Celtic curiously stretched in central defence


Neil Lennon has been fluid with his team formations in recent weeks.  As a result, three central defenders, Efe Ambrose, Kelvin Wilson and Charlie Mulgew could each be regarded as first choice picks, although Ambrose and Mulgrew have also been deployed in midfield.  Ambrose has featured in all nine games since the beginning of December, while Wilson has featured in eight and Mulgrew in seven.

Add to the picture the fact that fourth-choice central defender, Thomas Rogne, has appeared in eight of those nine games, missing only the replay against Arbroath, and our central defenders look curiously stretched.  Much has been made of the proximity of Efe Ambrose potential involvement in the African Cup of Nations to Celtic’s Champions League tie with Juventus, but the numbers suggest a vacancy exists beyond this tie, hence the recruitment of Rami Gershon, who will join on a six month trial, pending a work permit, with a permanent transfer agreed in principle, pending performance between now and May.

Gershon, 24, has kicked around Standard Liege for three years without making a discernible impact, but he is an experienced international who fits the profile of a non-critical recruit, competing as fourth of fifth choice central defender.  His six-month objective will be to secure Thomas Rogne’s place in next season’s squad.  The try-before-you-buy strategy we discussed earlier this week will ensure Neil Lennon has a player keen to impress whenever he gets an opportunity. Sound squad management.

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  1. Oh Willie Maley was his name,


    He brought some great names to the game,


    When he was the boss at Celtic Park.


    He taught them how to play football,


    He made the greatest of them all,


    Gallacher and Quinn have left their mark.

  2. From previous post





    I think the key to the proposal is that the whole game in this country would need to change and this wouldn’t happen in a number of weeks or months. It would need a few years to stream line and set up.


    The major issue is that people are looking for a quick fix. That’s not what is required. It needs to be well thought out, planned and communicated.


    This would need to be at least a 2 or 3 year plan to get it right.


    Sevco would need to go up the leagues like everyone else. I don’t see that it benefits them to rise too quickly anyway and they know it. If they went into the first division next year they would have to raise prices for their fans which would hit their crowds and then buy more players on SPL wages. They want to rise gradually through the ranks and they need to!




  3. Well done, Vmhan.



    A rare scalping of philvis (who is now muttering gypsy curses upon you while pretending not to have been interested in today’s podium) …




  4. harryhoodsdugbitme on

    Damn. Top ten from Thailand…..Anyone know why Filip Twardzik has suddenly vanished? HH.

  5. James Traynor article = Famine song = banter = he’s now employed by a club that didn’t sign a catholic for over 100 years = remind me who has problem in this country again ?



    Not 1 ROI player in first team of old club rangers = still no ROI player in 1st team of new club = remind me who has the problem again in this country again ?



    Our club has never had a problem we are open to all, they have the problem not us so deal with it you bigots.

  6. Stairheedrammy on

    From previous post


    GerryUK- I take it that you havent read the Rowntree Foundations report on poverty and ethnicity in Scotland published only last year. Those from an irish catholic background are doing better than they used to, but not as well as the majority of the population. So thats all right as far as you’re concerned? we can now move to the middle of the bus

  7. philvisreturns on

    Vmhan, you and your scripts.



    I demand a stewards enquiry! (thumbsup)



    quonno – If Scotland is such a potential basket case, why is Westminster so keen to hold onto it?



    An “independent” Scotland isn’t going to be a basket case because of some iron law of nature. It would be so because of the nature of Scottish politics and society.



    The overwhelming political consensus in Scotland is that the State must get bigger and do more, spending must always rise, and Scotland must be within the EU. The entire country suffers from an entitlement mentality.



    These are the things that will destroy the financial backbone of an “independent” Scotland.



    But it’s not as if a hypothetical “independent” Scottish government would inherit a promising position to start off from. They’d inherit a large chunk of the UK’s obscenely bloated national debt (including a larger than average share of the public sector pension commitments previous UK governments have made), they’d come under immediate pressure to join the doomed Euro, and even if they resisted that they’d be using the currency of a now-foreign nation, the remainder of the UK, over which they’d have no control.



