CCV, “Mick” will fail


You didn’t need to see the evidence for yourself last night, but Cameron Carter-Vickers gave more evidence that he is an absolute rock of a defender.  How we managed to sign him for £6m in June is remarkable.

Before Tottenham agreed on his loan to Celtic with an option to buy, the player spent four years loaned to six different English Championship clubs.  He excelled at each, encouraging Spurs to keep a tight reign on him.  It wasn’t until he turned 23 that they considered an exit price, without ever playing a competitive game for his parent club.

His profile is not that different to Dedryck Boyata.  When Dedryck signed from Manchester City, he was a year older than Cameron when he arrived, but had played significantly less football.  Consequentially, his first season in Glasgow was full of bomb scare moments.  It took time for Celtic to turn him into a Belgium international.  Cameron cut his teeth in a competitive Championship before arriving at Celtic.

I would not like to contemplate his departure anytime soon, but if you consider the £14m we got for Kristoffer Ajer and the £20m Ajax paid for Calvin Bassey, Cameron is a very valuable asset.

The challenge to our primacy in Scotland will be orchestrated by Michael “Mick” Beale, who was appointed Newco boss on Monday evening.  He is a relatively safe pair of hands.  Unlike most alternatives, he will not have to spend the next six months getting to know what is possible to squeeze out of this squad he has inherited.

As recently as last month, with QPR leading the Championship, he was unattainable by (then bottom of the EPL) Wolves and regarded as out of reach for Newco.  A subsequent collapse in west London changed all that.  “Mick” (we’ll see how long it takes before they’re calling him Ted) saw his challenge circling the plughole, QPR did their best to keep a straight face when asked about a possible approach for their manager.  The move made sense for everyone.

There is a difference between being a coach and a manager.  The latter has all the responsibility, the former has the luxury of being able to indulge in clever technical detail, without the need to pull a dressing room along with him.  This quality was lacking at both Newco and QPR in recent weeks.  Both clubs are likely to see an uptick in form as players attempt to impress their new bosses, although dead cats seldom soar for long.

No one believes Beale is a gamechanger.  He is a known quantity, experienced in the most over-priced league structure in the world, who was part of a management regime at Ibrox which won only one trophy from nine, and that was tamely conceded to them.

There was rumours of a Portuguese candidate managing in Brazil.  This echoed our reach for a Greek-Australian working in Japan, but Newco have walked this road before.  Portuguese Pedro Caixinha was recruited from Qatar before being sacked a few hilarious months later.  I expect this experience made the Newco board averse to a left-field candidate.

The reality is, it is impossibly hard to get a managerial appointment right.  Even the biggest clubs in the world with the most experienced execs repeatedly get it wrong, so don’t think you, me, or Billy across the street has a font of wisdom on this subject.  Nor does Douglas Park, though, as we will soon find out.  Whatever Beale’s talents are, they will not touch the side of Newco’s structural problems.

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  1. CCV is a rock. Hopefully he’ll be the rock on which Ange builds his team for the next few years. Perhaps his perceived lack of height may stop the really big offers coming our way, which is fine by me.



    Had Celtic appointed a man with 20 odd games in professional management, I’d have been very worried.



    As it is we went for a man that managed at world cups, won his country’s first international trophy and won league titles in two countries. Even then I was sceptical.



    Beale is far from a safe pair of hands imo.

  2. CCV was immense last night for the USA v IRAN… were many of his Teammates.


    I was VERY impressed with several of the USA Players. Their levels of Fitness, Determination, Commitment and SKILL was terrific and a joy to watch.


    Hopefully the USA can bring ALL the above attributes to their last 16 match against the Nederlands, and get thru to the last eight, and further ?


    IF they do, the USA can give the Nederlands a VERY hard game this weekend.



  3. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    I said last season given the choice of one or other I’d have CCV over Jota.



    Turns out we signed them both😀



    Win the New Year game at Mordor and put Mick under immediate pressure👍

  4. BTW, CCV is our MVP IMO RFN.


    But how do you make a goldfish bowl attractive to a latently big fish, Ange ?



    Also, can some one explain this whole Michael-slash-Mick jibe?


    Is it that we really still getting our jollies from bigotry tinged barbs that anyone called Michael at the hunnery might be RC and therefore a ‘Mick’ which is likely to annoy the Sevvies?



    Mibby it’s something else more innocent than that?




    And if you fancy some good boomer humour, try Brad Upton:


  5. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    “The challenge to our primacy in Scotland will be orchestrated by Michael “Mick” Beale,”


    “No one believes Beale is a gamechanger. ”




    If he isn’t a gamechanger then he won’t be challenging our primacy.


