An Insight into Celtic’s Sponsorship with Dahua Technology


CELTIC have signed a deal with Dahua Technology. They are one of the biggest tech companies and they have gone into a six-figure deal with Celtic FC. The deal happened last year and they have given the club access to state of the art technology.

Since then, they have been using their services and it has had a real impact on the club in general. The six-figure sponsorship deal has given them access to equipment that they would have never normally had access to, and it is really going to help them to push the club forward in general.

When you look at the sponsorship deal, you will soon see that Dahua have been giving Celtic the video walls that they have needed during their time as a club. They have been giving them the video for the Celtic Store and also for the Media Centre which is at Celtic Park. The high-tech drones are being used to try and help players with their training as well as with their development.

Celtic are Pushing Forward

Celtic FC are now pushing forward with their technology and they are also trying to ensure that they do everything they can to appear on the same level as other tech-invested teams. Of course, tech is now playing a huge part in the general game of football. At one point, you needed to visit a physical betting establishment if you wanted to put a bet on your favourite team, but now you can do this all online.

You also have the rise of various football-themed live casino games as well, which has really boosted the amount of potential earnings from the game in general. When you look at things like television broadcasts, you will also see that it’s possible to watch games on the go, rather than having to watch them live as they happen. All of this has really made it possible for teams like Celtic to get more coverage, so it’s no wonder that they have signed the deal with Dahua Technology.

Player Development

A lot of technology is being used to help with player development and even electronic whiteboards are used as well so that staff can help people with their training. You also have tech which is being used to support visitors to the club as well, which is all very interesting. When you explore the dealership even further, you will soon see that Dahua now appears on a huge range of club assets.

This is all part of the agreement that they came to last year but it’s becoming apparent how much they are relying on the company today. You have club assets with their logo on and you also have LED pitch side banners too. When you look at the club website, you will soon see that they have match programmes.

This deal represents the first sponsorship deal with Dahua and it also shows how far the UK and Ireland have come since. At the end of the day, they are absolutely thrilled to have the sponsorship and they really can benefit each other mutually.

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