Cautionary tale from Denmark


Midtjylland play their second league game of the season away to AaB Aalborg tomorrow evening, hoping to win their first points.  Aab finished seventh last term, so it is a game Midtjylland will feel they have to win to get their domestic campaign on track.

Celtic are free of competitive pressures this weekend, facing West Ham at home tomorrow, where we can give players still working on their fitness an hour, then rest them for the trip to Denmark.

There is plenty of confidence ahead of the second leg against Midtjylland after a solid performance on Tuesday night but the name Aalborg will cause many of us to flinch.  The then Danish champions travelled to Celtic Park in the 2008 Champions League group stage.  It is fair to say they could be the weakest team we faced at that level, but indecisive finishing, for some of the game against 10 men, and a missed Barry Robson penalty, meant the game finished 0-0.

Celtic bossed the return leg at Aab’s tiny stadium and Robson atoned for his penalty miss by giving the visitors a second half lead.

Here’s the thing about football.  You can think you are safe, then a deflected shot flies in from nowhere and a deflected cross hits a defender and allows a semi-professional outfit to beat Celtic to the Uefa Cup spot.

I hope we use every moment of our preparatory time tomorrow wisely.  Nothing can be taken for granted.

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  1. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on




    I shiver at the memory Pablo.



    There are those who think deflections are pure chance and those who think they are part chance, part poor team shape / player posture & positioning.



    Big Jimmy – from last thread …



    .. would you be able to share the nam/address of the shop that does the VHS-DVD conversions?



    Much appreciated.




  2. CM @ 12.45



    You mention an unflattering comparison between East Berlin and the East of End of Glasgow — it is one I have heard about many years ago but don’t know the detail behind it — any chance you could share the source / provides more info.



    My memory of the late eighties in WCS was one where times were tough / it was a struggle for many as the 60’s baby boom tried to get gainful employment and build a career — well it was very tough for me though others did make progress.



    Thanks in advance as it is something I have tried to understand since I first heard the comparison — pre 89 is my only data point.



    Only NT game I ever went to was against EG in 85’ish — double strange.

  3. fairhill bhoy on

    PARK ROAD 67



    Pure luck.Sitting waiting on the weans coming so we can get away.


    But I’ll take it😉

  4. onenightinlisbon on

    “You can think you are safe, then a deflected shot flies in from nowhere and a deflected cross hits a defender and allows a semi-professional outfit to beat Celtic to the Uefa Cup spot”.



    Or you can ensure that you are not in the ridiculous position we are in through careful forward planning and appointing the correct people….

  5. Melbourne Mick on

    Jim McCalliog the one who got away …twice.


    What a player, and a sad indictment of the professionalism of our club


    back then.


    Would never happen nowadays.




    H.H. Mick

  6. BSR @ 12.45’ish / last night



    You have to admire your devotion to PL.



    No matter the facts put in front of you regarding his tenure as CEO — all that can be heard from your direction is a tug of the forelock and a mumbled “in Peter we trust / FFP is the god we must worship”.



    And then you have the audacity to ask what would others have done in the past / what should be the plans for the future — have you not be listening for the past 15 years where many have queued up to list his mistakes and offer advice regarding our future direction of travel.



    A good place to start would be your thoughts on what we should do in the future to play better football on the park and where you see us as a team going forward.



    More of the same — whatever that really was — will not cut and we need to get our thinking caps on.


    It is the way the world is moving at the moment — change good and bad is where we are at.


    Standing still brings on irrelevance


    Or another NL in the dugout.



    Consequently what are your thoughts?


    Mine are that we are 25 years behind the curve and we need change / growth / expansion.


    Flag poles and some fancy paving is nowhere near enough.



    Peak CFC post 94 was in Q4 2003 — BM dancing on the park at CP because they had managed to scrape a 0-0 draw with us in the CL group stages.



    No chance of that happening now — similar score in a friendly and we would be doing the dancing.

  7. Njoi yer Golf day oot Bhoys.



    Watched the Press conference where Cal was announced as Club Captain. Ange is really what it says on the tin… a NO NONSENSE Leader of Men.





