Biton and the holding position


I was discussing Beram Kayal during the week, specifically how he was keeping Victor Wanyama out of the Celtic team before that ‘tackle’ from Rangers’ McCulloch put him out of action for months.  The player has never recovered his form but has never had a sustained run in the team either.

Nir Biton has made the holding position his own in recent weeks and, as a consequence, we’ve watched his form improve.  News that he picked up an injury when playing for Israel against Slovakia last week, which is likely to disrupt his appearances for weeks, has come at the worst possible time.  If he is to make this position his own, he needs performances between now and the end of the season.

Young players especially need games to reinforce their craft and build confidence, as well as to ensure fitness.

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Many thanks to everyone who donated to Mary’s Meals via the MyDonate link. We are closing in on funding the second school kitchen, at St Joseph’s Primary School in Kasungu, Malawi. Incredible response, treat yourself if you are one of the donors. You can get involved here.

Seville, The Celtic Movement, launches tomorrow (rumours suggest I might get my hands on mine today).

“”Claire, where is my passport?” I was frantic now as I pleaded with my wife. She must know I thought. Claire, my wife of twelve years, suffers my trips away to support Celtic without a single moan. Not this time though as Claire would not give me her blessing to go on this trip telling me that our bakery was now at critical point, busy and with too many European away days this year they had taken their toll.”

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  1. kevjungle



    09:39 on 13 March, 2014


    Just saying this afore I leave the blog……



    Because certain fans don’t want to see the huns again


    disny mean that – ye wulny!!!



    Because resolution 12 ‘might’ prove – collusion / cheating / whatever…..


    disny mean that the ‘bored’ will pursue the SFA / Whoever ?



    What will make the ‘bored’ act and, go for the bassas who cheated the


    Celtic support and, the support’s of all the other Scottish clubs in competition


    with the huns is, now….I know that this might not be the right time, with respect


    but, the Celtic ‘bored’ don’t have to put in a shift for your money cos, you just


    turn up with the best intentions for Celtic with yer contributions to the club but,


    you have ask yerselve’s…at what point does the ‘bored’ fight ‘YOUR’ battles ?



    I would say that, they have enjoy a charmed existence cos, they don’t have to work for ‘your’


    money. So…change that dynamic. Only ‘YOU’ can make the ‘bored’ get the gloves on, get into the ring and, fight the corner of the of the vicTIMS of the greatest sporting scandal in the history of the game.



    When yer SB-renewal forms drop through the door…get yer thinking caps on.



    It’s at this time of the year that, ‘YOU’ get the chance to call the shots – not at a hand-picked AGM were shareholders are easily kidded-on with – Rory Bremner style – cheap digs at the huns. Yeah, very funny. The ‘bored’ must have a collective wet-dream when these pea-shooters farces are played out. Talk about mugs ? Aye…..



    One more fence for the died-huns to jump and they’ll be right back – cheating the nicks off yeez and what will the ‘bored’ do about it ? F all – as usual. imho



    It’s ‘YOUR’ call fellow Tims – be shady or – be shafted !



    Good luck to you all – Goodbye.









    Taking in the sickening charade still going on the other side of Glasgow , can anyone really find fault with what the much maligned Kevin j posted the other day ( above ) I certainly can’t .




  2. I trusted Tony Benn. And – unlike almost every other modern day politician – I believed him to be essentially a good man.



  3. Beebawbabbity on

    The Labour Party leadership issue is a bit of a goldfish shoot in terms of highlighting past incumbents who were allegedly not good and compromised Labour Party principles…….so that’s the easy bit. The more difficult task I fear would be to ask the many detractors to ‘name that leader’ .




  4. Beebawbabbity on

    Antipod………great memories.Who did you play for and who do you remember in the team?Who managed it?Ive a sneaky feeling you are talking about OHR Boys Guild.


    Sorry for sounding like the CID….just curious :)





  5. CQN Saturday Naps Competition : Week 30/8th March results & standings



    Outstanding results this weekend in the lead up to Cheltenham…


    Bada Bing, valentinesday, voguepunter all napped Baltimore Rock @7/1. leftclicktic (Gaillimh a Chroi @9/2), Kilbowie Kelt (Chookie Royal @4/1), PF Ayr (Forward Flight @13/8).



