Celtic looking for 10 in a row


The biggest shock of Jock Stein’s era was Celtic’s 4-1 defeat to Partick Thistle in the 1971 League Cup Final.  Thistle were 4-0 up after 36 minutes while Kenny Dalglish managed Celtic’s only reply, 20 minutes from time.

Since then we have been drawn against Thistle seven times in this competition, wining each of the nine games (two early 80s ties were two legged).  A 2002-quarter final at Celtic Park went to penalties after a 1-1 draw, with Mo Sylla hitting the 18th and winning kick.

To great delight around Firhill, Gary Caldwell was relieved of his duties this week; with Ian McCall leaving Ayr United to return to the club he last managed eight years go.  The ‘new manager bounce’ is real, but even McCall will be glad to get tomorrow’s quarter final at Celtic Park over with.  Bottom of the table after six games, Saturday’s trip to Inverness is vastly more important.

A tenth successive win over Thistle in this tournament would send the holders to a Hampden semi-final in search of their 10th domestic successive trophy.

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  1. Doc et al,



    The huns are on BT1 tomorrow. No TV coverage for us.



    It was very difficult to find any link to the game on Saturday even on android, all the usual outlets were blocked.




    quite excellent musings , spelling apart.



    keep it lit

  3. BGFC-I knew KT was starting tonight,but he’s not our player anymore so didn’t bother 😉


    I spoke to you for a minute before you started singing on Saturday and your distinction between Airdrie and Plains is very clear 😉

  4. Just what calibre of extra striker are we talking about here.A jersey filler,someone like Shankland.It would need to be,because trying to get a,at the most,decent striker in would cost big bucks.He would be on big wages,and would have to be prepared to sit on the bench.We only play with one striker.No need for the doom like what ifs regarding injuries.Any of the 3 would slot into this team and do a job.Unlike the scum,we dont depend only on our strikers to score.


    A bit of reality needed.

  5. Watching MOTD on Sunday night,the pundits were talking about Man U,saying they are very poor,especially after spending,£900 million,in the past 5 years,!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Worse,they then went on to agree that they would need to spend £1 billion to get back to challenging.Did not even bat an eyelid.

  6. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    An Tearmann, the majestic Pat Stanton . Even though Pat only played one season for us , what a player he was. Roddy McDonald had his best season with us due to Pat’s presence in the team. Pat preferred playing in the centre of defence rather than midfield , he played there during Jock’s time at Easter Road. The Hibs team 1970 -1975 were very good but not as good as we were . Pat deserved more success but its pleasing he won his league and Scottish Cup medals with us.



    Ed’s twitter reply to the Wyndford whinger today was good . Ed will be remebered more fondly than that Arsenal supporting sky employee who sits on his brains.

  7. Dallas Dallas where the neck is Dallas



    Agreed bout Pat,a rolls Royce of a player,shrewd move by jock harnessing his experience.your right,it was a good hibs side of early 70s brownlie,duncan etc.as Dixie proved nowhere near us.hope life’s good



  8. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    TurkeyBhoy on 24th September 2019 9:23PM






    The point I was putting out to the blog was, tomorrow is our 21st least important game, hope it will fall to be 23rd least important game, until January 2020.



    Am I going to be there to watch Eddy in the first Xl?

  9. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    An Tearmann, i’m good thanks , I hope you and yours are too.



    Celtic on the pitch are making life even more enjoyable .



    Its good to see so many happy faces in our team plus Neil is doing a great job , on and off the pitch. His comments about the penalty and his yellow card after his complaints to Madden , the fourth official, really caught the media off guard.

  10. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on



    BGFC-I knew KT was starting tonight,but he’s not our player anymore so didn’t bother 😉



    I spoke to you for a minute before you started singing on Saturday and your distinction between Airdrie and Plains is very clear 😉






    Yup, I well-remember our brief chat :-)))



    For the avoidance of doubt – and not to dismiss the great work of my St Margaret’s colleagues, including our very own Croppy Boy, who are doing sterling missionary work in the Orange anf Freemasoning Lodge-inhabited colony that is Airdire…



    …the idylic village of The Plains abides in the sunny highlands of goodness and light, surrounded as it is by green fields and the soft and ephemaral sound of angel’s voices.