  8. Apologies for the delay getting back gentlemen, from last evening…



    BSR @ 11:53 PM,



    All’s good here, hope you are fine – after a strange couple of seasons it will be good to get some relative normalcy back to Celtic Park – think Ange can add a bit of thunder!!



    Your points are well made, my issues with PL are not that he is not a capable man, he certainly has a talent for business and in the golden age of the CEO feathered his nest while doing the bidding of the finance guys – I do get that. His priority was a hidden agenda and he did a good job in that regard.



    However my issues with PL can be broken down to three points



    – he made the Celtic supporters believe that getting the best possible team on the park was the Boards priority – to my mind it never was



    – while working on DD’s priorities he failed in numerous other projects during his tenure; the money ball recruitment, the development of the academy, the development of Barrowfield, the development of the Hotel and Museum, the development of the main stand and most importantly the development of the of a first class Celtic Brand football



    – his indulgence in the Black arts; the 5wa, res12, Rodgers the rat, the bonuses, his relationship with dubious Scottish football characters, Bain, Doncaster etc etc



    Basically his failure to pursue the sporting excellence and moral integrity and that is what the best of Celtic strives for.



    Yet you are right on the era holder’s (despite what I say to TB below) I’m just glad I can remember the Jock Stein era and glad that I’m really enjoying watching the Celtic roller-coaster again.



    TURKEYBHOY @ 11:00 PM,



    Well I thought I’d made my point clear. Peter Lawwell was employed while Brian Quinn was Chairmen, he was not responsible for the football side…





    Lawwell, in fact, was employed by Celtic as financial controller from 1990 to 1991 during the tenure of the colourful and controversial Cassidy. A lifelong supporter of the club, he returns to a very different set-up in the role of Executive Director, Head of Operations.



    It is an unwieldy title but his job description remains the same as that applied to a chief executive. Celtic, however, are keen to let it be seen that no-one at the club holds a more prominent or significant role than manager Martin O’Neill.



    “Basically, this is recognition that football comes first and that everything else is there to support the football side of the business,” said a club spokesman.



    During Brian Quinn’s time Celtic won five SPL titles, four Scottish Cups and three Scottish League Cups. As well as a UEFA Cup runners up.



    It would be quite wrong to assign any achievements from that era to PL.



    PL’s record against oldco Rangers is as nothing compared to Brian Quinn’s.



    The idea that I support Newco Rangers’ fallacy that we won those trophies because we they were dead is wrong minded.



    They were incompetent cheats who went bust. Their actions during the generation leading up to their death all but destroyed Scottish football as a competitive sport. The fact they left us with little or no domestic competition is not our fault, it’s down to them.



    Of course PL did support the resurrection of Rangers and downsized Celtic, he is part of the reason there is now have a better team than us playing in Scotland. Last season destroyed the Big Pedro myth.



    It may not have been instant but certainly Karma, and of the ironic variety.



    Hail Hail

  9. MM / Aus @ 12.30



    I hope LM who at 17 headed over to BM — the CP dancers mentioned above — for a bit of youth experience in Germany is not the JMcC of the 21st century.



    His progress vs DM — both now 18’ish — is something to watch out for.



    It would have been interesting to think how he might have fitted into the team of the late 60’s — 4 / 3 / 3 instead of 4 / 2 / 4?



    In the 70’s he would probably meant that SM would have stayed a don.



    And then there was the Carlisle miss — KB in 67/68 where we were alerted but didn’t follow up.


    Another episode of sliding doors? — we had the year older PMcL waiting in the wings.

