanks! Once again, I’m a bit slow. But you made me laugh there, which is Always a nice way to start a morning .. thanks!

  5. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Floundering around talking to myself on the last post as usual…





    It’s great when someone asks the cat’s name. When I say “Ceefor”, I am usually met with a blank face, as few make sense of the name on first hearing it. Then you slowly say, “C—- for—-cat”…



    … Aaaaaaah.

  6. As the morning shift were too busy talking about names for a dog, i will ask again.



    Is tonight the first time that Celtic will have played in a fully enclosed stadium?

  7. An early goal, leaving them needing 3, would certainly shake them out of any over-confidence, replaced by panic, I’d imagine, so I hope we’re set up to go for one if the opportunity should arise.

  8. Hunderbirds are Gone on




    Was our game against Ajax during Ronny’s tenure in the Amsterdam ArenA with the roof shut?


    Not sure though.

  9. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Absolute amateurs!


    When in Rome, do as the Romans do.


    Do Romans post pictures of themselves at the Colosseum?????

  10. MIT


    My daughter bought a cat (I know) for her young kids and they picked Meow for its name.


    She went out one morning, in her housecoat, and shouted a few times for the absent pet.


    A neighbour, having a smoke, standing on the opposite porch replied Woof Woof. Turns out he was a tim from Brigton.



  11. While the conversation is on Pets, and before it swings back to the Fitba’, I am unfortunate enough to share my home with a cat, who occasionally takes a dump in a box of grit in the corner of the Conservatory, periodically pukes whilst making no effort to reach a sink or toilet, and frequently attempts to bring dead animals into the house. As a result of this, she is now convinced her name is “You little B*****d”.


    ‘Mon the Hoops…….

  12. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    The film Black 47, premiered in Dublin last night, after earning rave reviews at the Berlin Film Festival.



    It tells a story, set in the Gorta Mór era, of vengeance against the English.


    It is the first time that a film has touched on those years.



    The screenplay was written by my son’s best mate, Pierce Ryan.



    I am sure it will play well within the Irish diaspera and beyond.










    Was our game against Ajax during Ronny’s tenure in the Amsterdam ArenA with the roof shut?





    Not sure though.




    I was wondering about that also. Then again it would have been summer, so why a closed roof. Brilliant first half of course.



    The Tenney’s sizes. We sent a team of weans to that and ran amok. Charlie Nic and Danny Crainie also I think. Charlie scored an amazing goal in the final against Southampton. Never lifted his head and placed a curler into the corner. I think Kevin Keegan was upset in the match and Peter Latchford was having a go at him.

  14. glendalystonsils on

    I think a lot of this ‘superior’ attitude displayed by Zenit players stems from Mancini himself.


    I hope we instil a bit of humility in him (and them) tonight.

  15. MIT



    Wish I could think of something funny to say now that I’m in the doghouse for using her iPad while leaving ‘clutter’ unattended to!



    Teuchter ar la



    My daughter has a cat too. We don’t get on. ( Me and the cat, that is!)

  16. Celticrollercoaster supporting @WalkWithShay on

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    Thanks for all the pledges so far!!!



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    Mick has a wife, and two young kids ( Louis 6 and Florence nearly a big 4), and needs our help to get him and his family through this difficult time. His good friend is NavanBhoy who played a big part with a team of Irish bhoys in the WeeOscar4life cycle from Glasgow to Belfast, as well as supporting the cause throughout.



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  17. Individually the Zenit players are probably better than ours – however it is a team game and that’s what we need to make count.

  18. Soo want us to get a good result but


    I just don’t see us going through the night


    We’ve been apauling in Europe this year


    With the exception of anderlecht away and


    Zenit at home


    Qualification games we played well over two legs but the standard was lower

  19. For what it’s worth….


    I think that Zenit using the logo of Boston Celtics on their match programme is one of the most disrespectful things they could have done.


    I really, really hope we knock these arrogant f*****s out tonight.

  20. Tonight bears all the hallmarks of a watershed moment for BR’s Celtic . Another mature, focused performance and we cement ourselves as a strong European team who can pose a threat to any club outside the elite 8-10 teams.



    Very excited about this game though it’s a real 50-50 as to who goes through. No love for the way Zenit have conducted themselves at times, the Boston Celtics image on the programme is amateurish. Let’s hope we remove them like a bad tooth and look forward to even bigger Euro nights in the spring.




  21. Thanks for the responses:


    Astana 2017 – roof looked open on video


    Astana 2016 – cannot find any pictures but it was early in the season so i doubt if the roof was closed


    Ajax – one picture of Saidy Janko shows the roof open but maybe it was closed later.



    Still not actually sure of the answer to my own question



    Only totally ridiculous people would have answered Quizball and Tennants 6s!

  22. Celticrollercoaster supporting @WalkWithShay on

    Who if I was a betting man ( I am), here is what I would do ( am)



    BTTS and Celtic to draw 4/1


    BTTS and Celtic to win 10/1



    Celtic, RB Leipzig ( even without the talented £6m Barry McKay) and Partizan Belgrade ( Remember the Jackie v Belgrade game!!) all to win 50/1



    I just have to decide how to split my £10 stake money



    …and if you copy me and win, a wee pledge please to “CQN helping OUR mate Mick”







  23. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan on

    Jobo Baldie on 22nd February 2018 12:08 pm



    Jobo, I enquired about where the 2003 UEFA Cup Final was being held and when immediately after the final whistle against Sudova!



    We absolutely trounced that team and while they were not of the highest calibre, Celtic were so good that night, so full of confidence and class you got the sense that they had a real chance and so in the lounges in the North stand I suggested that an early punt on flights to Seville would not be a bad shout as progression in the next rounds would mean that the cost of flights would rocket etc.



    If you have read Seville the Celtic movement you will know that my own plans to get to the final were completely buggered but that is another story.



    If Celtic progress tonight, and yes it is a real possibility, then we find ourselves in the last 16 of a European competition.



    I know it is stating the bleeding obvious but that is one tie away from quarter finals, and if you are in the quarters then anything can happen depending on the draw AND depending on the confidence within your own team.



    When we dispatched Balckburn and then Vigo you could sense the confidence grow. It grew again with Stuttgart, and by the time we went to Anfield many of us believed we were a better team than Liverpool — which was a very different feeling to that which surrounded the same team when we fell out of The Champion’s League only months before.



    Win tonight and we climb a couple of rungs on the confidence ladder. A reasonable draw in the next round, some time to allow injured players to return and so creating a much strongers squad, and you may well climb a couple more.



    And one more thing, which is very different to Seville.



    Beat Aberdeen at Pittodrie and The Imposters at Ibrox and this lead is done. To be mathematically safe given the current positions Celtic need to win 5 league games to be champions. Skelping those two in up coming weeks brings that championship significantly closer — sufficiently close to be able to actually concentrate on Europe.



    The other teams left in the competition will all be fighting for league places and European Qualification until the end of the very end of the season.



    We won’t! With the right rub of the green and white and key results tonight, at Pittodrie and Ibrox we could be in with a shout.



    In any event it would be a great learning curve, a fabulous roller coaster to ride and brilliant preparation for the years to come given the age of this team.



    Oh, and perhaps most importantly of all, it would be a timely reminder to UEFA, the EEC, The European Union, Sponsors, Broadcasters and all other cross border business organisations and administrations, that in the history of all European Football no other club comes remotely close to being able to shift football suporters, their bon homie, their goodwill and their money (whether in Euros, Pounds or whatever) like Glasgow Celtic.



    When it comes to that we are the champion of champions and are in a league of our own and have been since May 25th 1967.




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