A flash of pearly whites and the Prodigal is back


He was our North, our South, our East and West.  Then he was someone else’s in the Midlands, but he’s back, he’s ours, and he’s here for…., well, at least three-in-a-row!  With a flash of those pearly whites, the Prodigal Manager, Brendan Rodgers, has taken over as manager of Celtic.  He joins legends Billy McNeill and Neil Lennon as men who have been permanent Celtic managers on two separate occasions.

It is easy to forget how far the club came in less than three years when Brendan was first in charge.  Tarps were taken from the Lisbon Lions stand, replaced by a season ticket waiting list.  Champions League football returned after a hiatus, and the entire professionalism of the football operation leapt forward.

The Celtic he returns to in 2023 is vastly improved that when he found it in 2016, or even when he left in 2019.  Already in the Champions League, Brendan will find a united dressing room, backroom and supporter base.  We should all try hard to keep things this way, self-indulgent schisms do nothing for Celtic.

Work starts now.  We must win the league and improve performances and results in the Champions League, and to do the latter, we need additions to the squad.  Brendan will also hope he can again improve the performance of players he inherits at the club.

After all that went before, it takes balls come straight back to Celtic after his stint in Leicester.  At 50, he is at the start of what should be his most productive decade in management.  His ambition was never in doubt, so strap in and enjoy the ride.

Welcome to Celtic, Brendan.

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  1. bournesouprecipe on

    Celtic millionaires fall out, and fall back in.



    Champions league carrot dangled with Ange away to become obscenely wealthy “ unemployed “ former manager Brendan Rodgers is “persuaded to return to the east end of Glasgow “



    Sleepy, still drunk from the departure of a highly successful Celtic hero, Scottish mainstream media have had a sobering few weeks, culminating in perma ragin, for another. The wait for the big Celtic reveal tortured imaginations and put them close to the edge in a la land where invincibility is now ‘previously unsuccessful’ and psychically‘unsuccessful again’.



    With lucky Ange and his cough cleared off super lucky shiny Brendan and Celtic’s sights are firmly set on the Champions League with the new format of 36 teams, the year after. Celtic’s back to back job, handed the cause £60M plus and keeps us on a higher level of player quality.



    Real world record breaking treble winning dominance has just been underwritten, even if there are less of the original 12,000 to welcome the returning moonlit icon, Celtic supporters raised on success will see a better man giddy up for the second time round Celts.



    Celtic no longer a project for the leftfield or pensions for dinosaurs, lovers and loathers will unite as Brendan’s perfect fit re-appointment is a tour de force. Continuous modern managerial pedegree keeps us at the pinnacle of Scottish football separated as one of the biggest clubs in the world.



    Welcome back Brendy, you are forgiven.

  2. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    A bit more upbeat this time P67!



    Confused no.1 CSC




  3. That’s a much more balanced and positive leader than the first attempt. Respect.


    Never thought I’d say this, but Welcome back, Brendan. I/We wish you well!!!!

  4. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Easily the standout candidate among the names that were being bandied about. I found the other “contenders” to be pretty underwhelming. The only one that intrigued me a bit was the Ipswich guy and it might have been a bit early for him.


    Hopefully this points to some proper ambition and not just the same old keeping half a step ahead of partner club.


    Welcome back, Brendan!

  5. Absolutely right. Now it’s done it should all be about everyone working together for what’s best for Celtic.

  6. As I said the other day, it’s obvious that it’s the club buying the players, apart from the Japanese players, as ever the manager will have the final say, I recall Brendan sitting on the Sky couch with Cammy and the other bloke talking about transfers at Lpool, one thing he said that has always stuck with me, better a crap-problematic player than no player, he was talking about Balotelli, I paraphrase.


    Presently the club seem to be in a good place re player recruitment, long may it continue, and hopefully we, the club, Brendan included do recruit the right players needed for the euro campaign, without the interference of Pedro I am hopeful.

  7. Celtic



    Celtic Football Club is delighted to announce that Brendan Rodgers has been appointed the club’s new Football Manager on a three-year contract.



    Brendan previously managed the club to phenomenal success, winning consecutive domestic Trebles and in addition delivering the most famous of Invincible seasons.



    In recent years, Brendan has led Leicester City to victory in the FA Cup for the first time in their history, also achieving fifth position in the English Premier League on two occasions.



    Brendan has also held managerial positions at Liverpool, Swansea City, Watford and Reading.