    It exists on a completely different, and much elevated, plane of reality from the rancid settlement that festers some two miles or more to the west of us – wallowing, as that crumbling ruin does, in darkness and pestillence – it’s blue-nosed inhabitants mouldering in a mire of self-loathing, despair and bitterness.



    So – aye – they aren’t the same place :-)))






  11. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Jeezo – my spelling and punctuation are borth dire tonight;



    anf = and


    angel’s = angels’ (!!!)



    Bad apostrophe usage; unforgivable – thank goodness that there are no English teachers on here… :-)))







    “‘Twas early, early, all in in the spring


    The birds did whistle and sweetly sing…”

  12. Evening folks, long time since I visited, hope all are well.



    Looking for some info on a game we played the Honey’s in the 70’s. The game was at Hampden which we won. It was not a final. Don’t remember much about the game itself, more about the aftermath.


    As the huns support left the terraces earlyish, they proceeded to the roads outside the Celtic end, armed with bricks & bottles etc which they logged into the exiting terraces.


    I’m talking about thousands of huns, not a few numpty’s


    Anyone remember this?



    Paddy T

  13. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    WITS, Saint Stivs, Friesdorfer, Frankterry – thanks men.



    Really does my head in how so many people just blindly mimick what is fed to them without thinking – “Wait a minute, here – what are the likely implications here?”.



    I’m really pissed off with politicians telling me what “the people” have voted for, and that Parliament/the Courts/the opposition/the other parties/the Tory rebels – or whoever else doesn’t go along with their Kamakaze, binary, shallow, ill-defined and ill-described (or perhaps ‘non-described’, would be better) version of what a No-Deal Brexit actually means – as seeking to thwart the will of “the people”.



    They aren’t thwarting my will.


    – Am I not part of “the people”?


    – Are those now of voting age who never had a say in what is now actually proposed as a result of this ill-thought-out binary choine not part of “the people”?


    – The people who did vote but who voted to remain – are they not part of “the people”?


    – Are those who have changed their mind as a result of knowing more about the impact of Brexit – one of any kind, but particularly a no-deal Brexit – are they not part of “the people”?



    That’s a whole lot of people who are NOT part of this “the people” of whom they speak.






  14. Saint Stivs,


    We both know that weasel NMcC from school and the family he came from! I knew his grandfather very well from the Hibs and there’s no way he chose them before us unless it was pure money (the cost of selling your soul). You know as much as I do he‘s not welcome back in PG and never will be! I fully appreciate making money for your family when you can but there are simply bridges that are just too far!! I’m proud to be a Catholic from Port Glasgow but really, there’s no amount of money that would get me on Jörg Albertz shoulders to celebrate old Huns winning at Celtic Park!

  15. DRESDENCSC on 24TH SEPTEMBER 2019 11:19 PM


    Saint Stivs,



    aye we do.






    my granny and his granny were very best friends. 1930s onwards.


    school. communion, chapel. wedding, kids, bingo, big families, intertwined, catholic celtic supporting allways. chapel the plaza, chapel, harry murrays. neil played for the shamrock with my uncle as his coach, same time as stephen fulton, his dad a celtic diehard no other way to put it, brother eddie a better player.



    lets call the old granny maisie



    my family lived top floor flat higholm street. maisie up in chapelton. my granny used to watch for her walking down , to go to chapel in the early morning, to go to harry murrays or the co mid morning, to go to the bingo at the plaza at night,



    she often takled about how well her grandson was doing at football, and all he wanted was to play for celtic,



    it was fated, the bhoy would be a footballer and he would play for celtic.



    i went into my grannies house one day , close to christmas in 1998 , that wee small kitchen , tiny window looking down into st johns school, she was very quiet, the soup served, a bit of bread.



    she always talked, soemthing was wrong.



    granny, whats wrong, ?



    its terrible stephen , really terrible, , old maisie.



    thinking she had dies, i said, oh granny i am sorry, whats happened.