    So you’d have an “independent” Scotland run largely from Brussels, without its own currency, saddled with massive debts, and with a political class determined to spend yet more money they don’t have. The same people who brought you the Offensive Communications Act would be empowered to come up with even more wacky schemes to strip you of your liberty and your money.



    That’s a recipe for disaster. (thumbsup)

  8. Anyone who thinks that the Irish/Catholic will get a fair deal in Scotland,is actually living in ” Cloud Cuckoo Land”

  9. Remember this.



    Scottish Law Reporter


    Reporting on news & issues of Justice, Law & Politics, from Scotland.


    MONDAY, DECEMBER 12, 2011



    ‘Hate Data’ destroyed as Salmond’s SNP fear Independent Scotland viewed as ‘Too Sectarian’ to join predominantly Catholic European Union


    Scottish Government fear Sectarian attacks against Catholics and other religious minorities may endanger EU view of independent Scotland. ON Wednesday of this week, whether Church burning anti-catholic Scots and the rest of us want it or not, the Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications (Scotland) Bill better known as the Scottish Government’s anti-sectarian legislation aimed at targeting insulting songs at Football matches, will be waved through into law by the SNP’s majority vote in the Scottish Parliament (no doubt after a tumultuous debate) on the pretext of strengthening the powers of the Crown Office & Police to prosecute rising numbers of sectarian attacks against Roman Catholics and other religious minorities in Scotland.



    However, it appears the motives for the bill’s violently quick passage are anything but clear, and nothing much to do with tackling crime with some now claiming the badly planned anti-bigot legislation, brought about at the instigation of Police Forces & Prosecutors (who themselves appear to be institutionally sectarian as well as corrupt), and seized on by the SNP as an appropriate pro-independence headliner targeting Unionism is more to do with cleaning up the historically high anti-catholic & anti-religious minority crime statistics to allow First Minister Alex Salmond to advance a particular part of his independence policy, that of joining the predominantly catholic European Union.



    Speaking to Scottish Law Reporter over the weekend, a Crown Office insider claimed the real reason the ‘potentially dangerous’ historical statistics on anti-catholic crimes were shredded by Crown Office officials before they could be produced at the Scottish Parliament’s Justice Committee is more to do with the fact the current SNP Scottish Government feared any revelations of the now destroyed statistics could damage Scotland’s chances of being accepted by the EU as a stand alone member if it breaks away from the United Kingdom.



    Within the now destroyed data, such was the level of reported anti-catholic crimes, the severity of the crimes, the lack of prosecutions, especially in sectarian complaints made against in some cases, still serving Police Officers & even COPFS staff, and the many questions the historical statistics on sectarian offences may have raised in debates at Holyrood, Scottish Ministers felt revealing the truth could lead to questions being raised in the EU over whether Scots authorities could handle sectarianism and prevent Scots based individuals & groups from spreading their hate message & criminal activity against Catholics & other religious minorities throughout the European Union.



    The insider, who claims to have seen the now destroyed data which SLR reported on in an earlier article HERE, commented “If the information on sectarian crimes had been published rather than being destroyed on political orders, there would be no doubt in anyone’s mind the statistics would show Scotland is a dangerous place for Roman Catholics. The fear was if the figures got out, this would affect the SNP’s independence agenda and how the predominantly Catholic EU might view an independent Scotland asking for EU membership.”



    The credible claims by insiders come on top of ample evidence to suggest that Police & Prosecutors have their own agenda to bring in the new anti-bigot legislation which will allow them to even-up the sectarian crime statistics by arresting more Catholics to blur the statistics, rather than tackling the root of the historically huge ant-catholic bigotry problem which has been endemic in Scotland for years. Scottish Law Reporter has covered the new bill in previous articles HERE, noting there are even allegations of sectarian jibes among the SNP’s own ranks, some of whom have proclaimed their own support for the Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications (Scotland) Bill and for the idea that more Catholics should be arrested to ‘even-up’ the figures.



