Celtic v Hamilton Accies, Live updates


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Today’s Celtic team…

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  1. glendalystonsils on

    Another 2 goal win which could have been doubled. I hope Brendan’s told the bhoys to ration the goals until we meet Sevco.

  2. St Johnstone manager Tommy Wright has indicated he would be interested in the sevco job



    *looks like murky might get his first league points on Wednesday,

  3. And the slump continues.



    Didnt see any of the game. Had to nip out for sausages, but there were none to be had anywhere.




  4. Hearts and St Johnstone have thrown away the chance to close the gap on Sevco for third place.


    If they can’t capitalise on the Govan’s dismal run of one win in 7 games, they don’t deserve to make a Europa League spot.


    Maybe they don’t want or need the early season start or the prospect of a long trip?

  5. Cork celt


    It wasn’t particularly vicious but he clearly meant to play the man.


    We didn’t even get a free kick.

  6. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Assuming we have won the league this year, that will be 48* title successes. So another seven and we would be at 55. Worth “going for” do you think? Zata race** we could win?





    *No adjustment made for disputed League titles won during period of “Imperfect” player registrations by the now defunct Rangers FC.



    **The term race in this instance refers to which of the following would reach a total of 55 titles first.


    1) Celtic FC


    2) The combined total league wins of Rangers FC (IL) and Sevco Scotland.




  7. If my arithmetic is correct and assuming that the sheep win all their remaining games, we will need thirteen points from our last twelve games.




  8. Ffs, Brendan.



    Am I the only one who lumped on the Bet Victor 9/1 then 15/2 tip for a Moussa hat-trick, just to see BR sub him after 2!



    2! Two!






    Good win, sticky opposition.






    Man-management my arse!



    Br out!




  9. We have both 12 games remaining and we have a 24 point lead.


    We don’t meet Aberdeen before the split.


    So if we win our next four games we will have won the title due to our vastly superior goals difference. Plus 24 over Aberdeen ATM.


    Our next 4 league games are ICT, Sevco, Dundee and Hearts

  10. Just back in from a good performance from the Bhoys.


    Firstly I need to thank VFR for delivering the ticket to me, the ticket belongs to M D also of this parish , so I need to pay my dues.


    Do you want me to make payment direct or to a charity of your choice? Please let me know.


    Incidentally I thought Boyata was immense today. Never out a foot wrong.


    Special medals for outstanding Hunnery should be awarded to the North Stand Linesman and the lumps called Skondras, McKinnon and Imrie who were on the pitch today. HH

  11. enjoyed it again today , very controlled, but , and there is allways a but, we need to stop being individually greedy, and lay off the ball one over, more often,



    also, not read back, the “offside goal2, certainly didnt look offside to me.



    anyone ?

  12. Not our best performance of season but professional and job done.



    Another superb goal from Moussa and a well taken penalty again.



    I see Cathro and St J manager are putting their cards on table for the Hun job.




  13. Saint Stivs



    Certainly didn’t look offside to me but other than that I thought the ref had a decent game.



    Not sure on the Jamsie tackle. It happened right in front of Brendan and he had no reaction to it at all. So I’m guessing it was a fair enough challenge. But Jamsie certainly let out one heck of a shout when he went down.




  14. Enjoyable game. Wonderfully taken goal from Moussa, and whilst we should have scored more it was good to see some of our squad getting a run out.



    Thought Gamboa and GMS both did well.



    Today confirmed (if that were needed) that we are reffed differently to other teams in this country.

  15. Saint Stivs


    I didn’t think it was offside


    But then again I’m considerably less than objective.

  16. Things just not running for Cathro at the moment. Hate Hearts, but kinda want things to work for him.



    Tommy Wright: definitely one of Them. Hope he gets the job, he’s hopeless.

  17. Race for second place now over. The race for third is the new race for second! Three crap teams incapable of stringing together a few decent results.

  18. saltires en sevilla on

    Well done Celts – standing up against hammer throwing thugs is to your credit!!












    Giving Lenny’s Hibees a run for their money 2nd Half



    Great play nutmegs n flicks



    4 goals -Great game so far

  19. Evening all. Just in from the game.. What a goal from Dembele, candidate for goal of the season. Great meeting up with CQNrs at the corner. Too many to name. :-))) HH

  20. Well done Celtic, very professional performance, superb goal from Moussa, Sincky’s goal was on side.


    Rumour has it that Bammy Fergiehun has resigned from Clyde





    Delighted that you were there,pal.



    I wisnae,and by f,I wish I was.



    Having said that,last time I watched us play Hamilton we got beat. Marked as a jinx after that.

  22. Bazza resigns from the Club-He-Never-Talks-About?



    It’s between him and Ranieri for the Ibrox hot seat.