    “her grandson has only gone and signed for rangers”




    What kind of person would put his family and friends through that? all in


    the name of greed, your posts make me wonder what the reaction is amongst


    them when they meet up, is it embarrassment, shame, or do they just pretend


    it didn’t happen? or as i think, he just doesn’t show up anymore.




    H.H Mick

  17. Dallas Dallas



    Enjoying season so far,missed Sunday alas. I think we are growing as a team,boli and big Julien learning and getting better.


    Rennes game we impressed,good passing and passing.players like Forrest on fire,Ed up front is ice.christie and calum there is goals coming from all roads El hamed is season buy so far, and bitton has contriibuted too til injury.Foster makes the goal Tiny..


    always Celtic workin together.:-)



  18. Was hoping to read some insightful thoughts on possible replacements for our regular first team choices for tomorrow night.


    Instead it looks like Neil could field, Boris, Jeremy or Reese Mogg.


    Nice to have BGFC wax lyrical about the wee green oasis in a sea of orangeness.

  19. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on





    Absolutely agree with your opinion about the scribes who pontificate about the reasons people voted the way they did.


    hat`s simply a roundabout way of saying that you don`t believe in democracy.


    You could make precisely the same argument to attempt to justify the overturning of the result of a general election.


    Well , the govt.we have elected are not doing what they promised , or are doing things which were not contained in their manifesto ,therefore we insist on a new ” people`s vote “.


    And , in any case , some of those who voted are now dead and some of those who didn`t vote are now eligible to do so .


    And when the people voted , they weren`t fully informed in detail about the implications of their vote.


    We don`t need to speculate about what the people voted for.


    We know precisely what they voted for.


    We don`t and can`t know why they voted the way they did.


    Was their vote an ” informed ” one ? Who knows.


    When people vote in a general election, do they know precisely what the elected govt. will do once elected . Well of course they don`t.




    They vote and TRUST that their decision will be respected .


    In the case of Brexit , that trust has been misplaced .


    The ” no deal ” scenario is the direct result , not of the activities of Boris , but of the unwavering stance adopted by the E.C. and of the painful , long drawn out incompetence of Teresa May. Boris has been tasked with attempting to do the best he can in the interests of the British people against EC intransigence.


    The EC , of course , wiil be trying to achieve the opposite , for that most obvious reasons.


    The preservation of their baby , the E.C.They are desperately trying to in order to dissuade other members from following the British path out of the E.C.


    The question is .


    Whose side are you on ?


    I`m on the side of democracy and the British people who gave a clear instruction to their govt. to leave the E.C.

  20. Partick Thistle are traveling the 4 or so miles to Celtic Park on the back of a 3-0 defeat at home to Dunfermline.


    They are bottom of the Championship having garnered a mere 2 points in 6 games.


    Their 2 draws were both away from home, incidentally.


    Not exactly the kind of form which would inspire fear in a rampant Celtic side.


    I’ve no doubt they will park the bus, trying to create some nervousness in the stands, which could be transmitted to the players on the park.


    However, we have too many professional players with skills exceeding the Championship side’s abilities.


    So I’m predicting a comfortable night with the game over as a contest by half time, allowing Neil to make some changes to provide some game time for our fringe players.





  21. Good morning CQN from a dark, dank and dreich Garngad



    So we have our third competition in 7days.



    I fully expect a good few changes



    Bring on the Harry Rags






    D. :)

  22. Seems to be a blanket ban on all reporting of yesterday’s ruling telling bike Mike how much the zombies owe him.


    I cannot find anything on line, anyone got an update???



    I know I shouldn’t mock, but it really is funny and I just want a good laugh.😂






    D. :)

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