Be ready for County physicality


They made us sweat when they last visited Celtic Park, in November.  One of the most controversial penalties awarded against Celtic this season (which is quite something) saw Ross County take a second half lead.  Goals from David Turnbill and Sead Haksabanovic turned things around for the champions, who thereafter managed the game to a tight conclusion.

We also left it late on our earlier visit to Dingwall this season, an 84th minute Moritz Jenz goal put Celtic ahead before Liel Abada calmed the nerves in added time.

By no measure are Ross County a good team.  Since January, they avoided defeat only when thrashing Dundee United 4-0 and taking a point from Hibs.  Looking at their stats, they seem to trade blows with their bottom of the table peers, but a lack of finishing, and indiscipline, counts against them.

They are in the relegation play-off place, two points above United and one below Kilmarnock.  Players at these three clubs are literally playing for their jobs.  County do not have the skill to touch Celtic, so we can expect physicality.  So, no complaints when it comes, be ready for it.

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  1. Hopefully we’re playing it safe with Reo and he’s ready to go for next weekend. He’s a vital player for us in the big games.

  2. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    On the NRA, with all the corporate private security companies now being legitimised to operate as law enforcement, there has never been a greater need for citizens to arm themselves, if the US had functioning judicial and law enforcement organisation then I’d agree citizens have no need to protect themselves the law would take care of that.


    That they don’t have organisations worthy of that name then people should be prepared to protect themselves and theirs.


    The recent East Palestine train derailment saw the train company being empowered as the authority to dispense law and order, they restricted movement and monitoered reporters limiting their access, both the local sheriff and state police were made subservient and all enquiries on law and order were to be directed to the corporate security team, this state of affairs is fast becoming the norm.


    A little known fact on that derailment is that the derailment did not cause an explosion or fire as reported in the MSM, the rail company deliberately carried out controlled explosions because it was cheaper than a controlled clean up operation removing and retranporting the toxins.

  3. What is the Starz on

    Give everyone guns says the Putin/Orban lover.


    Is there no end to the nonsense being spouted on here by this loud mouth bully.

  4. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    On people’s judgment on other cultures attitude to the lgbtq cause, seriously what business is it of yours?


    What/who made you the moral authority?


    I remember a guy called Thatchell being treated the same and thought it was barbaric too, then I recently watch the guy advocate that children as young as 9 should be allowed to give consent to for sodomy.


    Whoopi Goldberg on TV telling America that if a paedophile is good enough the child wouldn’t even know it was a problem.



    I have no problem with people having human rights but when they demand more rights than everyone else and expect everyone else to conform with their freedom of expression and what they consider normal behaviour must be accepted because they believe its OK, us not on.


    What people do in the privacy of their own home is their business, demanding the right to do it anywhere they want as it’s an expression of their freedom, kids are confused enough when it comes to gender and sex but in Scotland it’s OK to confuse them further and encourage then to select a gender before they can read ffs.


    The biggest hypocrisy I’ve seen for a long long time on here is the disdain of Hungary and its past association with nazis while most of the same people fully support the real nazi government of the Ukraine.

  5. SFtBs @ 30-March @ 12:03 PM,



    Apologies for not getting back, as I haven’t been able to comment, let me just put a few brushstrokes at my points and the replies



    Firstly my general position was from the perspective of this…



    … “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it”



    Some of CQN have become very intolerant of others views and opinions, to the point of trying to force the mod’s hand.



    In footballing terms it’s the equivalent of the attacker playing for the foul, once getting the free kick sticking their arm in the air and waving their hand about as if brandishing a card



    The oft excuse on CQN for this craven act is that these contributiors have dragged the blog down and it’s not as good as it once was



    There were similar accusations yesterday…



    Could I remind you that there has always been right wing contributors to CQN such as Kojo through MacJay, there has always been Tory contributiors such as Philvisreturns



    Contributors now taking pelters like TET and Canamalar have been here since the day dot, more or less.



    So during the whimsical golden era of CQN, these ghuys contributed with their views and opinions and tit-bits, and what a golden era it was



    If we are looking for culprits for the so called demise of CQN, look no further than those current self appointed, veritible guardians or as I like to call them ~ “The Clique”



    On the subject of Sentinel Celts, you have me at a loss – I comment little on blogs these days and may post a little more on SC than I do on CQN but it would be marginal and certainly you probably post as much on SC as I do, if not more



    You stated yesterday if you didn’t like what CQN became you’d do walking away, that’s exactly what BMCUWPS and Mahe did!?



    They created there own blog, I hope after you had a pop on Wednesday, that some might have gone over and had a perusal at SC and read some interesting, articulate and eclectic, lead & comments.