    The only club that can prevent Celtic continuing their (domestic) success is Celtic. It’s not as if we haven’t seen it before.


    Not remotely interested in who is managing elsewhere. Has absolutely no relevance to what can be developed at Celtic with a proper vision and a bit of ambition.


    The manager certainly has it…..




    Also, can some one explain this whole Michael-slash-Mick jibe?



    No.we can’t Quad.lazy as I think.


    It’s a bit like don’t mention old frim.


    We don’t


    Yet every article focuses on the cheating hun ,implies infers that we are better and have nothing to do with them.


    They cheat and lie its how they have always operated.


    What is our part in this money spinning business?



    “Mick” Quad is a derogatory term used by the peepil.


    You’ll know that I am sure.


    It’s a sad use of language and it’s used by us.


    But it’s a wee chance to talk of new club.


    That will stir the masses..


    Personally I wouldn’t use any of their colloquial terms let them own the cheap lingo of hate.



    Maybe we should stick to the advancement of Celtic Paul,not shoddy language like ‘Mick’



  7. In Scotland CCV would have given away a penalty and been booked near the end of that game last night.

  8. While being proud of our players at the World cup I must admit for selfish reasons that I hope USA, Croatia, Japan and Australia get knocked out asap and our players return fit and well.



    I also don’t want them to draw too much attention to the clubs in the rich leagues who could snap them up.



    Hurry back

  9. GTTF 1.02



    Bang on the button.


    It’s about us and our direction.


    Nowt to do with the 2 club Tams!






  10. bigrailroadblues on

    Good afternoon all from the Imperial Bar. France and Australia double today. 2-1 Oz, 3-0 le bleus. I can hear Big Jimmy and Tom McLaughlin laughing from here 😆

  11. Paul67



    “without ever playing a competitive game for his parent club.”



    I think CCV played a couple of FA Cup ties and EFL Cup ties with Spurs. NO EPL appearances however.



    Anybody thinking about WC scouting should know that real world scouts have been out there well before this competition.



    The players we have noted from the USA, including the much admired CCV, have already been picked up



    Right back Dest was with Ajax B in 2018, debuted with Ajax in 2019, transferred to Barca for 21m euros in 2020 and loaned out to AC Milan 3 months ago with a 20m euro option to buy.



    The impressive captain Tyler Adams was brought from NY Red Bulls by RB Leipzig (another dodgy RB family insider trade) in 2019, scored in a CL semi final in 2020, and was transferred to Leeds United in summer 2022 for 20 m euros



    Brendan Aaronson was transferred from RB (again) Salzburg in May 2022 for £24.7m.



    Tim Ream and Anton Robinson are with Fulham. Others are already at clubs like Juventus and Gladbach, Valencia and Chelsea. Even their hard working striker, Josh Sargent went to Bremen in 2019 and has been with Norwich since 2021.



    The only ones that are at “lesser” clubs would be the 3 Goalies in the squad (1st choice is at Arsenal with little prospect of breaking through) and unused/ lesser used squad players like Shaq Moore, De Andre Yeldin (already tried the EPL), Walker Zimmerman, Kellyn Acosta , Christian Roldan, Jordan Morris or Jesus Ferreira. Many of these are too old or have already tried or failed at Euro League level.



    We are better off looking at younger USA players or their coaches who are generally more professional and hard working than their European counterparts



    The USA has great coaches but the only one I think that may be good enough and of the appropriate value would be back-p GK

  12. The USA are currently 100/1 to WIN the World Cup with BET365…..They couldnt…could they ?



    I dont know what to call The Netherlands, The Nederlands, Holland, The Dutch or just refer to them as the ORANJEE Boys ?



    i know one thing though…they have NOT impressed me at all in this World Cup, and with a bit of added luck…The USA can beat them on Saturday ?


    I do NOT think that SENEGAL will show Engnurland much respect when they play on Sunday…I think the Senegalese just like to do their ” Own Thing”….and dont really care who there are facing…I dont know why, I think like that ?



    Maybe, I am watching TOO MUCH Fitba these days ?







    Good afternoon all from the Imperial Bar. France and Australia double today. 2-1 Oz, 3-0 le bleus. I can hear Big Jimmy and Tom McLaughlin laughing from here




    Not at all BRRB Mate.


    I have backed France to win 3 – 0 also.


    I have also taken Australia to win 2 -1….although I have taken a second Bet that Australia to win 1 – 0 ?


