Government faux grandstanding a year late


There is something demeaning about Celtic putting out daily messages asking fans who have zero interest in attending Celtic Park on Sunday to stay away from the game at the insistence of the Scottish Government.

They have been forced into this by Government muscle flexing.  The Government have zero intention of cancelling the fixture but cannot control that information from leaking through their ranks.  This pantomime will continue until the First Minister, or perhaps her Justice Minister, will concede that Celtic and the visitors have ‘done enough’ to allow the fixture to go ahead.  Celtic’s messaging has been crystal clear for 12 months; we are not the transgressing party, but we are useful to deflect from the core problem.

If only the Government had been as keen to act last March.  They froze when they should have made a decision, allowing 50,000 fans to attend a Europa League game in Ibrox, including thousands of visitors from Germany.  Despite first hand access to the scientific evidence, they continued to divert their eyes until football took the unilateral decision to call a halt to the sport, two days before another 50,000 were due at Ibrox.  A year on and your Government has matured into faux grandstanding around the most important issue of our lives, mark my words, the game will go ahead, this is all false.

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  1. Has Patterson been banned for Sunday? The SFA didn’t take long to ban Boli. Surely they don’t have double standards?

  2. prestonpans bhoys on

    Game would only have been in danger if that mob planned a CP visit, never happening now.



    79CAPS on 16TH MARCH 12:20



    Very good point

  3. BSR from previous thread – horse’s head, pilau


    Lovely conflation of topics of conversation.


    Work of art



    HH jg

  4. Paul the Spark- re ST renewals- the Club are working out how to order Quadruple Treble t shirts, and commemorative QT medals,as our rebate from this season, before asking for this season coming.

  5. prestonpans bhoys on

    JAMESGANG on 16TH MARCH 2021 12:27 PM



    Whit talking football on a Celtic website, never catch on!



    If you read their own blogs the St Mirren game has been the only impressive one this year. So I’m going for a 2:0 win. Alas The loss of this title was self destruction.

  6. Not as convinced as you are Paul, some of the socials this week suggesting the younger element have a misguided notion to “protect” Celtic park and dare i say it…the statues!



    We are not whiter than white in our supporters behaviours this year.

  7. Sky Sevco News- ‘ the game was in doubt, due to fans breaking Covid restrictions ‘…….dogs.

  8. The sevco game went ahead because they were desperate for cash.


    If it had been us playing in europe the game would have been cancelled.

  9. So the article is suggesting ( I believe) that despite not agreeing with the overall message the Celtic board have rolled over and done what the government asked them to do? What exactly does this board do for us, the supporters?


    Spineless wage thieves.

  10. ‘Pans Bhoys



    We were gutless twice over, when there was everything to play for. I fear we’ll get pumped. And the way in which this dark season has panned out, I could see Morelos breaking his duck and then some.



    I pray I’m totally wrong.



    HH jg

  11. Jamesgang – no idea what will happen on Sunday. We are a fragile team. Our best half of the season was v them the last game until nir got sent off, but we don’t so two good half’s these days, so I literally have no idea.



    Over confidence will be their issue. If that is an issue. But I still believe they are a bang average side with one system that they struggle to change if it isn’t working. It is our job to make it not work and capitalise on chances we make.



    It will be tight I think. The way the season is going I worry that we may have more pain to endure but I am also a man of hope. So I hope im wrong!

  12. Can’t believe in my lifetime I am not bothering about a gave vrs rotten mob .



    I have no mental energy left to expend on it


    My heart is so heavy every day .



    I want the win as much as always but if we do beat them then that just reinforces my view about the prima Donna make up of our squad …. Great take away there unbearable smugness it wins us nothing it means nothing in the context of what’s gone before .



    If we get beat then that’s just the way it’s been this year I actually see the game as toss of a coin stuff in its most literal sense.



    But the fact remains I am not that bothered about it and find that incredibly gutting !

  13. Line up –






    Kenny, Ajer, Welsh, Laxalt (Taylor still injured?)



    Soro, mcgregor



    Turnbull, Christie, Elyonousi







    But really I have no clue.



    “Ive never seen the sense in giving a Two Legged Wummin any money each week…otherwise know as ” Wives”.


    No wonder Ive been single for over 10 years now, and loving it.







    :)))))))))))))))) por cierto

  15. jamesgang on 16th March 2021 12:55 pm



    I have the exact same fears and in particular a collapse if we lose an early goal.


    I’d go out to be tight and not to lose the first goal, that is crucial, doubt we’ll manage


    a clean sheet though and that plays into their hands.


    They know if they are tight and make no mistakes it’s unlikely we’ll score without a special goal, also the horrible keeper of theirs is playing well. Whereas they know we’ll give them at least one decent chance from our own mistakes.



    Would be amazed if we finish with 11 on the pitch.

  16. I reckon Celtic will get a dodgy penalty, the huns will be denied a stonewaller and one of them, probably fat boy, will get a red card.




    And that will be the optic through which this season’s refereeing will be viewed retrospectively.

  17. The MIBs will be keen to ensure that what may be, ‘Scott Brown’s last taste of the Old Firm at Parkhead leaves him with a bitter taste in his mouth’ ©️ SkySport speak



    HH jg

  18. I was looking at the possible team selections we have for the weekend and realised that Broonie is the only player who will stand up physically to them, they have numerous individuals happy to put the boot in.



    The more I think about it the more worried I become.



    In an ideal world if we could trust the referee I’d love us to go in really aggressively and clatter Morelos and Kent early doors, also be clever and go down in every physical challenge, Collum doesn’t understand the difference between a foul and a shocking challenge they both get the same response.

  19. RT


    If that is the midfield we get trounced 1 tackler in there and 3 in front of 2 no tacklers or any physicality.

  20. Garngad to Croy on

    Only 3 Celtic players in the Scotland squad , that must be a record low in recent times. I wonder if Celtic’s next manager has decided to rest some his future players ?

  21. I’d wager………….a these things even thumsels up kinda scenario at the weekend.



    The huns don’t need it so we’ll get it……………….I doubt thems will try as hard as before.



    They don’t need to and they’ll have been given the wink – just have fun, etc etc…….

  22. Personally,I would play Biton at CH.We have no height,and he is good in the air.With Ajer,the Huns were never a problem at Ibrox until the Red Card.A game to go for the jugular.












    Subs,Welsh,Moi,Barkas,Griff,Soro,,by subs,I mean those who could possibly help the cause.

  23. I hate doing team selections but here goes.






    Kenny, Ajer, Welsh, Taylor



    Soro, Broonie, mcgregor



    Turnbull, Eddie, Jamesie

  24. Or………….I think they’ll be like rabid, caked….up….menaces rampagin’ into tackles biting kicking and screaming for everything…………….we’ll get 2 men sent off and they’ll do the huddle on the centre circle…………

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