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  1. Giakoumakis if he’d been available could of help close it out with hold up play.



    A bit more luck we could of held on. I’ve not really seen us have a chance in Germany before to win, so it’s an improvement for me.



    More time and we will be so much more capable. 🍀



    If you continue to moan, your brain will get used to that. Your default position will be negative and that’s bound to make you unhappy. So do us a favour, choose to change or gtf.

  2. I’m encouraged but disappointed


    The substitutions basically destroyed the team – facts don’t lie – 2-1 up – Subs – lose 3-2 and drop out of the game.


    Honest opinion









    There are jobs going at my local co-op guys



    I’m cutting Abada some slack



    We have a wonderful first thirteen but beyond that – every change and every injury diminishes us

  3. Calum McGregor worst player on the park by quite some distance. Useless 0 /10


    Turnbull not much better.


    Rest of team acquitted themselves well. Pity Bitton went off , followed by Kyogo and Jota as we didnt have quality in the subs at this level.

  4. CONEYBHOY on 25TH NOVEMBER 2021 7:42 PM


    great performance, Welsh MOTM — Ange got it wrong again with the late subs. Just dig in for 10 mins. Proud but gutted





    Agree. A wee bit of a worry for me. No game management.

  5. To be honest I was delighted with the substitutions. There was an element of protecting the main men for Sunday.



    Mikey J might benefit from a loan spell. He has talent but needs more experience.

  6. prestonpans bhoys on

    Subs by both sides changed the game, theirs enhanced the team, ours pish poor and I give up on Johnston and Ajeti

  7. Park the bus > blootir it > simple on

    “Joe Hart blootirs it up to the last third of the pitch





    “Joe Hart tippy tappy’s the ball out from our 6yd box


    …..dilly….dally….dither….dead end…..etc???”



    Get the ball up the fkn park CSC

  8. onenightinlisbon on

    Great performance. Substitutions made us poorer but Aberdeen game much more important. Ange knows his players better than any of us on here. Sore one to take but we are a team in the building stages, wish some folk would remember that….

  9. YOGIHUGHES on 25TH NOVEMBER 2021 7:46 PM


    ‘The game wasc lost with our subs. It shows we need greater strength in depth.’






    Hopefully that’s the way the board see it and act accordingly.

  10. Playing a cracking team..




    Would rather play on with a knackered front 3 than bring on ajeti,abada and mikey..



    I’ve drank in the boozer with better players than ajeti..



    Feel a couple of players short of a real team here..



    HH ☘💚👍

  11. Very positive signs. Shame about the corner that wasn’t a corner but to be ahead at 80 minutes was very encouraging against a very good team



    Improving and learning

  12. MJ should be fined for the very fourth touch he takes, it’ll help the lad long term. My God if he can take another touch, he’ll take ten. Extremely frustrating player.

  13. Had we won tonight we’d still have had to beat Betis. A draw would have been the same. I think Ange was thinking of Sunday when he made the subs. At that point a draw would have done. He didn’t think we’d lose two goals in the last ten minutes. We’re a good team. A couple of good signings and we’ll be a great team

  14. good effort by the hoops ,improvement is there for all to see a good window will hopefully see us get better


    agree mikey j needs a loan move ajeti is just not the answer to any question anyway onwards and upwards to sunday COYBIG

  15. If Celtic really are Bheaver`s team, then he is concrete evidence of the existence of Green Huns.

  16. Again a game we should have taken a point from we lose, cant fault the guts but we lack power in the middle of the park, I’m afraid Abada and Johnston will not do unless they get physically stronger, McGregor likewise the game was too fast for him and he did nothing, McCarthy I am seriously underwhelmed by him and never seems to be in the right place to make a block or control the ball, Juranovic took liberties at times and nearly cost us a few times,his penalty was shocking, and their keeper should have been sent off, the ugly dude who scored two, I hope sincerely he gets his comeuppance, arsehole.


    Joe Hart was fantastic CCV And Welsh likewise, so close.

  17. We’re getting there .. professing we’ll but it’s not a surprise we lost with the lack of availability of quality on the bench.


    We’ve got to buy a quality LB and Play Juranovic at RB.


    Get rid of AA and bring in one more upfront.


    Midfield needs at least one more added as well.


    We’re getting g close but still the January window is huge for us.

  18. McCarthy, Johnston, Ajeti….”Send In The Clowns”.



    An inevitability about the result as belief was visibly draining out of the team – Joe Hart’s heroics only delayed an inescapable conclusion. There is a structural weakness in the starting eleven & an even bigger one in the squad as a whole. The size of the task should be apparent to everyone.

  19. Definitely improving but lack back up from the bench …at this level and in the big games DT does not have it.. Cal Mac was poor again ….without Tom Rogic and NB we do not have the strength to hold on to the ball in midfield….Abada Is too light and easily brushed aside…Ajeti could have made a name for himself but blew it in add on time….Carter Vickers was my MOM … and is lost to us for the Betis game….


    Hope Nir Bitton is ok for Sunday….and Tom and Starfelt are available…

  20. ralston’s woeful attempt at covering for their first goal was amateur to say the least , and don’t get me started with his involvement in the second and third.

  21. If only Frimpong was still playing for us ,another lawell blunder by letting him go,Ange needs to sort out the defence in January transfer window,Ralston and Welsh are good young players they are just not good enough to be in the starting eleven,The Croatian right back can get complacent at times he needs to sort that out ,Bitton having to go off upset the rhythm of the game ,Ajeti,Johnson had a couple of chances to score ,but the truth of the matter is they are not go enough.

  22. Some posters suggesting that if we had done a) ,b), c) etc we would have beaten, away from home, a top class side from the Bundesliga.



    Really? Is it that simple?

  23. Bayer are a few levels above us so it’s disappointing not a disgrace to give them as good a game



    That’s the level I would like to see Celtic at but will take time and investment

  24. Would Ralston get a game for Croatia at right back?






    Don’t be blindsided by blood and snotters.



    Play the Croatian international right back at right back.



    And play Liam Scales at cb against Betis.



    If it’s Biton my faith in Ange will be diminished.

  25. Felt they worked a number from the training ground with first goal tae free the scorer..


    I’m worried that jota doesn’t fancy the conference league..



    The laddies a champions league player..


    Same goes for Kyogo.



    Hope I’m wrong..




  26. Just ignore the serial moaners, one has repeated the same thing twice (suggesting attention seeking or troll) and nobody is biting😂🤣😂🤣



  27. Hot smoked. Ffs. Are you a child. Happy clappy. Some great performances. Some crap and I include our manager and captain tonight. Even though we were lucky to be ahead why not try and see the game out.

  28. Subs were poor the up front that came on, not for me not all at once.



    But at least we had a go.



    Onto Paradise and the sheep.



    D :)




    That WAS us trying to see the game out. We all know we don’t have the players to sit back and let the opposition come on to us without conceding. Our best form of defence is to attack

  30. CaddingtonCommon on

    Dear oh dear.


    This time last year we were in a really dark place. Now we lose narrowly to a team who we thought would beat us and did.


    As I said based on last year we shouldn’t even be in Germany tonight.


    Roll on Sunday.


    Hail Hail


    Stay Safe