Calibre gap, Uefa intervention, Celtic authors and bampots


We’ve been told since the summer not only that this season’s Championship would be more competitive than the Premiership (last week we covered the fact that it’s the least competitive league in Britain), but that the gap between the top of the Championship and the top of the Premiership would be narrow.

Hearts are probably a better team than we’ve seen in our two cup meetings with them this season, but they have proven to be hopelessly ill-prepared to face a European-calibre team.  Hamilton, Motherwell, Aberdeen, Inverness and Dundee have all given Celtic vastly more difficult challenges.

Robbie Neilson is doing well and his team will step-up to the Premiership challenge next year but they are not playing week-in-week-out at the pace necessary to tackle Celtic face on, as they did yesterday.

Following on from Saturday’s article, I heard today that Celtic’s relationship with Ujpest Doza, which saw Willie McStay leave his coaching role at Celtic to become Ujpest manager, was ended after complaints to Uefa about what was no more than unofficial links between the clubs.  Uefa informed the clubs that only one would be entitled to compete in European competition if their planned extended cooperation took place.

In the event a complaint was made to Uefa, clear blue water would be required between clubs Mike Ashley has an interest in.

Many thanks to the many authors, publishers and bampots in the Celtic community who are now involved with the CQNBookstore, which now had 29 books and DVDs available.

As well as the CQN books, like the CQN Annual, Caesar & the Assassin, Seville, All the Best by Tommy Gemmell and Heart of Lion by Willie Wallace, there’s Cartuja’s Internet Bampots, Paul Dyke’s The Quality St Gang, John Hughes irrepressible autobiography, two books by Ian McCallum on how the Glasgow Irish founded a football club, and on those who went to the Great War, signed copies of Archie Macpherson’s definitive Jock Stein biography, the Sean Fallon and Chris Sutton biographies, an absolute treasure chest of Celtic DVDs and beanie hats for Mary’s Meals!

We’re hoping to add more in due course. Fill your boots.

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  1. Off to Prague with Mrs IGC on Thursday.


    Anyone with knowledge of a bar which should be showing the Motherwell game (SS1)?



    Also, any dos and don’ts I should know about?

  2. I think Europa League attendances may reflect a deeper sentiment from the support. A lag in the disappointment of summer CL qualifying and player trading that won’t shift perhaps?



    I’m confident we will be up to at least 45-50k for the next round in February as optimism returns and memories of Seville are rekindled.




  3. Paul,



    I’m interested in your comments about our links with Ujpest Doza.



    Are there not other linked clubs in Europe? There was mention of a relationship between Red Bull somewhere and Chelsea have a link to a Belgian club. Are the feeder or partner clubs lower league in those cases, so European competition isn’t an issue?

  4. Craigellachie10 on




    You again to refer to the absence of any reference to UEFA regarding Mr Ashley’s dual interests. Are you hinting that anyone on particular should be making a complaint? Could it be a fan for example, a journalist god forbid, or would it have to be a club?

  5. In our last three cup ties against the diets our stats are:



    Won 3;



    GF 14;



    GA 0.




  6. prestonpans bhoys on

    Fair report on the game from the Hearld, Hootsman doing what the Hootsman does and didn’t even bother with the DR


    Staring to understand how CORKCELT feels!






    Not a problem cutting ties with so-called feeder clubs as long as every other club is told similar.



    A rare victory,I reckon,for the bilious bluenoses.



    It might be their last.




  8. foghorn leghorn on



    12:26 on


    1 December, 2014


    Off to Prague with Mrs IGC on Thursday.


    Anyone with knowledge of a bar which should be showing the Motherwell game (SS1)?



    Also, any dos and don’ts I should know about?





    Do – go the the lap dancers



    Don’t – leave the lap dancers








    Sincere apologies for the language in a link I posted overnight.



    I should know better.

  10. IGC



    The Prague astronomical clock, or Prague orloj, is a medieval astronomical clock located in Wenceslas Square. The clock was first installed in 1410, making it the third-oldest astronomical clock in the world and the oldest one still working.



    Make sure you get a good viewing spot just before Noon – worth seeing!

  11. Cathedral View


    12:28 on


    1 December, 2014



    Nah, it’s just the EL. The attendance on Thursday was only 834 down from the game against Atletico Madrid in 2011.

  12. praecepta



    I’m sure the Clock is in the Stare Mesto (Old town square). Wenceslas Square is the one cars can go up and down.






    Not been in Praha for years but there was a Pub off Wenceslas Square which was called the Gold Star which showed all football games.



    In the Stare Mesto there’s an Irish pub in the Stare Mesto so they’ll show it I’d imagine.

  13. I wasn’t going to post requesting a donation for this event this time but a couple of our number have asked me to post the details on here. So here it is.



    Thanks in advance for any support, prayers and thoughts.



    This coming Sunday, the 7th of December, I am taking part in the Cycling Santa’s cycle leg from Edinburgh’s Sick Children’s Hospital to Glasgow’s Yorkhill Hospital. A 50+ mile cycle across the central belt from East to West battling against what will definitely be head on winds.