    While debate continues to rage on the anti-bigot legislation and the SNP’s true motives for waving it through the Parliament, some media organisations have privately acknowledged they are being pressurised more than ever NOT TO MENTION or report on crimes where sectarianism is thought to have played a role in what took place.



    At least seven murders in the West of Scotland this year, some of young men, others involving family members, all widely reported in the press and on television are thought to have been motivated in some way by anti-catholic hate however as yet not one news report or newspaper article has mentioned the fact Police officers investigating the crimes viewed the possibility each incident had an element of sectarianism to it.



    In other shocking incidents, the desecration of Roman Catholic churches in Scotland has continued to rise, with a recent report on STV news regarding an incident of vandalism of St Leonard’s RC Church in East Kilbride which was so heavily sanitised, the incident as reported by the media took on a completely different view to the actual details of what is very much a sectarian crime, more accurately reported by Scots composer James MacMillan in the Telegraph, HERE.



    Commenting on the sanitised STV report, Mr MacMillan said  : In this report on the vandalisation of St Leonard’s RC Church in East Kilbride certain details have been withheld. According to parish sources the vandals removed the statue of Our Lady and placed it on the altar where they covered it in paper and cloth and set it alight. Also, the Tabernacle – one of the most sacred objects in any Catholic Church was covered in graffiti. This was clearly a sectarian attack, motivated by the intense anti-Catholic attitudes which have so disfigured Scotland and continues to do so. The fact that a police spokesman, in full knowledge of the specific details of this assault, then claimed it bore no hallmarks of a sectarian incident, speaks volumes.



    The details of the burning of the statue of Mary have since been confirmed through local sources.



    Mr MacMillan went onto point out while Catholic Churches are being burned in Scotland and in Northern Ireland, none have been targeted in England, even during the Pope’s visit last year.



    Other incidents such as the burning down of an empty priest’s house in High Valleyfield, Fife appear to have suffered from misinformation put out by the Police, who claimed at the time the fire was caused by an electrical fault. Yet the fire which burned down the parish house of St Serf’s Church in High Valleyfield near Dunfermline came immediately after death threats had been sent to priests in the archdiocese of St Andrews and Edinburgh.



    Another incident where the Police appear to have misled the public occurred in Leslie Fife, where the local Roman Catholic Church St Mary Mother of God was burned to the ground. The Police immediately briefed the press about ‘music’ lyrics spray-painted on a wall nearby yet suspicions over the true nature of the crime pointed to connections to a major Orange walk taking place that same day in the area.



    And in a twist to electronic data gathered by Police Forces across Scotland on many forums & websites which appear to spread online sectarian hate messages & racist abuse, it appears there will now be few if any prosecutions of “threatening communications”, due to the fact IP addresses, emails and other identifying traces left by those spreading sectarian abuse online have been traced back to computer networks used by Police, Prosecutors and even offices of the Scottish Government.



    The electronic data gathered from internet providers by the authorities is also rumoured to implicate local Government offices across Scotland, several high profile public bodies, surprisingly, several well known law firms and even some Hospital computer networks.

  10. Doctor Whatfor on




    Seriously. I pledged to sponsor your teetotalitarianism in support of Kano but I don’t know how to get the money to you.

  11. fanadpatriot


    12:28 on


    8 January, 2013



    Absolutely spot on mate. If the last 2 years have not been a wake up call as to how Irish/Catholics would fare under Salmond’s Law I would be amazed.



    Scotland would not morph into a Scottish Socialist Republic as many assume, Earnie Lynch hit the nail on the head. Scotland is conservative and the tories would emerge as a power when they left the nationalists on seperation.



    I say this as neither an Irishman or Catholic.

  12. Ah yes, “the doomed euro”.


    Will someone remind me how the pound has fared against the euro since 1999.