  10. Pete, I like when he is asked something and replies either “thats irrelavant” or “thats not the point”.

  11. Celtic are eyeing a move for former Fulham 22-year-old Moritz Jenz, who can play in central defence or right-back, the 22-year-old German currently with Lausanne-Sport in the Swiss top flight. (The Herald)



    Celtic target Ko Itakura, who is with Japan at the Olympics, has admitted it is his dream to play for a world famous club that will help him raise his profile after the 24-year-old centre-half returned to Manchester City from his loan spell with Groningen. (Daily Record)



    Celtic winger Marian Shved is on the brink of a permanent move to Mechelen after the 23-year-old Ukrainian international impressed last season while on loan with the Belgian club. (Scottish Sun)



    Rennes striker M’Baye Niang is wanted by Celtic this summer, but Venezia, who have been promoted to Serie A, lead the race to sign the 26-year-old Senegal international who is also being pursued by Fenerbahce and Shanghai Shenhua. (Foot Mercato)



    Belgium goalkeeper Hendrik van Crombrugge, the 28-year-old who has just signed a new four-year contract with Anderlecht, has revealed that Celtic are his favourite club and he would love to play for them one day. (Scottish Sun)



    English goalkeeper Fraser Forster has opened the door on a return to Celtic after the 33-year-old rejected a new cut price contract extension with Southampton beyond next summer. (Scottish Sun)

  12. MADMITCH on 23RD JULY 2021 12:47 PM


    MM / Aus @ 12.30



    serious question Madmitch.



    What is wrong with typing names rather than initials and codes for everything ?

  13. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    ‘Here’s the thing about football. You can think you are safe, then a deflected shot flies in from nowhere and a deflected cross hits a defender and allows a semi-professional outfit to beat Celtic to the Uefa Cup spot’………………….or as is more likely, a lapse in concentration/unforced error by player(s) nowhere near good enough to be in a Celtic shirt gifts the opposition an easy goal/advantage (as we saw on Tuesday evening).

  14. Colonel Colin Mitchell @ 12:14 pm



    Can anyone translate for me what he’s talking about.


    My Rosetta Stone app is on the blink




  15. WCS had me stumped.



    I think it means



    Welsh Celtic Supporters






    Weinmarner Club Shettleston






    Weird Cult Scotland






    Wheres Carly Simon

  16. Good afternoon CQN from another sunny day in the Garngad



    Tonyrome – Happy Birthday



    Fairhillbhoy- Enjoy Seaton Sands, I love taking the grandweans to caravan parks these days.



    Sadly we put our holiday to Turkey back another year and with me having to run grandkids to and from training camps etc we have only been able to enjoy our wee piece of The Garden of God until our October break which is a log cabin we put back from new year. Murder this.






    D :)

  17. Saints, I get such a good feeling about Ange. Lets be honest everyone has faults, me especially, Celtic needed this to start annoying the Creme de La Creme of Europe again.

  18. Not Massive Attack.



    Although if Ange is True to his Word. Celtic are gonnae be insanely on the front foot and having other teams having nightmares about playing us. He never said we are gonnae be the best defensive unit ever howevaaaaaah. In the End all that is left is the Truth.

  19. Melbourne Mick on

    Think MADMITCH is a bit like those adverts you see on the telly, we


    all disregard them and then there’s one that is particularly bad, or


    amateurish, and we all talk about how bad it is.




    H.H. Mick

  20. Indeed a cautionary tale from Paul. Let’s hope there is no Hans Christian Andersen type story to be told after our Danish sojourn, let’s hope it’s not a tinder-box where our European hopes are ravaged by the football dogs of Midtjylland.



    The Danes looked on a par with St Mirren & Motherwell of last season, but of course a defeat to either of these itypes is not unheard of – as we know to our cost over the years.



    I have no great expectations about our progress on this pilgrimage to Denmark. Human error & recklessness, on Tuesday night, may have wrecked this year’s midsummer night’s dream.



    “Hope springs eternal in the human breast;


    Man never Is, but always To be blest”



    ….Pope – God bless him!

  21. Fraser Forster—-no thanks. The guy’s one and only priority is , Fraser Forster, not Celtic. He had the chance but chose not to take it. Goodbye mr Chips





  22. MM,


    See you just resort to the ” Happy Clapper” guff when someone digs you up for your claptrap.


    The vast majority of the 60,000 who went to Celtic Park,were delighted with the success under PL.Not so on here,but agendas are just that.Agendas.Was PL perfect?Not in the least.Did he get things wrong?Yes,many times.Still does not alter the facts,you know the one that drive you nuts,he brought fantastic success on the park for 9 years.He delivered 29 trophies in 17 years.That fact destroys all the brown stuff you keep trying to ram down people’s throats.You are so bitter,you even try and decry the Celtic Way.Pathetic.