    I think ONE Goal may well settle the Australia v Demark game ?


    Best of luck Mate with YOUR Bets.



  14. Every club are looking for a potential star ,what about Conor Coventry now available for very little.


    Irish under21 player with 21 appearances ,now surplus to West Ham according to David Moyes .


    Ange could bring out the best in this lad ,well worth a short contract HH

  15. Pat Woods donates his whole Celtic collection to Celtic.




    Hopefully along with all the historical memorabilia stored underneath the top tier of stand,


    Celtic should give these items.their own space,a museum to walk around,or get them online so the Celtic diaspora can see them for themselves.The clubs attitude to it own history is messed up and wrong.






  16. Spot on about coaches and managers, two different jobs, two different skill sets, very different judgement involved



    He hasn’t come through his first challenge as a manager – he “ran away from the ship” before he was able to turn QPRs form round, all his experience at the Huns was second hand



    The job is too big for him at this stage of his career.

  17. bournesouprecipe on

    Michael you have taken them away, part 2



    It’s all very well getting a manager in, that has won six Championship games does he understand how the Rainjurz work?



    Only attend mass at Christmas and things, like all good Le Guens



    Stand on your head when you score, like a Murty



    Deliver a world class breakfast



    Plead like Pedro in a Belgian bush



    Can he scowl in Scouse



    Drink like a fish with a drouth



    Can he fill the Jimmy Bell role?



    The world’s most successful club they even managed to beat liquidation, another world record 18th manager in their short history



    TheGiftThat CSC

  18. AN TEARMANN on 30TH NOVEMBER 2022 1:41 PM




    Thanks for sharing that AT.


    Well done Mr PAT WOODS collecting ALL that History of our most iconic Club day.


    My DA brought back a few mementos from his time in Lisbon, one of which was a Portugese Newspaper, which was the size of the Old Citizen/ The Herald back then.


    On the FRONT PAGE, was a magnificent GLOSSY COLOUR Photo of BOTH Celtic and the Inter Milan Squads, with Inter above Celtic. It took up the whole Front Page.


    When my DA gave it me, I was stunned, as it was the first time that I had seen a Glossy Colour Photo in a Newspaper.



    It was a BELTER of a Photo.


    I kept it until 1981, and sadly I must have left it behind when I binned my 1st Wife, and she kept the Flat which had been our Martial Home. That was the last time that I can recall ever seeing it.


    I dearly wish that I STILL had that Newspaper, but I had packed my bags in a bit of a hurry when I BINNED Her….STUPID BHOY !


    I didnt realise that I had lost it until some years later.


    I missed that Newspaper Photo MORE than I missed my 1st Wife !



  19. ” Celtic,we will hunt you down”from the DR,so probably a load of Lilian.


    Still funny though.

  20. IF I could remember the NAME of that Portugese Newspaper, i wouldnt hesitate to contact their office ( IF they are STILL Operating ?) and ask them to send a COPY of that particular Issue ?


    i think I will try and do a bit of ONLINE SEARCHING, in the slim chance that I find out the name of that Portugese Newspaper from 1967, and take it from there ?


    Nothing ventured….



  21. I meant to add, that the Portugese Newspaper and Photo was either on the Day BEFORE the game…or on the MORNING of the game ?


    im gonna try and track it down.


    A Bhoy on a Mission.



  22. BRRB



    I’m not laughimg.



    I’ve got France to win 3-0 and Denmark to win 2-0.



    We’re not far apart.



    I’d have liked the Socceroos to progress but can’t see it.

  23. Michael Beale is called Mick by his friends like 1000s of other Michaels around the globe.. It has nothing to do with his religion.


    In the dark days of old, can you imagine an Ibrox board considering a Sean and a Michael for the managerial post? Or having several catholics in their team (as has been the case for many years).



    I apreciate a huge number of their fans Revel in their anti-Irish hatred and the club panders to them. The bigotry runs deep but the “no catholics” stance has thankfully been dismantled when it comes to the playing and coaching staff




    Good point well put.



    I really find it strange that Rangers have been signing Catholic players and managers for decades yet still some Celtic supporters make a big issue of a Rangers player blessing himself or their recruitment of a manager with a Catholic name.

  25. I see flog it is on after world cup game.



    Might impact our strategic transfer policy.







  26. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Re: CCV , more pertinently for me is his short term availability for us.



    With USA now in last 16, and the need for players to take at least a few days break after the WC …



    … I reckon there’s a good chance he won’t be available for our first match after restart.

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