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Live updates will appear below after 15:00.

Win 4 x Walfrid Restaurant Hospitality tickets for Celtic v Hearts on 30 Jan.
Help Celtic FC Foundation in the process.
Generally reflect in awe at the goodness of club sponsor, Intelligent Car Leasing.

Intelligent Car Leasing have offered us 4 hospitality tickets for Tuesday’s game against Hearts.  Winners will eat at the magnificent Walfrid and enjoy a complimentary bar.  I’ve done this, it is magnificent, a truly great way to watch Celtic with your nearest and dearest.  Proceeds go to the Celtic FC Foundation.

The auction closes tomorrow, so you only have a few more hours to bid.

Good luck!!


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  1. I’ve been on the blog for 10 years and posters come and posters go – some like me have changed their blog name. I think that most who no longer post just get fed up and get a life :))

  2. viewfaethewindae on






    Just imagine we purchased the forgettable Spencer and lost a gift from God, the magical, genius, Lubomir Moravcik – one of my top five players to pull on the hoops.

  3. Gerryfaethebrig on




    My old season ticket was in 110 ? In line with 18 line at the Rangers end (Coatbrig end to us Coatbrig Bhoys) when Lubo trapped the ball with his bahookie against Hearts…. if any Celticfan has watched the Lubo video please do, nothing about Celtic but you appreciate how good Mr Moravcik was, a St Etienne hero :-)



    The Bhoy was born to grace the green

  4. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Gene 8.12pm



    I have been only on the blog for a couple of years …. I would be lost without it



    Apologies to others if it seems longer




  5. Gerry


    I don’t get to see the bhoys much – so would say it is my link to fellow supporters – I follow 2 basic rules – don’t post sweary words and don’t use personal abuse towards fellow posters.

  6. viewfaethewindae on




    “The Bhoy was born to grace the green” no doubt about that, what a Star.

  7. GFTB


    May have you picked you up wrong however I’m sure Lubo’s “ arse trap” was down the Celtic End , main stand side, followed up with a delicious cross into the box.


    I see that charlatan Guidetti has scored against Barca, so glad we didn’t waste any more money on him. Overweight, overrated and half the player he thinks he is.

  8. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Gene 8.31pm



    I live less than 8miles from Celtic Park as a Bhoy I attended home and away when I could, only ever had a season ticket for one season 1988/89, only been too one European away game Ekeren, without boring the blog my daughter was born in 2008 and until she gets the Celtic bug Cqn is my Celtic fix, when her mum was up the duff we attended the Phil O’Donnell tribute game and in the close season thanks to JohnBay from this parish my wee Ghirl was at the legends game, as soon as Scott Brown got subbed she said “dad, can we go I don’t know any of them” Henrik, Bobo, Lubo & co



    It bugs me but I sort of like the fact she is annoying me :-)



    My mother is never far away from my daughter :-)

  9. Gerryfaethebrig on




    I thought Lubos bum trap was at the other end but I sit corrected I think it was nearer the Celtic end



    Not like me too get it wrong CSC :-)



    Good to see you posting



    Hope the McCormick’s enjoyed their grub today

  10. GENE on 28TH JANUARY 2018 8:37 PM


    if we get Musonda on loan will it have been a successful window





    Only time will tell, but it seems a great coup to get a player who can hopefully enhance our team now.


    And the window is still not finished.



    Optimistic csc.

  11. viewfaethewindae on




    August ’99, corner of the main stand and Celtic end.



    Celtic 4 Hearts 0 – that’ll do on Tuesday.

  12. Gerryfaethebrig on

    I wonder if Brendan would play Callum or Lubo if given the choice ?



    By the Martin didn’t play Lubo enough




  13. Gene- good question, and not sure is my answer, i think we will be working on pre contract signings for Summer, not sure about Hendry compared to Ajer, if it happens.We need another striker anyway….

  14. GFTB


    Cheers, no worries if either of us is right or wrong.


    My cooking mojo has really returned after the Xmas period. Went Spanish today, and it was lovely. I understand some cooks don’t like their own cooking, feck that …my lamb and lentils, morcilla and patatas bravas were excellent today. Good swally to go with it as well. Stuck some photos on Twitter but have no idea how to do that here. Take care. HH

  15. viewfaethewindae on

    One of my favourite Lubo goals is when he does Fabian Barthez at the near post in Ryan Giggs’ testimonial.



    3-4 Celtic, brothers in law gas at a peep, it’s a family thing, they still think ManU are something special, poor chaps have never been to paradise.



    Right too much chat, beer time. Canny wait for Tuesday.

  16. GENE on 28TH JANUARY 2018 8:37 PM


    if we get Musonda on loan will it have been a successful window – discuss








    We need another keeper and possibly a right back. If we aren’t going to play Gamboa we may as well move him on and bring in someone else.



    Jack Hendry might come in but cant be sent back on loan as Dundee already have Scott Allan. Not sure how he fits in as we already have four centre backs.



    I would like another no10 on top of Musonda but I’m just greedy.

  17. TTR


    Surely the keeper issue only arose after Craig’s injury – or did you want one anyway – young Ralston for me at RB

  18. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Jmccormick 9.09pm



    My two older sisters are brilliant cooks, I enjoy being their food critic if I ever win the lottery and can retire I would love to learn to cook until then I will just eat, we had s family doo last night and my two sisters done the Buffett with hot stuff delivered, cooking is a skill keep the recipies coming Family, Food then Fitba :-)

  19. Go tell the Spartim on

    Gate 8 in the jungle, Starks goal in the one nil game against tfod was the longest 85 minutes I can remember.



    Lennybhoy anything other than tabloid headlines ? Anything is always greatly appreciated. I’m hoping none of it involves Henry

  20. remember bertie auld trapping the ball, then putting it thru the guys legs who was the said guy, none other than mr terry venables, friendly game against spurs at hampden i think maybe 67/68 i was there .com.hh

  21. GENE on 28TH JANUARY 2018 9:21 P



    Yeah GK issue only arose yesterday and yes Ralston but why keep Gamboa and not play him, it’s a waste.

  22. On Sundays the family come round so cooking for 9 adults and 3 kids – with different tastes tend to stick to the traditional roast – never much left.



    Gerry – if you can read you can cook – just follow the recipe – after time you can adapt to your taste and experiment.

  23. Go tell the Spartim on

    Were we not rumoured to be looking at the Eintracht Frankfort GK on a pre contract? Might be worth a punt if that was ever true

  24. Gerryfraethebrig



    Our season books (remember them!) were front row upper tier when Lubo did his arsetrap vs Hearts, what a moment, we weee directly behind the line of the pass and the trap was deffo Celtic end, corner of main stand. When it happened I remember the ‘wow’ from the crowd, and saying to my sister ‘did I really see that?’



    I loved Henrik, but Lubo…my God, my God, what a talent.