    +£19.00 Rockon Neil Lennon (8)


    +£15.50 valentinesday (8)


    +£12.60 PF Ayr (10)


    +£ 4.50 leftclicktic (6)


    +£ 3.88 Som mes que un club (5)


    +£ 2.00 tommytwiststommyturns (2)


    +£ 1.00 Bada Bing (4)


    -£ 2.50 Cathal (4)


    -£ 4.63 BMCUWP (6)


    -£ 5.63 green T (5)


    -£ 6.00 BULL67 (4)


    -£ 9.00 El Madrigal (3)


    -£ 9.70 unionbearBhind (3)


    -£11.13 bonbhoy (4)


    -£11.50 fleagle1888 (3)


    -£11.75 16 roads (3)


    -£12.50 What is the Stars (2)


    -£12.75 Kilbowie Kelt (4)


    -£16.50 twists n turns (2)


    -£17.80 voguepunter (2)


    -£20.25 Che (2)


    -£22.20 Sponsored by Cheetah (2)


    -£22.75 MHARK67 (2)


    -£24.94 Burgas Hoops (2)



    *No selections (wk 30) : bonbhoy, MHARK67, What is the Stars


    *Non-Runners :



    Cheers, fleagle1888

  6. Som mes que un club on

    A credible 4th in the Cheltenham Naps, so shan’t be too despondent. Last winner was Wednesday 1440, so that was a disappointment….



    Today’s pick is:



    Baltic Pathfinder



    Newcastle 1450.



    All the best.

  7. Sun Cloud 3:50 Uttoxeter…..trying to get back on


    track after the Cheltenham blood bath…good luck



  8. MHARK67 prayin for OSCAR KNOX on

    Newcastle 4:00





    GOOD LUCK all and thanks FLEAGLE for all your hard work last week I really enjoyed it

  9. leftclicktic We are all Neil Lennon on



    Thank you for your efforts on here:))



    Never took part in Cheltenham comp as trying to pick one winner a week is enough for me,but followed it every day.

  10. Oscar positive thoughts unionbearBhind on

    Upholland 19:10 Wolverhampton



    good luck to all




  11. tommytwiststommyturns on

    Oh ma heid! Great night at CQteN, but the late whiskies were a mistake.


    Fleagle – you’re a star for organising the Cheltenham naps, Eddie was a worthy winner with some very consistent tipping over the four days. PF was very unlucky!


    I was jumping about my living room like a mad eejit when Lord Windermere got up to win the big one….very emotional win after it travelled so poorly for most of the race.



    Right, I need to clear my napper and I’ll be back with a selection….groan!




  12. Managed to come out of Cheltenham unscathed. A miracle Broke exactly even!



    Today’s selection is FRANKTHETANK 7.10 Wolverhampton.



    Good luck guys.

  13. leftclicktic We are all Neil Lennon on

    Dingo Bay 14:50 Newcastle



    For the simple reason it has more experience of racing at N/Cast than Everaard


    (I think ) :)))

  14. Kilbowie Kelt will vote YES on

    TANTE SISSI………. 2.20 Kempton.



    Good Luck to everybody. Let’s have a few winners to fund the Paddy’s Day excesses.

  15. Well done to eddie for winning the chelt.compo !


    cheers to fleags for the work.



    today I will try..


    outlaw tunes 2.00 limr

  16. BMCUWP nap :





    13:29 on 15 March, 2014



    Bar de Ligne 330k



    It won’t be carrying my money though as not that confident. Oh,and there’s another reason too.



  17. tommytwiststommyturns on

    Goulanes in the Midlands National for me (Utt 3:50).



    Good luck.



  18. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on

    Lost legend 3-40kemp



    Apologies for lateness



    A touch slow after last night

  19. Lads, only two winners in week 31…



    PF Ayr with Lost Legend (9/1)




    tommytwiststommyturns with Goulanes (13/2)



    Cheers, fleagle1888