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  1. Not a shred of doubt in my mind Ange will take us to a new level.



    Going toe to toe with a CL quality opposition on their own pitch and nearly, just nearly nicking it.



    Proud of the big man.



    Your only as strong as your weakest player and unfortunately we have a few punching..a few more transfers windows and we will be frightening,

  2. For me away more positives than negatives.


    Yes subs showed we lack strength in depth but we knew that hopefully 2 or 3 in next window.


    We are not there yet but we are building, we won’t meet many teams of that quality,


    Definitely moving in the right direction.

  3. Only five teams out of 32 have scored more goals than us



    Improving defensively.



    Encouraging signs

  4. PHILBHOY on 25TH NOVEMBER 2021 9:53 AM



    Sorry for the late reply Phil, thanks I thought it was an enjoyable.



    Hope both you and your better half are well, everything good here in Coatbridge.



    Disappointed with tonight’s result, however I believe we’re moving in the right direction. For me, the league should be the priority, a good January transfer window is really important (IMHO).



    Take care Phil and keep safe.



    Your pal, Brian




  5. Brilliant team performance, our own subs killed us,Bitton was having his best ever game for us,putting 2 wingers on at 2-1 up in Germany, was poor game management IMO, a lot to take out of tonight.

  6. onenightinlisbon on

    Just remember where we were this time last year.



    Ange, if given the correct support, will take us higher.

  7. No shame in the result, but always disappointed when beaten


    On to the real deal at the weekend, we need to stop the hun accessing Euro lifeline.


    We are certainly heading in the right direction.


    A sign of ambition by the club would be the signing of Jota, followed by some serious investment in January.




    No problem Sir!



    All well here thanks!



    A wee bit disappointed with the result to.



    Need a strong window if we are to compete at this level in Europe.



    We’ll see!



    You take care too!

  9. We were playing a team sitting 4th in the Bundesliga. Perspective.



    If we didn’t require substitutions, I am confident we would have taken a draw at least.


    Frankly or subs are not at the same level. Our manager is only playing what is currently available to him; Hopefully this will get partially rectified in the January transfer window.



    I am a great fan of Callum McGregor, however I feel this game passed him by.



    In summary: Entertainment and massive improvement very evident, but more required.



    HH, Still on the Ange journey.

  10. Philbhoy,



    I said that about Ralston 3 weeks ago.He would not make the Croatia squad.Juranovic in flashes tonight showing he is no LB.Superb on right.

  11. glendalystonsils on

    It seemed to me Johnston and Abada couldn’t wait to get rid of the ball . Neither looked as though they could make things happen the way Jota and Forrest did and we will be a different proposition when we can substitute like for like .


    It’s great that we can go away to teams like Leverkusen and Betis and be confident of scoring , but conceding more than 2.5 goals per game in the group is giving ourselves a huge handicap to overcome.

  12. Played well against a top team poor subs,sorry to say still not sure about Ange will see in Jan. what kind of players he buys or loans.On to Sunday big game…………they are all big games.

  13. There’s several things to take from tonight but the one I’m deciding to focus in on is that with Jota, Kyoto and Forrest up front, we’ll do well in the league.

  14. Park the bus > blootir it > simple on

    Park the bus


    Blootir it




    simple. ✌



    If tippy tappy was played by us in front of the Jungle ala ©Kev


    Then the Jungle would’ve knocked tippy tappy out of us


    after 45 mins!


    But, now there’s no Jungle.


    Now there’s 50k silent statues


    and 3k kiddy on rebels who sing rebel songs to each other for 90+ minutes.


    But its that 👆 or a Gordon Strachan era soul sucking library.


    This all stems from bullsh*t leadership at every level of the club.


    PLC sucks √


    Entire executive sucks √


    Management team has been make it up as you go since Brendan outgrew the minions he was surrounded by, so it sucks √


    Players don’t have a captain where as MON had a team of captains and it has regressed woefully since then √


    Supporters have had no leadership since Celts For Change in 1994 do your research, so they suck √


    CSA, CST, GB, Celtic podcasts, Celtic knitting classes, etc, etc, all puffed out their chests after giving 100% support to a PLC executive who had just skulldugged the 10 in a row season, after protesting in the the car park for 6 months of that season, against the same PLC so they 100% suck √


    The tools for regime change are nowhere to be seen within any group of supporters individually, or collectively, the only way that there’ll be any change to the collective, and entire Celtic Pandoras box of uselessness, is a dynamic called, anger.


    Once supporters are angry enough to see that their modus operandi is entirely not what is required, and that they are in effect exactly as, NFL, described them as, “Spoiled Rotten” and he’s 100% correct in his analysis, only more pain will make you angry.


    Bernard Higgins, whether he’s brought in or not, I think he will be to be used as a giant unsettling squirrel, to create huge division, because the PLC know that they can laugh out the boardroom windows, lighting cigars with all of the £50 notes you’ve 100% given them, as thousands of you hold up bits of cardboard in the car park, whilst Ange will probably be rumbled in the transfer window by the PLC dark artists, to ensure the £40 million CL wonga goes to solidifying the oldfirm brand.

  15. Susie Dent Blue heart




    · 11h


    Word of the day is ‘struthious’ (18th-century): resembling an ostrich; avoiding reality or pretending it doesn’t exist.

  16. Go tell the Spartim on

    Jota and Mikey Johnston compare and contrast



    Ones a team player the other is a circus act

  17. Unlike some,Ange was thinking of Sunday when he made the sub’s.That they were useless,Ajeti and Johnston,Dear God,is not down to him.Johnston had a similar chance Jota,but as usual had to take a touch,which took him to the bloody byeline.Some on here still like him.Get him up to the Dons on loan.aAbada don’t get me started.

  18. Anyway,work in progress.Big Jullien and Star felt back,signings in January,we will see were we are I am happy.


    That Europa Conference getting better looking.Some strange results.




    Agree about Juranovic.



    I’d also like to see Scales getting a game at left back.



    And Shaw in midfield.

  20. mind you , when jota goes back to base, we’re screwed. I have an inkling teams have figured out how to play KF

  21. Park the bus > blootir it > simple on

    JHB on 25TH NOVEMBER 2021 7:53 PM


    McCarthy, Johnston, Ajeti….”Send In The Clowns”.


    An inevitability about the result as belief was visibly draining out of the team – Joe Hart’s heroics only delayed an inescapable conclusion. There is a structural weakness in the starting eleven & an even bigger one in the squad as a whole. The size of the task should be apparent to everyone.




    Absolutely fella. 👍


    Grace, class, and accuracy, is always the menu, at JHB.


    Thank you. 👏

  22. 31003. Fair enough. But there was still plenty of running in Joto and Kyogo. We significantly weakened the team by putting on the 3 subs. McGregor did nothing all night. He could have been subbed. Scales is a natural left back. He could have put him on moved Juranovic to right back and their last two goals could have been avoided. Ralston had a hand in their 3 goals. It’s ok turning it on against the likes of Dundee but he is nowhere near the standard for any thing better.

  23. Ok. Ange was protecting Jota. Kyogo and Forrest.


    But why bring on another 2 wingers.


    Lightweights, at that.




    The jury is still out on this guy. As far as I’m concerned

  24. Ange says he would like Julienne to play in a couple of bounce games first.



    So not too far awy.

  25. Pleased overall with the performance. Ralston sold the jerseys with that pathetic attempt at a clearance setting up their equaliser. Hopefully he’ll learn that a lack of fitness isn’t acceptable at this level. Abada and Johnstone were woeful. Sunday against Aberdeen is the only thing that mattered tonight.

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