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  1. IniquitousIV






    We need a lead.



    1-0 obvi.



    I’d take a 2-1 rather than a 0-0.



    Celtic played very poorly against Anderlecht @ home, After a nervy start …… They played very Well away from Home.




    Lets just wait and see.



    Oli is Dynamic,.



    Drifted oot the game 2nd half.



    He is Really Good…. Not quite a Maestro Howevaaaaaaaah.

  2. ANDYR53,



    I’m afraid that I’m coming round to your way of thinking. Much as I would love to see the end of them and believe all the stories about liquidation 2, I really think the masons are winning. The only thing that keeps me believing is the good people who support Celtic.




  3. Dad disnae rate Callum.



    Dad is Awesome.



    Mikael can’t use his left foot. Olde dude too.



    Bring in the YOUNG YINS Brendan.




  4. Paul67,



    Listen to Jobo.



    Celtic lets get 7.



    I like yer articles, dinnae ever assume anything – NO MATTER what.

  5. Yogi…..


    I’ll be 65 next month, and have experienced the masonic protestant way of life we ‘enjoy’ here in the West of Scotland every day of it.. And, every time I think theres a change on the wind, a riddance to the cheating, bigotry and bias, a new horizon.. and with the challenges we’ve made, We, Us, the Celtic Supporters, to the system and to the authorities, with campaigns like Res 12, LNS, OBAF etc, I feel we are turning things around.. But then I look back, and realise nothing has changed, we haven’t altered our world for the better.. They are still all in place, they still operate outside the law and the authorities, and we are still disadvantaged. But we do it with honour, dignity, pride and self respect. Karma hasn’t yet won the day. Lets all still KTF, mibbie not in my time, but perhaps my Grandchildren will prevail.



  6. andyR53 on 29th January 2018 1:22 am


    great post mate!


    The problem is that the bigot buck is a Trojan horse for Celtic custodians.


    Until such times as its mutually beneficial that there is no need to hate each other it will continue.


    For money.


    it’s sickening.

  7. ANDYR53




    HH fella, hope yer well.


    I have been hoping for years, for a Celtic FC to be custodially governed by a board of directors, who were, rebellious Celtic supporters, not, masonic Tories.


    But, what right do I, or any other Celtic supporter have, to expect a board of rebels, or their families, to be subjected to the same levels of civil unrest that, NFL had to endure, as our manager, because, make no mistake, civil unrest would be the dominant dynamic.


    Ye see, and I know a lot of folk will disagree with this, but, the “only” way that, Celtic FC are gonnae rattle hundom’s cage, will be on the pitch. Probably the greatest mind in our history, that of Mr Stein, knew we are from the minority community, and we have to box clever, that isn’t back ae the bus patter, its called, being alive to the situation.


    But, ye know what, the Orange Masonic community might become, phsycholgically, permanently, damaged, because of the following,…..


    1. Celtic win 10 in a row, maybe including, four trebles in a row!


    2. Brexit leads to the break up of the UK, starting with, the six counties having to be released as, Sinn Fein, compatible with the Good Friday Agreement, if 20 years of peace is achieved, and the unionist share of the vote falls below 50%, then Sinn Fein have a mandate for a referendum for a united Ireland.


    Surely, surely, if all of the above happens, the Celtic supporters will have long stopped singing songs about the troubles.


    Wouldnt it be a cute move, for Celtic supporters, to lobby the club to have permanent white poppies of peace woven into the next Celtic strip ?


    I know it could prove to be tricky, but, worth a try, imho.


    But, Celtic fans have to drop the rebel songs.


    A. Cause there isn’t a conflict going on.




    B. Cause you are boxing yourselves into a corner, and thats a mugs gemme.


    Anywye,….WEEBAWBABBITY, keep it lit fella, HH



  8. Kevjungle – hope you are keeping well.



    I sang them all back in my jungle days too. But you are absolutely right that times have changed dramatically. I cringe now when I hear “IRA” at away games.


    And before the sleekity cliquity ones


    on here get on my back then I am …..



