Celtic long term land dividends


As we reported yesterday, Celtic have been busy buying up land around the periphery of the stadium for many years. The club managed to get the deal to buy land behind the Jock Stein Stand done before the mineral seam running below it was discovered. I hear the excavation rights are estimated to be worth £50m to Celtic, who bought the land for £3m in January 2009 with money which had been earmarked to buy Stephen Fletcher. Hibernian thought the Fletcher deal was done but Celtic pulled out at the last minute when the land deal became available due to an emergency cash requirement at the Council, who needed to build schools to educate children arriving in the city from Eastern Europe.

Back then, when I asked why we weren’t signing Fletcher a senior source at the club told me, “We can only spend that £3m once and we need the land for burger vans and stuff.” Before kick-off, fans currently go off-premises to spend their money, cash that could be going to Celtic. Source added, “We’ll be able to buy a Fletcher every year with the catering income we’ll make from this land deal.”

Made sense at the time, makes more sense now.

That £50m is due to arrive in time to get the Co-op off our case and leave a substantial amount available to deal with what could be the first season we ever face Sevco- keeping them in their place.

Good luck to the Celtic fans based in North America ahead of the Féile on the weekend of 17-19 January. Events are based at The Plough & Stars, Philidelphia, include live music, a tour of the An Gorta Mor Memorial, a live Beyond the Waves broadcast and a Q&A with Celtic Youth Coach, Willie McNabb.

Visit ploughbhoyscsc.com for more details, including how to secure accommodation.

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  1. 67 Heaven



    Id say there was plenty of evidence of corruption available.


    Its just that they all have their hands covering their ears, so that they cant hear, or don’t want to hear.


    They are all falling over themselves to get the Old Firm back on track….but that aint happening, so its back to the honest mistakes.


    Scoddish Fitba…..as you like to say, HaHaHaHaHa etc:)



  2. Back in again…..




    67Heaven … I am Neil Lennon, supporting WEE OSCAR..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors



    10:30 on 10 January, 2014




    Hi my auld sparring partner.


    If ye don’t mind ?


    I think that the Celtic ‘bored’ ARE the only folk who could deal wi the corruption. imo


    And, I think that the ONLY way that this could happen is, IF the Celtic support could shake themselves loose from the apathy that has engulfed them, for a variety of reasons. imo


    Ye see, the trick is….for the Celtic support to hold a big smoking gun in the shape of a £ to the ‘boreds’ heids and give them the message that….until you(Celtic bored) deal with ALL the cheating AND corruption head-on, then, we(Celtic support), will not be giving you ANYMORE of these £ !!!


    Simples – HH

  3. There’s a big difference between corruption and ‘corruption’.



    Let’s take this latest proposal. Whilst every man and his dog with vested interest knows it’s being proposed to ease the difficulties of one club, if examined by an independent party they would conclude that any club could use the proposals to their advantage.



    It would therefore be little tricky to prove that this was evidence of corruption.

  4. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon, supporting WEE OSCAR..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    Do you think the LL will EVER realise that their sustained negativity on all things Celtic only makes everyone at our Club even stronger……..hahahahahahaha….silly LL

  5. All you have to do….is analyse all sevco games, and see for yourself whats going on.


    How many penalties and sendings off?


    It stinks to high heaven.




  6. Lads,



    HAPPY NEW YEAR to one and all !



    I’m hoping that this will be the article we use for the CQN naps tomorrow (Sat 11th Jan)… apologies for the delay, I’ve been away on holiday for Christmas & NY.



    So, in advance of tomorrow, a quick update :



    Dec 21st – several winners, will post the results immediately after this post



    Dec 28th – only valentinesday had a winner, will post the results immediately after this post



    Jan 4th – all selections are VOID as the CQN server was down




    Good luck for tomorrow… :o)



    Cheers, fleagle1888

  7. CQN Saturday Naps Competition : Week 20/Dec 21st results/standings



    Valentines Day scooped the pre-Christmas honours (Night Alliance @12/1)



    Other winners :


    BMCUWP (Mwaleshi @4/1), leftclicktic (Modernstone @4/1), PF Ayr & Rockon (Leviathan @3/1)



    +£29.00 Rockon Neil Lennon (8)


    +£ 6.88 Som mes que un club (3)


    +£ 6.00 valentinesday (4)


    +£ 4.00 BULL67 (4)


    +£ 3.00 Bada Bing (3)


    +£ 2.50 Cathal (3)


    -£ 1.13 bonbhoy (4)


    -£ 1.50 fleagle1888 (3)


    -£ 1.50 leftclicktic (3)


    -£ 2.00 BMCUWP (4)


    -£ 2.50 What is the Stars (2)


    -£ 3.00 tommytwiststommyturns (1)


    -£ 4.78 PF Ayr (5)


    -£ 5.50 16 roads (2)


    -£ 6.50 twists n turns (2)


    -£ 7.38 green T (3)


    -£10.25 Che (2)


    -£10.50 Kilbowie Kelt (2)


    -£12.20 Sponsored by Cheetah (2)


    -£13.00 El Madrigal (1)


    -£15.50 MHARK67 (1)


    -£15.80 voguepunter (1)


    -£18.19 Burgas Hoops (1)