    *We are also pleased to confirm that John Kennedy, who has served the club over many years in a playing and coaching capacity, will support Brendan as the club’s Assistant Manager, along with first-team coaches Stevie Woods, Gavin Strachan and Harry Kewell, and B Team coaches Stephen McManus and Darren O’Dea.*



    New Celtic manager, Brendan Rodgers said: “I am really delighted to return to Celtic and I am hugely excited by this great opportunity. When I was given the privilege of being asked to join the club again, it was a very simple decision for me and my family.



    “We have enjoyed some great times at Celtic before and this will be my goal again, to deliver good football, ensure we have a team we all love to watch and ultimately bring more success to our fans.



    “Ange has done some brilliant work across the last two years and I will be doing all I can to maintain Celtic’s momentum as we face into all our domestic and European challenges.



    “We have a hugely impressive and talented group of players and staff at the club, and I am really looking forward to meeting up with them all and then getting straight down to work.



    “I wanted John to be with me as we move forward. He is a very talented coach, someone I know well and respect and he will be very important to myself and our players.



    “The club is in fantastic condition at all levels and I would like to thank the board for putting their trust in me to take the team forward. We will work very closely together as we strive to bring that success to our supporters.



    “Let’s get to work!”



    Celtic’s Chief Executive, Michael Nicholson added: “We are delighted to welcome Brendan as our new manager. He is a football manager of real quality and experience, with an established track record of delivering success.



    “The role of Celtic manager is attractive and highly-sought after, and in the process we considered many potential candidates. In appointing Brendan, we are confident that we have identified the best candidate for Celtic.



    “Having spoken to Brendan and discussed the club’s strategy and objectives with him, I can see the passion he has for taking the club forward positively and building on what we have achieved.



    “We look forward to working together to deliver growth and success for Celtic and our supporters.”



    Peter Lawwell, Chairman of Celtic said: “Through the process of identifying the new Celtic manager, it was clear that Brendan was the outstanding choice and we are absolutely delighted that we have appointed him on a long-term contract.



    “We wanted a proven winner and that’s what Brendan is, and myself and everyone else at the club look forward to working with him again to continue to drive Celtic forward.



    “He is someone who knows the club so well and has experience of the huge challenges at Celtic, domestically and in Europe. Brendan is well aware of what it takes to succeed in this role and we know he is delighted to be back with us.



    “Brendan is a top-quality Manager. He has delivered before for Celtic and we are sure through his many qualities, he will do so again.”



    Dermot Desmond, Celtic’s principal shareholder added: “Our aim at Celtic will always be to bring individuals of the highest calibre to the club to achieve our objectives, and in appointing Brendan we believe we have again brought that quality to the club.



    “Brendan is a very talented manager, he has huge experience at the highest levels and is a man who knows how to win and do so in style. As we enter another exciting period for the club I am sure he will tackle the opportunities ahead with his characteristic focus, drive and determination.



    “We have all enjoyed great success across recent years, Brendan himself being a huge part of that. I know Brendan is determined to deliver again for our supporters and collectively, the board, management, players and staff will support him in this aim.”

  8. Welcome back & good luck Brendan.



    Continued good luck to John & the coaching team.



    As always, results and performances will set the mood.



    If we get a couple of great years and then differences become irreconcilable then so be it.

  9. quadrophenian on

    Paul; you know I appreciate and love yer work mate but…are there two editors working on CQN drafts?


    One article is all about how BR needs to convert/knuckle down to a recruitment method (contention-bone right there??) while the next calls for unity to get right behind him (tho with a cheap slur about his decent dental work).



    We’ve had 1 pish season out of umpteen crackers – where BR was instrumental – and we are the ones to watch and chase!!



    And yeah; Ballsy by him and his family esp after their burglary scare. Must like us more than a fair bit, eh!



    HH Brendan!





  10. kevinlasvegas on

    Over the moon welcome back Brendan.



    GB grow up, its not about you, no one is bigger than the club, let’s get to work.




  11. theBHOYfromU.N.C.L.E on

    Not feeling the good vibes of so many others , no idea how i will be come first matchday towards the Manager………but Celtic always.



    we’ll see csc

  12. What is the Starz on

    Welcome back Brendan


    It’s nothing personal….its just business…


    God Bless Peter Lawwell, keeping the green flag flying despite the begrudgers and naysayers and malcontents

  13. I’ll be intrigued to how we have de-risked his achilles (and I think it’s being overly egged too).



    Guardrails – Players under 25, resale value, no loanees without an option to buy.