  9. Good morning, friends.



    After 28 days of putting the feelers out, today is when the big clubs start to make their moves do their more significant transfer business of The Window. The type of signings, permanent or otherwise, who are expected to feature regularly in the starting 11. 2 would be nice. Plus, of course, a goalkeeper to at least challenge Dores.



    KevJ – much prefer your new style of writing. Much more folk are likely to read when you write like that.

  10. The huns being huns yesterday, giving ammunition to the instigators of the OB act.



    Very good post Kev J @ 05.58 hrs.




  11. ANDYR53 on 28TH JANUARY 2018 11:54 PM. great post mate, im also 65 next month so know where your coming from, as kev would say keep it lit.hh.

  12. Young Master Musonda was on a BA flight to Glasgow this morning.


    Jetting in.


    And all that.

  13. Kev jungle



    “But, ye know what, the Orange Masonic community might become, phsycholgically, permanently, damaged, because of the following,…..”



    I think you’re being a bit optimistic here thinking that anything Celtic will do will change hundreds of years of tradishun and hatred having a Afro American President didn’t seem to deter the Ku Klux Klan!








    No arrests were made under the current existing legislation. I’d suggest that provides ammo for those wishing to repeal it.

  15. O.G.RAFFERTY on 29TH JANUARY 2018 9:02 AM


    Flight was due in at 9:30, he should be in the squad for tomorrow night.


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  16. Every football related ‘article’ in the DR, this morning has a wee vid showing not a goal but ‘miss of the season’ (their words) by Sinclair on Saturday. Oh and the huns were just showing ‘passion’ invading the pitch. Funny how they didnt see it that way when Hibs done it in the cup final.

  17. KevJ



    Good article. We need to know and remember our history (as the song says), but we also need to make sure that we continue to be on the right side of history – and sometimes that means moving on (South Africa, the Good Friday Agreement, etc).

  18. I mentioned during the winter break that I believed Brendan would be using the time to work on caching the team into playing a 3-4-3 formation (like we played at pittodrie) as teams had started to work out how to play against his preferred 4-2-3-1. Within 24 hours of saying this news broke of Comppers injury and at that time I suggested that this injury might blow most of that work up in smoke. I believe the injury to Compper is why we started 4-2-3-1 against Brechin & Partick (both performances a tad slow and predictable) The switch to 3-4-3 in the second half against Partick and Hibs on Saturday led to a much more fluid fast paced game. This suffered a bit due to Moussa’s lack of sharpness but it does look like this will be our preferred playing model moving forward.



    Injuries are an unfortunate but inevitable part of football and coping with them is also part and parcel of being a football manager and building a squad. I do wonder if the latest burst of injuries may see Brendan completing the majority of the squad turnover needed to build a squad for 3-4-3 now when perhaps the original plan was to do this in the summer.



    I think it may have been HabCelt (appoligise if it wasn’t) who mentioned Danny Ward. If Liverpool are keen as they have been to get him game time in the second half of the season then a loan until the summer with a potential to buy would be a very good option for Celtic. I have no idea if Liverpool would even entertain the idea but if I was on Celtic’s recruitment team id be making the call to mellwood.

  19. Kev & Big Packy…


    Yes Ghuys, will always KTF, will always support, and will always continue to hope and pray for change.. but in my prayers, I might just ask for some help, some support from others, someone to get behind our Res12 Ghuys.. God, do we need a Turnbull Hutton, a Paul McBride, for I fear we cant do this alone.


    H H my Wonderful Celtic Supporters.

  20. This Charly must be good. 27 professional appearances at the age of 21. Forgive me if I dont get too excited.

  21. BMCUW,



    All ( Or nearly all) of us on here know that the illiberal OB act is completely unnecessary. There is already adequate legislation in place.



    But yesterday’s conduct by the huns support could perceivably give succor to those who wish to retain it.



    The only positive is that the huns conduct will not be fully reported and remain largely ignored.