    -£20.00 unionbearBhind



    *No selections (wk 20) : Che, voguepunter


    *Non-Runners :



    Cheers, fleagle1888

  8. CQN Saturday Naps Competition : Week 21/Dec 28th results & standings



    Valentines Day was the only winner (Financial Climate @4/1)



    Last week’s selections (4th Jan) are VOID as the CQN server was down on Saturday…



    +£28.00 Rockon Neil Lennon (8)


    +£10.00 valentinesday (5)


    +£ 5.88 Som mes que un club (3)


    +£ 3.00 BULL67 (4)


    +£ 2.00 Bada Bing (3)


    +£ 1.50 Cathal (3)


    -£ 2.13 bonbhoy (4)


    -£ 2.50 fleagle1888 (3)


    -£ 2.50 leftclicktic (3)


    -£ 3.00 BMCUWP (4)


    -£ 3.50 What is the Stars (2)


    -£ 4.00 tommytwiststommyturns (1)


    -£ 5.78 PF Ayr (5)


    -£ 6.50 16 roads (2)


    -£ 7.50 twists n turns (2)


    -£ 8.38 green T (3)


    -£11.25 Che (2)


    -£11.50 Kilbowie Kelt (2)


    -£13.20 Sponsored by Cheetah (2)


    -£14.00 El Madrigal (1)


    -£16.50 MHARK67 (1)


    -£16.80 voguepunter (1)


    -£19.19 Burgas Hoops (1)


    -£21.00 unionbearBhind



    *No selections (wk 21) : Burgas Hoops, Che, PF AYr, Rockon Neil Lennon, Sponsored by Cheetah


    *Non-Runners :



    Cheers, fleagle1888

  9. Lads,



    please post your naps for 11th Jan, here…



    Latest updates are already posted on this article (see above)



    Cheers, fleagle1888

  10. 16 roads - Wee Oscar the Celtic warrior. on

    14:15 @ Wetherby – Oscar Hill – NAP!



    Good luck everybody.

  11. Art Professor 2.40 Kempton



    All the best Lhads apart from TTTT as one of the Gentry he does not need the cash

  12. leftclick Together we will get justice for the Dam 5 on





    Swing Alone 15:10 Lingfield.




    I had a big winner last week as well:))



  13. tommytwiststommyturns on

    Che – away back on holiday, ya loafer!



    Warwick 3:35 – Master Overseer for me, although I was seriously tempted by Desert Cry in the 2:15 at Wetherby. Heart overuling head yet again!



    Good luck.



  14. Belated Happy New Year to all our optimistic Fleaglers.


    Big thanks to Fleagle for all his efforts. Much appreciated.



    Rock on, Rockon. You have been mightily impressive.



    Today, the KK Kurse goes to….. Grey Mirage 2.35 Ling.

  15. Oscar positive thoughts unionbearBhind on

    Hi Fholks



    P D Evans runs 4 in the 12:55 at Lingfield Dark Lane



    C Catlin was up on dark lane when it won a 5f claiming stakes recently,


    its won over C/D its the outsider of the 4 but could reward at decent odds


    I need a big winner badly as I am propping up the naps table with a big fat 0((




  16. tommytwiststommyturns on

    UBB – thanks for the heads up on that. Just had a look and one of the MSM tipsters (from the Evening Times) has napped the bottom weight, Catflap….currently 33/1 on Bet365!!



    Good luck,



  17. Afternoon Lhads.



    Going to go again for ‘Hey Big Spender’ 3.35 Warwick pulled up last time,if it does the same this time,hope to see a Tesco van pull up next to it………………kiddin…a love hoarses


    me. hh





    Just up,not had time to be adventurous!

  19. CQN Saturday Naps Competition : Week 22/Jan 11th results & standings



    3 winners this week : leftclicktic (Swing Alone @5/2)


    BMCUWP (Captain Chris @15/8), Kilbowie Kelt (Grey Mirage @7/4)



    +£27.00 Rockon Neil Lennon (8)


    +£ 9.00 valentinesday (5)


    +£ 4.88 Som mes que un club (3)


    +£ 2.00 BULL67 (4)


    +£ 1.00 Bada Bing (3)


    +£ 0.50 Cathal (3)


    -£ 0.00 leftclicktic (4)


    -£ 1.13 BMCUWP (5)


    -£ 3.13 bonbhoy (4)


    -£ 3.50 fleagle1888 (3)


    -£ 4.50 What is the Stars (2)


    -£ 5.00 tommytwiststommyturns (1)


    -£ 6.78 PF Ayr (5)


    -£ 7.50 16 roads (2)


    -£ 8.50 twists n turns (2)


    -£ 9.38 green T (3)


    -£ 9.75 Kilbowie Kelt (3)


    -£12.25 Che (2)


    -£14.20 Sponsored by Cheetah (2)


    -£15.00 El Madrigal (1)


    -£17.50 MHARK67 (1)


    -£17.80 voguepunter (1)


    -£20.19 Burgas Hoops (1)


    -£22.00 unionbearBhind



    *No selections (wk 22) : bonbhoy, El Madrigal, Mhark67, What is the Stars


    *Non-Runners :



    Cheers, fleagle1888