    He adds his own qualities & positions – big, athletic & skilful hopefully.


    Profile goes to Lawell Jnr.


    Decision to buy sits with BR or a committee, like Liverpool?



    And as for supporters?



    All clubs get it wrong at times. Players lose form and focus. Ange got it wrong at times. Do we all lose our nerve when it does?



    Building beyond the manager as king would be nice at some point Celtic. This is clearly the end of DD’s roller deck of Keane, O’Neill, Lennon & Rodgers.



    I’ll enjoy the ride nonetheless. Europe being prioritised, more as a tactic than a strategy perhaps but I’ll take it.



    Have we bought anyone yet?




  14. kevinlasvegas on

    Great leader Pablo, That’s more like it.



    There maybe boos at the first home game but it won’t be for Brendan




    What is going through the GB heads? Not much would he a guess.



    For all the good work they do and when I see them do silly things, I wonder if there is a schism in the GB.




  15. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    NICK on 19TH JUNE 2023 12:40 PM



    If we get a couple of great years and then differences become irreconcilable then so be it.





    Exactly – I doubt he plans to spend to the point where the club gets liquidated and its quite likely that he’d be stopped in his tracks if he were doing so!



    Player sales he may not always agree with but he knows the reality – its not just Celtic, there are maybe 5 or 6 clubs in world football who have the luxury to knock back acceptable offers for their players and we are not one of them.



    He knows what hes signing up for, we know what we’re getting, and he wouldn’t have agreed to come back without significant backing so exciting times ahead and when this era is over we will move on again.




  16. theBHOYfromU.N.C.L.E on

    KEVINLASVEGAS on 19TH JUNE 2023 12:50 PM



    Always be true to yourself………I’m a glass 3/4 full person generally.




  17. Tom




    I have no problem in saying I was dubious about Brendan coming back and I am happy enough to have Brendan back and retain John Kennedy as the heir apparent.




    However, I don’t forget the past faults, and I see no issue with our host raising them again. They are issues that could harm us going forward, if not resolved.




    Today, I do not rejoice that we have a big name manager or a proven one. I am happy that we have made a good quick appointment but what is gonna make me happy is when Brendan & John get success on the job.




    Their past successes are proven; their future success is , as yet, Not Proven. I am optimistic that we can do well but only when we do do well, will I fully relax. And doing well has 3 aspects:-




    1) Good player retention and acquisition, even if we lose a couple of stars and a few more no-hopers.




    2) Good early results- and an improvement in our resilience at CL level without too much of a drop in attractive play.




    3) An absence of soap opera behind the scenes. I don’t want a “disrupter” manager when we are on a good path. If, as I suspect, Brendan is here to mentor and train John Kennedy for succession, then, at some stage, that plan needs to be articulated. I don’t want John Kennedy handed the reins in the wake of a lost league. We need to transition in a period of success not after a fail.

  18. Deniabhoy




    I certainly don’t know the contract details and I doubt Paul has , as yet, been fully briefed.




    I don’t know how you can guarantee it in a contract.




    Even if there was a clause saying BR can’t actively pursue interest from an EPL or big foreign club for the next 12 or 24 months (hopefully not 18), how could you enforce it?




    I can accept that Ange made no direct contact with Spurs while he was concentrating on important Celtic fixtures but………..




    I know that Age was in regular touch with his agent who was in direct touch with Spurs. It’s the old political ploy of deniable plausibility… but we need to be more grown up about this and recognise that, If successful, we are going to have predator clubs interested in buying our players and coaches. Just as Ange said about Jenna transfer policy- having your next Gen players being bought before or alongside the outgoing transferred stars, we would do well to have our manager succession planned better. Ange had the decency to leave in the close season and gave us time to do what we’ve done now. Buying players in the Winter transfer window can be very successful but switching managers then is usually a sign that you are currently failing.

  19. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    Vardy would be a big mistake – wage consuming and past his best.


    That ship sailed about 10 years ago as far as Celtic are concerned.

  20. Let’s not lose our sense of urgency. We need major first team ready signings, it’s going to be a much more challenging season.

  21. Bournemouth have just sacked their manager.


    Brendan the bookies favourite to step in :)

  22. Hire a Sporting Director and footballing deprtment that survives the Rodgers and Ange appointments. Build a legacy club / business.



    I don’t see JK as any heir apparent and he shouldn’t get his first job at Celtic given he’d be a novice. But regardless, de-risk by changing the obsession with the old school management point of failure.



    So old school.




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