Bedwetters better wear a nappy


“We weren’t as sharp as we usually are. A lot of my players looked tired, too many of them simply weren’t in this game,” said the Celtic manager after a 0-0 draw with Hibs, a result that would allow Rangers to close the gap at the top of the table to one point.

The manager in question was Wim Jansen after a game in April 1998, the “Rangers” in question was Oldco, not Newco.

Yesterday’s Celtic performance was miles better than the one 24 years ago and yesterday’s Hibs were superior to the Hibs team relegated back then.  Those of us who were there, use it as a counterbalance when red lights appear to go off.  You can win a difficult league even when you cannot win important games.

Wim, in his first (and last) season at the club, remained calm, despite the alarming performances at the most crucial of times for Celtic.  He knew he needed to lead the players and the entire club through a difficult period.

I see parallels between Wim and Ange, their softly spoken demeanours, tactical insight and determination to keep all eyes on the prize.  Yesterday’s result and performance is not what the manager or anyone wants to see, but bedwetters better wear a nappy, we are in capable hands.

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  1. Happy Monday all!



    Quite the turnaround over the weekend. From disaster too much lols.



    In the camp that avoiding defeat at Easter Road in the run in may be remembered as a point earned. We shall see.




  2. The balance in midfield wasn’t there yesterday, he has to find it and stick to it, too many changes doesn’t help IMO

  3. I hope our coaching staff aren’t as dismissive of some recent poor performances.



    If we can’t beat Livi at the third time of asking then it won’t be bedwetting if some supporters ask why.

  4. Aipple,



    It turned out a good point from a sluggish performance.The problem is,this season is really becoming nerve wracking.Think its because we did not really expect it.Now we can see that light at the end of the tunnel,the shredding is getting worse.


    More to come.


    May the Sun shine bright on your old Kentucky home. :)

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  6. CQN Article: “Three hours without a solitary goal and neither Joshua Smits nor Matt Macey exactly overworked in both matches was not in the script at this crucial stage of the campaign”



    Paul’s Article:”Yesterday’s result and performance is not what the manager or anyone wants to see, but bedwetters better wear a nappy, we are in capable hands.”



    Not often that I disagree with Paul, however I don’t think that genuine concern can be characterised as “bedwetting”. What we have, somewhat surprisingly after last season and a faltering start to this, is a real chance to push-on and win this title, with all it brings….and yet very few of us are totally convinced due to our recent ‘tepid’ form. I do agree that we are in capable hands.



    Let’s just ‘take the bull by the horns’ starting on Wednesday & St Mirren.

  7. Too strict an application of Ange ball is going to demotivate the more creative and skilful players. That won’t help with retention and recruitment of players



    It has to allow for some flexibility to take account of individual talent.

  8. Frank Drebin " Nothing to see here ! " on

    P67 having a dig at CQN posters?



    Certainly there were many Pis en Lits in evidence on here yesterday.




    Agreed. A season the majority saw as a rebuild with maybe a cup win turned into something else.



    The sun is going to shine bright this week, spring is indeed in the air. Thank ye!

  10. Paul,


    Not sure if you read the Blog any more,


    However if you do read this post please consider the following,


    Big Jimmy has apparently being red carded and at one level I understand why, he is the victim of his own popularity and does go over the top playing to his audience.


    However he is an elderly man. in poor health, living alone and he is Celtic to the core.


    This Blog & the real friends & cyber friends he has met here are an important support to him at this stage of his life,


    Our Anthem is You will Never Walk Alone, are we as a group, going to leave Big Jimmy walk alone,


    I can assure you there are a few nasty Posters here constantly insulting us the Celtic Support but that doesn’t seem to bother you at all.


    To me Big Jimmy’s indiscretions are very minor compared to the barrage of daily insulting Posts that go unheeded.


    If it is true that Big Jimmy has been red carded then I would ask you to consider his personal circumstances as outlined above & drop him an email inviting him back.

  11. aipple



    Wow, thanks for posting that, incredible place. And on your doorstep too.


    Worthy resting place for the Great Man

  12. To take the Wim J analogy further though we absolutely limped over the line only due to rangers capitulation in the final phase.



    We will need to win this one ourselves and that is the challenge.



    Rejuvenated Kyogo and Turnbull may yet play a key part in those final 7 games.

  13. Bada,



    Re.Spartak,what about the mealy mouthed statement from FIFA.Ridiculous.Do they actually believe anyone will play against them.What is going to happen when the first Nation refuses.I know a few have,but when it actually comes to decision time.They should have banned them,because this is going to get interesting.

  14. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Let’s take care of Wednesday.



    Can’t wait.



    One of four games we have in March


    (Sevco have 50% more).



    After that, we have a few weeks of matches only at weekends – which, I suspect but don’t actually know, will be invaluable in re-energising the squad.

  15. P67 — total board friendly / happy clappy tripe.



    If we are playing badly — and we are — then AP / coaching team / board need to know about it loud and clear.



    Ours is not the efforts of others — it is the way we perform ourselves.


    One off drops in form / poor performance can be excused and the caravan will move on.


    However we are not seeing a specific drop for the odd game — we are seeing an ongoing degradation of our footballing performance.