  22. BARNEY67 on 29TH JANUARY 2018 10:07 AM



    I raised a similar point earlier in the window when there was some negative comments about lack of ambition from the club when it looked as if he was going elsewhere. Celtic and therefore we have to believe Brendan have been tracking this deal for a while so they clearly believe that there is a player in Charly who will improve our team. If that’s the case I will trust that view. He goes into the same category as Moussa, Paddy, Olivier & Odsonne in the respect to there will be talent there but that talent is completely unproven (he may turn out to be a star he may flatter to deceive) only time will tell.



    What does interest me is the opinion of the many posters on here who have been calling for the mythical “couple of quality players” to be added to the squad if they believe that Charly is one of those “quality” additions they have been demanding?

  23. SEÁNP1916


    Yes indeed he may turn out to be a player. BR’s choices have done alright so far so I’ll go along with it. The lad must be itching to get some 1st team action. Lets hope he fits in and isnt a big time Charly.

  24. y has landed….



    ANDYR53 on29TH JANUARY 2018 10:06 AM



    Kev & Big Packy…






    Yes Ghuys, will always KTF, will always support, and will always continue to hope and pray for change.. but in my prayers, I might just ask for some help, some support from others, someone to get behind our Res12 Ghuys.. God, do we need a Turnbull Hutton, a Paul McBride, for I fear we cant do this alone.



     H H my Wonderful Celtic Supporters.




    I’ve been in touch with both CSA and CST to pick up on your point.



    Now that the splendid work on FAC is bearing fruit, defending shareholders and supporters falls naturally to both organisations and surely governance under someone who can be trusted can now take some priority.



    Given what is being revealed on Regan he at the very least must provide answers to the many points raised and a deputation of Celtic supporters/shareholders (including fans from other clubs if possible) should be demanding clarification, even if only when the Compliance Officer is ready to report on whether there is no case to answer or is setting up a Tribunal under the Justice Disciplinary Protocol.



    It was the moaning and groaning at obvious establishment bias on CQN that was the Genesis of Res12 in 2011.



    That has subsided because reality finally bit RFC on the arse and we moved out of sight.



    But if they become our main competitors again using borrowed money to repay what was borrowed and benefitting from the first no penalty decision as in v Ross Cnty yesterday don’t come on CQN whinging, remember the opportunity for a clean up that was lost.



    Water can only be carried so far up the hill without help.

  25. AndyR53 the racism goes well beyond football (as you probably know) – it is an inherent part of the Scottish people and ingrained in our institutions.



    Sevco are merely the vehicle in which they can show their sense of superiority and disdain.



    For that reason, when the hun ship went down – the institutions rallied and concocted an absurd view that nothing has changed. But it has been rammed down our collective throats.



    But the most serious question on the table isn’t all of that. Its about what the Celtic board did and didn’t do over the last 6 years. How much collusion took place? Why haven’t the Board taken action to get justice? Why are they allowing the lies to land unchallenged.



    This is by far the more serious question because this has the ability to destroy Celtic at worst and leave us badly divided at best.



    As many on this site will know – it is inconceivable that Celtic were not engaged with the 5 way agreement. Celtic’s silence has been deafening. When the SFA said “we don’t want to rake over the coals” celtic appear to have simply accepted that.



    So at least you know the external enemy, what are we going to do when we have internal enemies who hold all the strings?

  26. Be interesting to see what role Charly fulfills in the team. By all accounts he plays most of his football wide right for Chelsea U23’s. Brendan is on record as saying he wanted to improve the creativity in the team, most people I think took that as meaning a number 10 although this was never actually specified.

  27. As a diehard Celtic fan, this made me laugh out loud.


    Sign in a Paranoia Clinc.



    Please be seated, we’ll be out to GET you shortly





  28. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Neg 10.37am



    institutionalised bigotry is hard to get rid of, I think in my short time there have been massive changes



    Although I agree it’s never enough but every little bit helps



    Still in shock that in CRCs competition Mike in Toronto hasn’t picked the Sevs (yet :-)