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  1. Terrible match management I’m afraid. Ralston rushing to take a throw in deep in our half and few passes later the winning goal goes in. I’m really pissed off that we don’t have the game intelligence

  2. Poor subs but to tbh but he has to look ahead to sunday and the league too. Still it’s early days for us with Ange in Europe.


    He must know, i’m sure he does, Ajeti Johnstone and poss Abada are nowhere near whats he needs….they are very poor.


    One thing for certain…this team is constantly improving

  3. I’m not sure why we tend to sub our front three en masse – it disrupts us a lot more than it does our opponents.Our forward threat disappeared with those subs and facing wave after wave of Leverkusen attack with no out ball, the result was inevitable.

  4. abada!!! CCV charges up the pitch and gives it to abada – abada should hit the byline and cross back to him – instead he tries to play to feet

  5. Brave performance but we can lose poor goals against Dundee so go figure.


    With a decent defensive shape we would have won in Spain and got at least


    a point here. Sqaud has absolutely no depth.

  6. Public service announcement for those huns in the wrong place.



    You let your club die.



    Liquidation. 😂🤣😂🤣



    Players have been excellent tonight. Kept going and you can see their attitude and togetherness. Still not half a season gone.

  7. some really nice stuff. we battled with them.


    lack of quality off bench changed the game, die we really need to replace all 3 front players ?



    i dont know.

  8. we have to get juranovic playing in his best position right back , and give scales change at left back , ralston defensively very poor.

  9. Unlucky Celtic – a Superb performance on and off the Ball by our starting 11.



    Back Ange in the next 2 windows and we will be really going places.

  10. Rim Tim Tim. Wise up. Are you happy with that. We are Celtic FFS. Waken up and smell the roses. The manager and captain let us down tonight.

  11. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Ange held a management masterclass for 75 mins then blew it with the subs.



    Ah well, tonnes to be encouraged about. So long as we don’t have to rely too much on the squad.



    Mikey Johnston has fabulous skills, but he won’t win you anything. No game intelligence.



    Big shout out to Bitton tonight. Another fantastic performance.

  12. Some very good performances.


    Not sure we learned anything new.


    Some of our players are outstanding. Some should be out.


    We continue to ask a lot of our Herculean hero

  13. Toe to toe with a very good team from a top league and for 80 minutes we looked the part. Could have grabbed a draw at the end.



    Proud of the team tonight. Another sure sign of progress.



    Aberdeen is all that matters now.

  14. great performance, Welsh MOTM — Ange got it wrong again with the late subs. Just dig in for 10 mins. Proud but gutted

  15. My fear is that Johnson is getting game time in the hope he turns into an attacking winger and we “won’t” need to sign Jota for £6.5 m.

  16. BL are a fine team, move the ball about quickly and with some confidence. DT and CalMac not up to speed tonight and team not balanced, with little squad depth. Considering Celtic were starting from scratch over the summer they’ve come very far very quickly.

  17. Rip in to Aberdeen Sunday. Board, I beg you not to look at a financial and managerial crisis at poxhome and think we are in ascendancy. They are top of the league deservedly, we are 1 injury away from being a team livi look forward to playing. Please try your best to quality in in jan (the worst time for it). No No No time for lawwellism no.

  18. not for the first time this season , Ange’s subs have been poor , and the team’s performance deteriorates.

  19. Says a lot that we are gutted at losing 3 2, improvement, nir was a big loss when he went off.



  20. Kyogo and Jota ran their socks off. No quality on the bench. Abada not good enough for this level, Ajeti hopeless. But a good performance against a CL quality team. If Calmac had played to his usual standard it could have been better. On top of everything else Leverkusen were fitter.

  21. `SAINT STIVS on 25TH NOVEMBER 2021 7:40 PM


    some really nice stuff. we battled with them.`



    That is true and worthy of note



    `i dont know.`



    Which is true of all of us but some seem to think otherwise. Being kind, I`ll assume the frustration comes from being so near to a great victory.


    Overall,no shame in losing 3-2 to such a team.

  22. They were a better team.


    That being said, to be 2-1 up with 7 minutes to go…..


    The bench does not reflect the first eleven.


    I like Ralston, but he lost his man for the first goal.


    The second, when the ball was in the air, McCarthy pointed to the outside left, Ralston didn’t pick him up. The ball came to him and he had time to pick out an unmarked player.


    Likewise the third, Ralston gave his man far to much time to pick out a player.


    He wasn’t the reason we lost, but he has to play tighter.


    They have quality, but still, very disappointing.

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