    Yes you have your compatriots on here who think the same,but their constant whinging, will never drown out the roars and cheers of the vast majority,who had a ball for so long.When we are all dead and forgotten,the figures will sit proudly in the record books.


    I thank God I lived through it,and so do many more.

  23. WCS = West Central Scotland.


    Has been used before …



    Probably had the same response.


    Will try harder.



    Any news on the next Colts game?


    B/riggR TV last week was micro-casting in the extreme.

  24. JHB


    “The Danes looked on a par with St Mirren of last year”



  25. MADMITCH makes some excellent points and is certainly knowledgable in certain areas.



    Unfortunately I swerve his observations now due to his incessant use of his brand of pseudo acronyms – not a criticism, just a preference, but a pity nonetheless.

  26. TURKEYBHOY on 23RD JULY 2021 1:17 PM



    I love an insightful answer – most of those at Celtic Park on Tuesday night were agreed that the Danes were there for the taking, just like St Mirren & Motherwell should be whenever they visit.

  27. I’m confident we’re comfortably better than midtylland. But then, it’s Celtic, in Europe, away from home, so it’s a 50/50 for me.

  28. Melbourne Mick on




    Hope does spring eternal, in every Tims heart, it may not seem


    like it when the darkness envelopes us, but when your down and


    being battered every which way, no recognisable team to be


    confident about, in the middle of a pandemic, and 9000 souls sing


    their hearts out on another journey of the Celtic history.


    All you can do is… join in.


    H.H. Mick

  29. mad mitch



    No time for a detailed reply but based partly on my own experience of visiting Glasgow from the 1960s onwards, the impact of Glasgow “planners”, and politicians, ten years of Thatcher, and living in East Berlin albeit just 1990, the health service in situ etc. Not a consumer based society it has to be said, and one which, like all other parts of Berlin was occupied post 1945 until 1994. DDR museum in Berlin worth a visit if you are ever over there.

  30. MM @ 12.31pm



    More labelling and cliches?



    I have no allegiances to PL or any other Celtic figurehead and I’ve no locus in castigating whoever is the CEO at any given time, last time I checked it was Dominic McKay . We’ve spent £10M with 6 weeks of the transfer window still to go, is that another record? . My thoughts are that we ran out of luck, after we had won the nine.



    It’s been done to death on here, where were the dissenting voices between the showers at Hampden, and the first lock down? There were none, we’d completed nine, with a brilliant run unrivalled from Jan to March then brought in four major players, and had no inkling that there were wantaways. Selling Edouard on the eve of 10, would have been unthinkable, the club dug in, but bought extremely poorly barring the excellent if pursued capture of David Turnbull.



    I support the big picture, the club as a club totally unique in an often hostile environment, above every individual employee regardless of position.



    Dermot Desmond doesn’t own the club, he is the major shareholder but does not own the majority of shares, if only he did he might consider the investment we all crave.




  31. TB @ 1.13



    God loves a trier and you are trying harder than most — as has been explained to you many times — PL was not responsible “29 trophies in 17 years”.



    He has been responsible though for our decline to the point that last year was the worst set of performances in my lifetime and that includes 77/78 and the early nineties — then we might have been poor but at least we tried.



    Last season was a train wreck in slow motion that will be written about for years to came as a textbook example of corporate failure and football collapse.



    That is his legacy — that is the situation he left us with.


    Second rate property bean counter totally out of his depth.


    Did a rich man’s bidding to keep the bonuses flowing.

  32. MELBOURNE MICK on 23RD JULY 2021 12:30 PM


    Jim McCalliog the one who got away …twice.



    What a player, and a sad indictment of the professionalism of our club



    back then.



    Would never happen nowadays.





    H.H. Mick



    a gentleman Mick,sits three rows in front of me





    Tony Rome happy birthday





    :-) 👍




  33. Melbourne Mick on

    I wish people would use another set of initials for MADMITCH


    instead of MM.


    Some might think I’m mad.


    Oh wait…????




    H.H. Mick

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