Celtic income up 60% on last Europa League season


Celtic announced their financial results to the year ending 30 June 2019 this evening.  We do not have a good comparison to the season in question, as, unlike the previous two, there was no Champions League income, but both income and expenditure have changed since Ronny Deila left three years ago.

The good news: at £83.4m, income is up 60% from 2016, a staggering figure.  I expect this will be around twice what any other club in the league earns, even those who also reach the Champions League group stage.

There’s lots of money coming in but all of it and more goes back out.  Operating expenses (costs before player trading and exceptional items) were £86.9m, so all things being equal, without Champions League football we need to recoup £3.5m from play trading to break even.  You would rather be in surplus, but this less than a fifth what we received for Moussa Dembele so is very manageable.

Player trading brought in an £8m surplus (Moussa) and in addition, there’s a Brendan Rodgers shaped “Other income” figure of £8.795m.  Profit after tax (yes, tax, it is a real thing for some clubs) is £8.738m.

There is a lot of work goes into these figures.  Merchandising, at £18m, is up slightly on the previous year but up 50% on the last Europa League season.  This specific revenue figure, and season ticket money, is the bedrock of the club, allowing it to plan as it does.  A great result for the commercial team.

Multimedia (TV etc.) income is where the Champions League money would appear.  This figure dropped £18m to £22.082m.  Making it to the Europa Group stage is still very valuable to Celtic.

More detail will be available when the Annual Report is published but by any measure, these are very solid numbers.

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  1. glendalystonsils on

    I’m glad the fitba’ has scored a late equaliser against the balance sheet . Maybe next season well edge ahead?

  2. Celtic PLC Annual Results for the year ended 30 June 2019



    Financial Highlights


    – Group revenue decreased by 17.9% to £83.4m (2018: £101.6m)


    – Operating expenses including labour decreased by 0.2% to £86.9m (2018: £87.1m)


    – Gain on sale of player registrations of £17.7m (2018: £16.5m)


    – Acquisition of player registrations of £6.2m (2018: £16.6m)


    – Profit before taxation of £11.3m (2018: £17.3m)


    – Year-end cash net of bank borrowings of £28.6m (2018: £36.1m)


    – Year-end net cash, net of debt and debt like items, of £38.9m (2018: £27.0m)

  3. Bankiebhoy.


    Neil, said Griff has a virus, before that he was out with a dead leg.


    I wish Griff well.

  4. Well done Celtic…



    It’s a day to think about the people who do the tours, work in the shops, do a cracking job on multimedia, etc etc over and beyond those we watch and adore.



    Yep, there are improvements but we’re a well run club.



    Up the Celts.

  5. Good evening cqn from a drenched Haggerston Castle…



    I’m not an accountant and never will be, to the learned amongst us, are they ok figures???



    Hail Hail



    D :)

  6. Cheers Jimmy……….



    I really want to see Griff recover, recover well and then thrive in our shirt.


    Redemption in Celtic, that’s what it’s all about!




  7. I’ve hadtochangemymind



    Joshua Tree just shades it for me but both are eclipsed by No Line On The Horizon. I absolutely love that album..



    BTW anyone who loves The Jam should check out SKY ARTS tonight. T

  8. Good to see us going well on balance sheet so to speak.



    Wish Paul could concentrate on what we really want on the footballing side of things.

  9. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    I’m getting there Billy, The Joshua Tree has amazing highlights then has redhill mining town, one tree hill………

  10. “Driveways”How original.We announce another profit,whilst having the best squad in years,sit top of the league,but “Driveways”,must be mentioned.Plus we had an early appearance of that golden oldie”Bonus”.

  11. Thanks guys for mar hall information 🏌️


    KIKINTHENAKAS-he will probably end up in the tavern tomorrow 🕺🍺

  12. Oghenekaro Etebo



    Stoke City midfielder.



    Carbon copy of Broony……but 10 years younger



    Natural successor

  13. Fairhillbhoy


    Hope it stays dry for u



    Trying to dry out this weekend after golfing in Turkey….not to mention the drink 🏌️‍♂️🍺🍴




  14. Probably along with many on here my main issues with the club are around




    Failure to call out same club 💩


    Silence on the refereeing bias

  15. So we’ve got the financials that eclipse any other team in the whole of Scottish fitbaw…probably close to the rest combined…so no excuses…it’s a quad treble for me…an before you go all entitlement bollox on me…I guarantee Lenny will be pushing the bhoys for it…



    Really looking forward to the rest of this season…we’ve got quality strength in depth all over the team




  16. David66 8.41pm



    Definitely at least one other guid Celtic bhoy watching the fitba in Haggerston the morra … I mentioned to the good lady you were there and she said that’s where John, wife & wee daughter are …. so if you bump into a guy called John fae Coatbrig (Townhead) … he will be one of the loudest shouting at the telly :-)



    Hope the weather gets better but as long as Neil & the bhoys continue their winning streak am sure the weekend will be fine

  17. Reading Paul Slanes comments re Charles Knickerless got me thinking about ex Celt detractors, namely Nicholas Provan Walker & Bonner.


    Are there ANY ex Rangers or even ex Sevco players who call it as it is at Ibrox, or indeed slag them off the way some ex Celts do to Celtic and our players?

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