Barca calling out Uefa, sympathy for Forrest


My initial reaction to a Sunday 12:00 kick off time is not positive. It’s out of routine, so there’s an inherent objection, but as I don’t have a long journey to Celtic Park it may end suit me better than a later kick off.

Fans who travel from great distances will have the inconvenience of an early rise, but some, who are dependent on public transport, will be prevented from attending, which is never a scenario to be treated lightly.

I see a bit of angst against James Forrest over his decision to reject a new Celtic contract and opt instead to leave the club when his contract expires next year, if not before. I don’t think we’ve seen the best of James. When he arrived in the team in the wake of Aiden McGeady’s departure he was on fire, but the intervening years have not been kind.

Injury has robbed him of a regular starting place, and a fair bit of form when he does get in the team. Sean Maloney was in a similar position a few years back. Injured for long periods, even when he was fit he was often a substitute. He needed to leave Celtic Park for a fresh start. Had he stayed, I don’t think he would have rediscovered his early peaks. Putting all emotive issues aside, James Forrest looks like a player in need of a fresh start.

He’s not alone, of course.

Barcelona president, Josep Maria Bartomeu took a shot across Uefa bows when he told the BBC he wants big (trans: rich) clubs who fail to qualify for the Champions League to be given wild card access. Make no mistake, this is a follow up to Karl-Heinz Rummenigge’s recent utterances on creating a closed-shop tournament.

Bartomeu also said he views the FA Premier League as the biggest threat to Barcelona, which is 100% true. When teams like Bayern Munich and Barcelona coordinate statements on structural change you know that profound moves are underway.

I’m all for change, Celtic have much to gain, but we need to organise quickly. Find similar allies – big clubs from Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, Turkey and Portugal – and plan accordingly. Europe’s major clubs are each leaving hundreds of millions of TV money on the table each year because of the existing league and European tournament structures.

England has opened their eyes to what is possible. Change of some sort is inevitable now the ball is in play.

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    They march through the Gallowgate?




    That’s not ‘celebrating their heritage’,that’s deliberately inflammatory.

  2. traditionalist88 on

    Lass Bangoura, Rayo Vallecano currently out on loan, quality young winger/striker, available for a smallish fee in the summer, get him signed, thats all I’m saying!




  3. This is probably the most James Forrest has been spoken about on the blog since he first burst onto the scene.



    (not including the esteemed blogger James Forrest)

  4. traditionalist88 on

    Celtic have much to gain, but we need to organise quickly. Find similar allies – big clubs from Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, Turkey and Portugal – and plan accordingly








    you’ve been advocating this for a long time, but have we done anything as a club?



    Is it not another pipe dream?




  5. Who needs sporting integrity? Barcelona, the darlings of the neutral football fan, want a closed shop.



    While Celtic want doors opened, the rich clubs want doors shut.





    Those ‘big’ clubs.



    Some are,some aren’t,based on current fortunes. Chelsea and Man City are,but in the 30 years from say 1975 to 2005 were nowhere.



    Liverpool. They were Giants. Now,not so much. The Milan clubs too. Certain German,Dutch,even the likes of Lyon in France-PSG were perennial also-rans.



    Our day preceded even that. We are being manoeuvred out the way,not even a consideration.



    And not only because of our own current standing. It is because of the standing of Scotland in the European game. We are in a country which doesn’t have sufficient potential viewers to be considered.



    It’s France. Italy. England. Germany. Spain. The big populous five. I have little doubt that they will ‘compromise’ by allowing representatives of other countries to join.



    My bets are Russia. Poland. Turkey. Possibly Ukraine,Netherlands. In other words,the biggest of the rest.



    Sport? My arse…




    Agree, the Russians would be included with the BIG5 because of Gazprom’s money.



    I think we will be with the also rans.






    Still, I’ve got my memories!








    Obviously you were being ‘tongue in cheek’ when likening players who get cautioned whilst playing the game and those ‘nutters’ with flares, who continuously cost the club substantial sums of money, season in and season out.


    When identified these ‘camp followers’ – they are not supporters, quite the opposite, they are detractors, must be ‘hounded out’ – named and shamed and treated like the pariahs, that they are.



    On the James Forrest issue – sad to see him go – however must agree with Paul, sometimes it is better for all sides that there is a parting of the ways – they say that change is as good as a rest – James has had plenty of rest, enforced, or, otherwise, perhaps he now needs that change.

  9. embramike says "the Huns are Deid" on

    Let’s see if the puerile selfish idiots who let off flares offer to pay the fine which the club again been given for their moronic behaviour ?

  10. embramike says “the Huns are Deid”



    Look on the bright side, if Europe is remodelled to suit the TV audiences no one will be watching our Europa League matches and so no one will notice any flares.

