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  1. @CelticFC v Aberdeen line up …



    Bain, Kenny, Ajer, Welsh, Laxalt, Brown, McGregor, Turnbull, Christie, Klimala, Edouard



    Subs: Hazard, Ralston, Soro, Duffy, Henderson, Montgomery, Elyounoussi, Griffiths, Ajeti

  2. bhoy fae bognor…



    smiley a read the article as weel thing



    hope you and yours are doing brawily




  3. The lead managerial candidates for me are: Martinez, Howe, Rangnick, Jessie Marsh, Mark Hughes.The acceptable outsiders are: Clarke, Sean Dyke, Petrescu and Solbacken

  4. lets all do the huddle on

    i know these games are meaningless in terms of the title etc



    but anyone who thinks having an all scottish midfield will get us anywhere we want to be hasnt been watching closely enough the past few years



    but should still be good enough to beat sheeps




    TOSB @ 12:46 am





    “I am reluctant to get into this on a match day but, out of courtesy to the effort you made in posting, I will reply”




    OK that’s fair enough. I’m happy to leave it at that. It does irk me when people have a go at Celtic supporters for something that has yet to occur.




    One last thing though:




    You said




    “Even if this occured, he would still get criticised. You read this blog- every managerr’s selections, subs and signings have been criticised. We all read the criticism Lenny got for playing Calmac at LB. What gets forgotten in the narrative to have BR’s time retrospectively rosied and Neil’s retropsectively diminished is that BR did the exact same thing.”




    I think you miss the point here. Everybody remembers Brendan disastrously playing Calum at left back at Ibrox. He got absolutely slaughtered for doing so. It was talked about at length by the TV pundits and covered in the press and on every blog. Even the Huns’ blogs. No one could forget it.




    The massive reaction to Lenny doing it against Cluj was the disbelief that he could have even pondered doing so given the massive failure at Ibrox and the coverage of playing Calum at left back. We wondered if Lenny had been in a coma at the time and somehow missed it. That was one of the reasons why I thought that he should have been sacked next morning and nothing he did since convinced me that I was wrong.




    Anyhow COYBIG. I’m behind John Kennedy until we see how things unfold. Ultimately I’ll want what’s best for Celtic.

  6. I am pleased that Rogic has been ditched. Even at his best, Rogic could never be relied upon to last more than 65 mins. For me, Rogic has always been a luxury passenger and he’s no Lubo. New era must be based on high quality athletes, not partially fit Players.

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    Good mhan WDH.hh

  9. lets all do the huddle on

    if the only that was going to happen in todays game was rogic doing 3 nutmegs, 4 pirrouettes and a rattle into the top corner i would have been happy



    now that rug has been pulled from under my feet



    Kennedy – if ur reading this on ur iPad -“You’re fired”

  10. @philboy I will be honest that I have never been a fan of Rogic at any point, just as i never accepted paddy McCourt. Modern quality football teams need high pressing athletes and Rogic has never been capable of that. Christie is the least a good athlete even if his quality is inconsistent. I still feel we can turn christie around and Rogic won’t be here next season so why play him?




    Christie is on record as saying he wants a “fresh challenge”.



    He wants away.



    Why play him?

  12. Some width in the team today so that’s a start. We don’t seem to have good enough wing backs to have any dominant formation this season. We must fix our wing back issue next season so we can have a dominant formation.

  13. Let’s see if the players show any response, if they were, as has been alleged unhappy with NL, it will be interesting to see how they perform for JK.

  14. Tom Rogic has given me some wonderful, wonderful moments in the Hoops.



    Hun skelper, cup winner…I could go on.



    But hey, you were never a fan at any point.



    Are you a Celtic supporter?




  15. PHIL BOY



    I think we can turn christie around with a top managerial and coaching team. Even so, Rogic is also wanting away l in any case. We are short of options and christie does give us width and a bit of trickery and can put in a shift.

  16. Frankly I can think of another time when I was less interested in a game.



    What is the point now in playing loans, or, including them in the squad. I would also leave out the want aways, i.e. Ajer, Christie & Eduard.



    Let’s see if there is anything among the youngsters – losing the league by 24, or, 34 points, what does it matter?



    Of the twenty chosen by John today, probably no more than ten will be there next season




    I’d give Karamoko a run before Christie.



    Anyway……………..C’MON THE CELTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




    I will ignore the supporter jibe. But I’ve never rated Rogic at any point due to his lack of fitness, has languid style, his lack of pressing. Not a modern footballer. He is not Lubo or Prosinecki because his end product is also inconsistent. Don’t you have players that fans generally rate, but that you really don’t? Is that not allowed?

  19. Na Ceiltigh abú.



    Looking for a change in attitude and performance.




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