    Hail Hail

  6. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    Where they need to protect themselves against totalitarianism they should be give all means necessary, before the laws introduced after 9/1, I was anti NRA, today’s America is not the same, the corporations are now militarised and in total control of the judiciary.


    There is currently a law being introduced that will put Americans in jail for using/having a VPN app. It’s a threat to the state.


    Now you can drivel a you like about who I support but the truth is only your ignorance drives you to play the player not the ball.


    FYI I consider myself a socialist, I support neither on a political level but I do believe when their countries majority elect them as representative then its not my or anyone else’s place to interfere with their choice, there’s a me for it, I’ll give you a clue it starts with dem and ends with ocracy. The colonial powers have no grounds for cultural or moral judgement.

  7. CAN MAN



    With all due respect this sentence is tripe.



    “There is currently a law being introduced that will put Americans in jail for using/having a VPN app. It’s a threat to the state.”

  8. SFTB



    That name Superbru is a strange moniker.



    I bought a can of Irn Bru before getting the train from Edinburgh to Glasgow after the rugby recently. It had extra taurine and caffeine. A Bru and Red Bull cocktail




  9. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    You mean you’ve no heard about it?


    Really surprised they never ranthat past you, it’s all the talk of the crypto community. Maybe check it it out before you make erro ious statements.

  10. Chairbhoy



    “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it”



    It was never an absolute principle. It was never said by Voltaire. It was an attributed statement in a 1906 book on Voltaire and his friends by S.G Tallentyre (real name Evelyn Beatrice Hall).



    She based it on what Voltaire had said about a book by Helvetius, another French philosopher, condemned by the Paris Parliament and the College of Sorbonne and publicly burned.



    Voltaire’s actual words were much less memorable “What a fuss about an omelette!’”- meaning why persecute such an airy trifle- the book was too insignificant to merit the response.



    Now, I have read precious little French Philosophy but I understand Helvetius was pushing the Tory line that all human attributes are just physical sensations, there is no such thing as good and evil, and that the only real motive is self interest.



    So both Voltaire and the Sorbonne could be right. Both agreed it was a despicable set of ideas with little merit and Helvetius himself recanted several of them later. Their main difference was over the need for book burning and I’m with Voltaire on that- it’s a bad look but both vehemently criticised his writings and would not associate with them, as I choose to do over Alt-Right hate speech and othering.



    Though I disapprove of book burning, I did once toss a book by Will Self into a dustbin after reading 12 pages and I’d defy anyone else to read further without doing worse. As a measure of tolerance, Mein Kampf was available to read in Castlemilk Library when I was growing up- I even read a few pages by the original Alpha male whining snowflake Supremacist. I suspect some of my teachers may have read further on in the book than I did.



    Finally, the clique is as much a formulation of your mind as was Voltaire’s quote by Ms. Hall. I cannot help you with that.



    I believe I can match my open mindedness with yours. I may be wrong in that assumption but that remains to be disapproved. But neither of us is completely open minded. We have filters and standards beyond which we won’t go. We are not disputing absolutes here; we are just talking of where to draw the line (as I said with my original prostitute point).



    Your attempt to portray me as totalitarian because I don’t want CQN to become a right wing cesspit won’t was with me. But I am not the final judge. If enough people think like you that we are being to tough or opinionated (as opposed to too boring, which it has already become) then again I will leave this place. You exercised that right to post more regularly on SC than you do on CQN, despite your attempt to say it has recently been more even.



    I have always read the interesting articles on all Celtic sites and do so with SC too. They have had to fight off infiltrators aiming to harm them too. They too have had to draw lines.

  11. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Fines and prison sentences up to 5 years are the punitive consequences if found guilty, or did I just make that up?

  12. My team for Sunday





    Johnston CCV Starfelt Taylor


    O’Reilly McGregor Turnbull


    Jota Oh Haksa



    Subs: Kyigo, Forrest, Maida- for Oh, Jota, O’Reilly(Haksa moves back one)



    Memories of Budapest




    Like many on the alt-right he is more fascist-friendly than fascist itself but he is not too keen to dissociate from them. Populism will do till fascism comes along. Just as Von Ribbentrop and Hindenburg smoothed the way for Nazi cancel culture.






    Not a fan of Orban in any way shape or form however I’m reading a book by Thomas Frank on the origins of Populism – essentially The People’s Party in the states late 1800s that unified farmers and workers and for a brief period of time threatened the establishment (ie Rep/Dem). Worth checking out as it’s interesting how the word has been intentionally changed by the elite from it’s historical meaning to it’s current one…



  14. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Oh dear, I can see one straw man loaded tome loaded with denials and justifications with accusations of fascism coming.