  11. glendalystonsils on

    The bottom line is:



    If James Forrest goes ,it’s because he WANTS to go. He wants to leave Celtic just like every other ex Celt who has turned down a decent offer in order to go elsewhere.


    No point in gum bumping.

  12. glendalystonsils on

    Old Firm excites Warburton Sky Sports 12:26




    Didn’t know he was a student of history in addition to his many other talents.

  13. embramike says “the Huns are Deid” on 23rd February 2016 12:21 pm







    I believe what is now happening in ‘legal corridors’ in Scotland, is that having given the ‘Green’ light to a trial, the Fiscal’s office has been ‘warned off’ and told to restrict the proceedings to the narrow area of individual wrongdoing under the Companies Act. This will preclude the wholesale ‘peeling of the rotten onion’, protecting the likes of Murray and King and ensuring that the name of Rangers is not subject to any more dragging through the mud.



    We have all heard of ‘pre-pack’ administration – what we are about to witness is PRE-PACK PROSECUTION

  14. Milan, Barca etc are signing their own death warrants as world powers by advancing population driven commerciality over sport.



    1- China- 1.3 billion


    2- India- 1.25 billion


    3- USA – 325 million


    4- Indonesia- 255 million


    5- Brazil 250 million


    6- Pakistan – 250 million etc



    Why even bother with the CL – just go straight for a world tournament and shut out minnows like Barca and Bayern. We don’t want small teams hindering the pursuit of money for UEFA and corporations, which is what European football is only about.

  15. eddieinkirkmichael on

    traditionalist88 on 23rd February 2016 12:17 pm –



    Barcelona have expressed an interest and he wont go for a small fee.

  16. traditionalist88 on

    Coolmore Mafia



    Its interesting that Barca are reacting out of concern over the latest EPL TV deal.



    The EPL have taken about 25 years of incremental Sky money to reach this point, and even still the true world class stars do not grace the English Premiership(original Ronaldo, Zidance, Messi, Neymar) or spend their peak years outwith the EPL(Suarez, the second Ronaldo).



    China change their strategic world view and want to play ball with the most popular sport in the world, and almost immediately can put offers on the table for players that EPL clubs baulk at, despite 25 years of increasing TV money.



    Interesting times.




  17. Mr Pastry



    Surely under the companies act ‘ Rangers’ , even ‘ The Rangers’ should be a prohibited name?



    It’s beyond me that none of the 276 creditors has objected to this, on the grounds that it is taking the piss.




  18. Somebody, better tell Warburton that they are not over the line, he knows they will drop points. and who did he say about the dead club meeting the Glasgow Celtic.

  19. traditionalist88 on

    eddieinkirkmichael on 23rd February 2016 12:57 pm



    traditionalist88 on 23rd February 2016 12:17 pm –



    Barcelona have expressed an interest and he wont go for a small fee.





    Really? Surprised to see him out on loan in that case. A very talented and exciting player.




  20. No sympathy for Forrest from me. Hiding behind injuries doesn’t wash, he had long enough to show his mettle and hasn’t done it.

  21. What hotels is everyone staying at for the Dublin weekend ?



    Might make it but looking dry expensive in most places ..

  22. foghorn leghorn on

    my advice to james forrest wherever he plays his soccer is simple



    please stop shooting from outside the box



    you have never been capable of scoring from there



    just lift your head and play a good ball into the box instead



    the goals return for you and the team will be much much higher





    There are a few of us around the Upper Drumcondra Road area,which is handy for the venue,the city,the airport.



    Some more are more central,and others are airport-based.



    That’s from what I know so far,I’m sure others are elsewhere,but keeping schtuum in case we turn up for a party!



    Hope you can make it.

  24. ” A TV company in Argentina made more money from our game v Midtjylland than we did .”



    Aurelio De Laurentiis – President / Owner of Napoli FC.

  25. Good morning Timland from Biloxi, Mississippi on the Gulfcoast, where the early morning has a moody and misty feel to it.



    Building goes on post Katrina even now, yet the locals are as charming with their friendliness and impeccable manners as ever. For those music loving CQNers, this is an area to stick on the ole bucket list for some folk, jazz and blues immersion.



    Good luck with your new club Jamsie, we wish you all the success in the world. Hope Pedro gets ever penny he can for you.





    New club and good luck in the same sentence?



    Are you a hun?

  27. Jobo Baldie on 23rd February 2016 10:32 am



    Big Joe – always good to see you posting. Hitting Cala de Mijas in April and then Javia in late June. Canny beat the ole Costas!


    Wee Jobo



    Were 1/2 way between Mijas and Javia, watch the hoops in Paddys Point in La Zenia.



    However, will be in Paradise next week to watch the Champions.




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