    The Cycling Santa’s event started in 2012 to raise money for the Neurobalstoma Children’s Cancer Alliance, a charity which helped greatly the family of Wee Oscar Knox who sadly passed away earlier this year. The full event this year runs from London to Belfast with our buddy Mouldy67 getting involved in the full distance cycle. But alas I couldn’t get the time off work with prior holiday commitments to get involved in the whole event unfortunately.



    As well as cycling and raising cash for the charity we will also be giving out gifts to kids in both hospitals on the day, as will all the guys taking part in hospitals up and down the country throughout the whole event.



    This is a great way for me to pay tribute to and remember one of the bravest wee boys I have ever had the fortune to meet by putting a smile on the faces of kids on the day and helping raise money to help other kids like battling the horrible disease Wee Oscar fought and battled against for so long.



    So if you are of a mind to make a donation towards my cycle in memory of Wee Oscar then simply click the link below and then add a wee prayer or thought for Stephen, Leona and Izzy in the run up to Christmas.






    Taking part in cycling events like this always have me thinking back to 2009 and taking part in the cycle from Glasgow to Edinburgh with fellow CQN’ers to raise money to help get Martin Kane (Kano) home with his family, one year and a little bit more after he took seriously ill from Devic’s Syndrome. As we know Martin has never really improved physically from the day he took ill but thankfully he is living with his family at home were he can be cared for by those who love him most. If you’d prefer not to make a donation to the cycling Santa’s then can I ask that you make a donation to one of the many other worthy charitable causes or one close to your heart and say a wee prayer for our buddy Martin and his family leading up to Christmas almost 5 years on since he returned home to his family.




    MWD said AYE

  14. Begs the question why these documents were not a matter of public record. Maybe one of the Italian Bhoys could answer that one?

  15. As our next opponents are Motherwell, I thought I would check their wiki entry.



    According to them one of their nicknames is ‘the Dossers.’



    That pesky unseen Fenian hand strikes again.




  16. Bobby from previous.



    Aye I think I know the game you mean.



    Funny enough a worse game, referee wise, was a tie between the two as well.



    The one when even levein was raging. A terrible game that they were never going to be allowed not to win.

  17. prestonpans bhoys on




    I had quick look at attendances on Friday morning and I’m sure we were the highest in the EL

  18. Gordon_J



    Apparently so. But you’re good to go if the league investigating you don’t find or see the documents showing that you’re a shyster.

  19. IGC .



    Prague .—great ! Beautiful city



    Wander the streets of the Old Town .



    The St Vitus Cathedral .



    The Jewish Cemetry .



    Compare -Pilsner Urquell ,Gambrinus and Kozel medium and then you can join the debate re which is best .



    The Astronomical Clock ..



    Franz Kafka s house .



    Catch live music in Vagon / Akropolis/ Lucolne..



    If you fancy the wild side of life -Cross Club/ Ujezd / Bordo..



    Avoid the right wing skinhead nut jobs

  20. bournesouprecipe on

    I see the Sevco game is after the window has slammed shut. Must be to allow them to spend Super Salarys’ war chest.



    Bring on the Harry Rags CSC

  21. Paul67,



    I cant believe im about to say this, but i think you are being a wee bit harsh on hearts in your article above.



    Gomis’ sending off after only 8 mins yesterday means that we cant make any real assessment of how far behind us (or the rest of the premiership teams for that matter) Hearts really are.



    Likewise kilmarnocks apparently woeful performance in Govan yesterday doesnt mean that sevco are ready for the premiership either.



    RE Uefa was there any light shed as to who actually made the complaints re Celtic and the link with Upjest?



    As for Ashley and “his” 2 clubs, would any complaints not best be held off until there was actually a chance of the poorer of his 2 clubs actually qualifying for Europe? That way it may be more of blow at that time?











  22. prestonpans bhoys on

    Just texted Mrs Prestonpans to say something is being delivered 13:38 to 14:38 but I didn’t know what! Then I could hear her phone ping next door, I give up!

  23. South Of Tunis



    There is not much argument anymore. Pilsner Urquell is not made with any added Chemicals so it is better for you.



    Recently Kozel’s quality has dropped and so has Gambrinus.



    If you’re looking for something a little different if you can get it try Bernard or Vyskovce.


    If you’re after any Slovak beer make sure you or anyone else can get hold of Urpiner. I highly recommend it. Saris is good as well but it is better in the East of Slovakia, it doesn’t travel well.



    Count all your blessings, I cannot drink anymore.



    Never mind, now I can enjoy life…………….

  24. mullet and co 2 on

    Ennisbhoy, however, on the Leeds chap he can return to the club in March and can appeal. Dunno what March is about.

  25. thomthetim



    That’s me telt, yes!



    I’ve got an excuse ‘tho.



    I’m an eejit!



    Roll on Christmas!



    Adeste fidelis!




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