  15. Canamalar at 1.13 pm



    I have several books by Hungarian authors and I think Hungary has punched above its weight in most of its history. No country is uniquely good or bad. I despise Scottish exceptionalism as much as any other country’s unjustified bravado. I could have cited worse examples than Orban’s Hungary ( Lukashenko’s Belarus, Kim Jong-Un’s N. Korea or Aung Hlaing’s Myanmar) but I have never visited and have no anecdotes on it. I still know a little of what is happening there despite my lack of anecdotes.



    You tried to muddy the water with your Tatchell story. I’d be joining you and the various Village People Tribute Acts in protesting any march that was promoting the right of 9 year olds to have sex forced upon them. But the people marching in Budapest were not asking for that or for additional rights. They were seeking to have equal rights. They were seeking to have the right you say you are willing to grant them- to do what they want in their own bedrooms. Nobody is or was advocating for the right o have sex in the streets, for homosexual or heterosexuals, though we have a hard time preventing dugs from exercising that right, much to the amusement of children everywhere.



    So, no need to put alternative non-existent conditions on it. I am happy enough if you are willing to condemn the urban supporters who acted violently to suppress Gay Equal Rights. We don’t even need to go as far as arming the Gays to counterbalance this inequality.

  16. Prestonpans bhoys on

    Superbru…..I thought that was Tennants Super lager at a cracking 9% 🤣 😂

  17. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    I’m of the mind that our players that travelled to far flung regions should be allowed to allowed to get over the jetlag, I know it has taken me up to a week sometimes but in saying that other times it’s no had an affect, usually holidays though.

  18. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    Thatcher was used deliberately, do I need to spell it out?

  19. Now back to fit quickly before more erses get bored numb.



    I see Iwata is in the frame to start on Sunday as Hatate is not yet ready and there are doubts over Mooy. The suggestion being Iwata should be the deep lying midfielder and free Callum to go further forward.



    I have mixed feelings – do we disrupt the team positionally as well as with personnel?



    Who should start alongside Iwata and Callum- O’Riley or Turnbull? or both?



    My suggestion






    Johnston CCV Starfelt Taylor



    Iwata McGregor O’Riley



    Maeda Kyoto Jota



    Aff oot for the weekly shop now cdc

  20. SFtBs @ 2:01 PM,



    Well, we have gone from strawmen to a strawvoltaire, is that an improvement!?



    Of course I didn’t mention Voltaire but you knew that didn’t you?



    Want one of his, how about…



    “the right to free speech is more important than the content of the speech”



    No one is talking about absolutes



    After seeing how divisive it can be BMCUWPS and Mahe decided that politics would be a taboo subject on Sentinel Celts, there is a certain leeway but those who come on to push their politics are not welcome, that’s made clear



    CQN is different, itcallows politics but is much more intolerant of say swearing. Folk who come on and gratuitously swear will find comments deleted



    But of course, you know this too, don’t you?



    So if politics is allowed and extremist political views like Socialism is allowed, why should Libertarianism be banned?



    Because you disapprove? I don’t think so…



    Hail Hail

  21. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    Can you provide any evidence that there is inequality in Hungary?



    I do know we are forced to accept “positive discrinination” a policy that ensures deterioration of the organisations that implement it.


    Could it be they are trying to do what they’ve done everywhere else in the west, demand their bad manners are justified and open opportunity to take offence have that offence enshrined in law as punishable?


    People are affraid of upsetting them now in fear of being cancelled, havng a businesses destroyed. Because some mentally deranged gender denier was offended and told the world they were addressed with the wrong pronoun. Woe is me.


    Sorry, I thinks its been taken too far and Hungary have a chance to make sure they don’t make the same mistakes we made.



    I doubt very much there is any inequality in Hungary. I do think that there are people who want to be extroverts and want to be allowed to soak up only the good bits about being the centre of attention with any negativity about their behaviour outlawed.

  22. bigrailroadblues on

    Prestonpans 2.15


    Horrible stuff, I had 6 cans and tried to invade the Doune Castle.

  23. kevinlasvegas on

    Conspiracy Quick News.



    Light Hearted Football chat, love it.



    Happy Friday guys/




  24. can I remind members of the clique that tonight is password and the secret door knock changeover day between the hours of 6 and 7.



    members are also reminded that fees are due and the roubles and crypto currency are not allowed as methods of payment.



    i can also confirm that the utmost highest level of secrecy about our activities are still in place, and your personal details will never be shared online.



    if you have received this message and it is understood please respond with the oath of indifference ,,,,

  25. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    I apithtially believe there is no subject that could possibly affect or interrupt my life. There is no action taken by anyone that can affect me and I am immune to all feelings and causes that stir empathy.

  26. Can Man



    VPNs will never be outlawed here in my lifetime.



    So ready for the game on Sunday. Massive month ahead. I know we all dislike the international breaks but pretty good to see Calmac do his thing against Spain.



    Have a great Friday all.

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