    We have issues throughout the season — lack of focus / accuracy / poor finishing.


    Now to this we can add a lack of urgency / directness / consistency / energy.


    We were good in the past in that we made lots of chances and scored some.


    Now we are creating a lot fewer chances and scoring very few / none.



    AP’s job is not to make the SPL competitive.


    It is too make us winners without giving the TFOD2.1 a sniff.



    For our future / Euro survival as a credible force we need to play better football.


    Winning the SPL because we were slightly less bad than them will not cut it.



    Comments like todays soil the blog — have you forgotten 2008/09?


    Forgotten PL’s penny pinching for 2009/10?


    Forgotten NL’s booze cruise in 2011?


    Forgotten the 2016 SC S/F debacle?


    Forgotten the shambles of 2020/21?



    Bedwetters — cheap point scoring.


    P67 — you are better than that.

  16. CORKCELT on 28TH FEBRUARY 2022 12:25 PM



    Paul67 only has the 2 rules, no foul language, no personal abuse,



    Big Jimmy continually broke both of them, and I understand that this is not the first time he has been banned,



    but considering the circumstances you have outlined, agree its a real shame and maybe a sine die ban is too much.

  17. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    PS – I missed Big Jimmy’s misdemeanor so can’t comment with any knowledge.



    Blog politics generally bores me ..



    … but on a personal level, I quite liked some (not all) of his posts.

  18. Well Paul since you’re making the comparison, compare the post-management comments of the managers and tell us which do you think was the more honest? The more respectful to the fans?



    I think serious Celtic fans have a right to call out what they see on the field without being called “pantywetters”. Of course a few fans go overboard but as far as I can see most comments have been constructive and slightly concerned that if Ange isn’t seeing what is so obvious to many of us then it will be difficult for him to make corrections in the run in to the title. The Celtic Blog with James Forrest certainly offers a lot more than CQN. There’s analysis, concern but it’s based on love of Celtic and genuine concern for what we’ve been seeing for quite a few games now. Particularly concerning to me: (i) a lack of an alternative approach when the wingers are nullified by the opposition doubling up on them (ii) a lack of alternative to sending in high crosses to a wee set of attackers in the face of big defenders (iii) players seem to be retrogressing: Abada, Rogic, Jota, Hatati, Maeda all a shadow of their former selves and lastly, poor use of substitutes – so many playing poorly yesterday and only one substitution? What was that about?

  19. Oh no, we’ve gone for the name calling again. Regardless of the remainder of the article I have 2 concerns about this:


    1) encourages name calling within the blog. More instances of posters playing the man and not the point. Let the personal abuse commence!


    2) I thought we’d given up on name calling last year. Remember when we referred to anyone who sought to point out our failings last season? That was the season we finished 25 points behind a 9 year old club



    I guess name calling is encouraged. Hope there are plenty red and yellow cards to go around

  20. After the relief at the Motherwell revival I realised we may well have been5 points clear last night with 10 to play…now that is a comfortable cushion.



    However..bedwetters.. yip thats me when we dont win. Celtic has much too strong an influence on my emotions.



    Love it though.

  21. CORKCELT @ 12:25


    Well said, that man!


    I second ( or third/ fourth ) that emotion!😊


    C’Mon Paul, forgive Big Jimmy his indiscretions.

  22. All over the Celtic blogsphere are good conversations today about how Hibs stifled us yesterday, about lack of partnerships in a team that has lost cohesion, worrying evidence of overcoaching ,etc from fans keen to debate the detail and will the team on to better things…



    Here ? Any criticism and it’s ‘bedwetters’.




  23. Paul 67,



    I’m sure you drop on here periodically. I would ask you to consider the very apt post from Corkcelt @ 12.25 hrs.



    I know there are rules ( very few ) to abide by, but in this case can you not make an exception on the grounds of compassion.


    Im sure it would be a very popular decision.



    Big Jimmy is the main man organising a CQN swally on Friday. Being banned will be similar to the husband not turning up for his wedding.




  24. lets all do the huddle on

    its become pretty clear that Paul67, JHB and Ernie Lynch are the same person



    So when Big Jimmy gives it tight to JHB, it is actually Paul67 he is giving it to




    So Paul67 has picked up his ball and ran away with it because he didnt like it

  25. Clunks from previous thread utter crap.



    Imagine being in a pub and sitting with your mates and swearing and they tell you to mind your language.



    Ffs it’s a pub no a wine bar or is that what you mean? Not a traditional pub?



    Obviously you have to be aware of your surroundings etc but if you have never drunk in a working mans pub, come along on Friday. No swearing aloud. :)



    Anyway he didnae deserve to go he was goaded by a multi moniker nut case, politic posting maniacs and a guy that’s banned (dunno how he got back on) with his “luv ya tae bits” crap. But banned.






    D :)

  26. ERNIE LYNCH on 28TH FEBRUARY 2022 12:19 PM


    “Too strict an application of Ange ball is going to demotivate the more creative and skilful players. That won’t help with retention and recruitment of players


    It has to allow for some flexibility to take account of individual talent.”



    Yes, that’s the keyword here. It doesn’t have to change, but being flexible will allow certain things to be done better, por cierto