  13. South Of Tunis on

    Absurdity ——–



    The Italian media have been running Drogba to Juve [ or Milan ] stories for months . Such stories were backed up by interviews with Juve officials talking about on going negotiations with Drogba ——-and now —-



    Up pops Drogba to say –” I have had no contact with any Italian Club “

  14. philvisreturns on

    Bawsman – I’m fascinated by this theory you and Ernie have that, despite everything the SNP says and does re: increasing government spending, they’re actually secret Thatcherites who are waiting for the moment when they will tear off their human masks, like the giant lizards in “V”, and go “Yaassss! Now wee willll grind the humanssss into our bread! Alsssssoooo weee will privatissssse healthcare! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!”.



    Ernie seems to be hanging his red hat on the belief that the old Scottish Unionist vote of 60 years ago may partly have gone to the SNP, and that Salmond once said “we don’t mind the economics so much” in the course of criticising Mrs Thatcher.



    It’s a pretty flimsy foundation if you ask me, but then if – despite being a grown man – you still believe in Marxism, you’ll believe in anything I suppose.



    As long as we all agree to kick this “independence” thing into touch, I’ll be content.



    Yours in thumbs, (thumbsup)

  15. 16 roads - Neil Lennon walks on water. on

    If i was a Scottish person,i would vote for independence.



    Take a wee chance,so to speak.



    What is there to lose,really? I accept that there is a problem with bigotry,but surely that can be eradicated through time.



    As for the many folk with Irish heritage,the connection will always be there,nothing will ever change on that score.



    How good would it be to have a Scottish passport in your hand,as opposed to one of those British subject ones?



    Life’s too short.

  16. philvisreturns on

    79caps – Will someone remind me how the pound has fared against the euro since 1999.



    More importantly, how are the countries that use the Euro faring?



    Germany gets to write endless blank cheques, and the rest get endless debt and misery.



    The best prospect facing a young Irish man or woman today is emigration to England or further afield. What a disgusting backwards step that is, thanks to the Euro. (thumbsup)

  17. Son of Gabriel on

    Lennon n Mc….Mjallby





    I’d rather be playing the celtic way than knowing we have a good chance of keeping a clean sheet.

  18. Doctor Whatfor


    12:19 on


    8 January, 2013





    I owe you money. How do I get it to you




    I’m going to stick my monies in with Kano/ Kitalba 125 effort so I will add your monies to it if thats ok? I’ll keep a list of any contributions etc.



    Paul67 will pass on my email details and we can take it from there or we could simply meet at CP? I’m at the hearts game on Sat 19th.


    I think Paul is contactable via email on


    celticquicknews@gmail.com .


    Thanks in advance


    ps day 9 of 125 :¬)



  19. philvisreturns on

    16 roads – Neil Lennon walks on water – What is there to lose,really?



    Apart from your livelihood, your pension, and a stable, secure future for your children, I agree – why not gamble everything on Alex Salmond’s vanity project?



    A man who drinks and eats as much as Big Eck does could never steer us wrong. (thumbsup)

  20. philvis @ 12.48



    For decades Irish people had to emigrate. There was no euro then.



    You fail to answer the question about the pound – euro exchange rate since 1999.



    At least be consistent and say that the pound is “doomed” too.

  21. The Battered Bunnet on




    Sorry to interupt your wee exegesis on the recent Irish economic experience, but it would be a little ill-advised to consider the matter without reference to the corruption and incompetence of those who ran the Irish Government over the past 3 decades.



    Just saying like…

  22. Lennon n Mc....Mjallby on

    After having read thon article Ive come to the conclusion that its about time Rome ruled the world again,ole Luther’s intentions might’ve been honourable or some such other creditable description but its gone way beyond a joke,high time we all reverted back to having the Pope rule the world and stop all this nonsense.




  23. 16 roads - Neil Lennon walks on water. on

    philvisreturns – How could it possibly get any worse than what it is now for the poor people that exist in Glasgow’s urban wastelands?

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