Celtic v Hibernian, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 15:00.

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The auction closes tomorrow, so you only have a few more hours to bid.

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    The Bellend has developed and bottled Eau’du glove and it’s used as a motivator for all hun players.


    It was blended with a mixture of and old glove that Gough fiddled with plus shit.dishonesty and orange peel.


    It not only invigorates the hun players but causes any match official who comes in close contact to have his vision and decision making altered in a hun friendly way.

  2. My bad. I watched the last 30 mins of the County game. The commentators referenced how good the visiting team were and should have been well ahead. My views therefore may not be representative of the fame as a whole.



    Firstly, The Rangers are Rubbish.


    Secondly, their fans are hideous. Not content with singing sectarian bile, they’ve also stolen our Kieran Tierney tune. Unforgivable.


    Thirdly, their fans are hideous. Invading the park to celebrate a second goal against the bottom of the league team. Maybe there’s a trophy for that.


    Fourthly, the referee is incompetent and / or dishonest. Giving a penalty to make up for the one not given provides the defence of evening things up. No it doesn’t. A penalty at 1-0 is very different from a penalty at 2-0 with only minutes to go. And it wasn’t even a penalty.


    Lastly, their fans are hideous. No further evidence required. It’s just a fact.

  3. Watching Leverkusen v Mainz



    Interesting to see that both teams are willing to mix up their approach to moving it forward. Perfectly willing to use a long ball.



    HH jamesgang

  4. Silver City 1888 on

    I’d say the penalty was debatable. The guy’s arm was less than a ball’s width away from his body and the ball was sent at speed straight at it. I’m sure we’ve had a similar “let off” recently.

  5. Thats why they are miked up, that was a pen you didn’t give , these conversations should be a matter of record, and available to those who scrutinise standards , in Scotland’s case that should be another FA.

  6. The funny thing about Sevco winning games. They have to pay players bonus money. And they don’t have any.

  7. South Of Tunis on




    Last time I was in Padova (last spring ) -I was taken to a food truck on the Piazza Della Frutta – La Folperia -boiled baby octopus with chips ,parsley ,oil and lemon .Fabulously good !!!!!.

  8. Surreal seeing Murty being interviewed



    Hes like a PE teacher.



    He wont last till the end of the season

  9. De Bruyne is one of those rare exceptions who actually justify the hype.


    Fantastic smart free kick.1-0 City.


    He has a footballing brain that is a few levels above most players.


    And yet Mourinho never rated him.

  10. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Fan a tic



    If living in dreamland and I could sign any player this window it would be a toss of a coin between De Bruyne or Hazard, I think either would do the hoops justice :-)



    By the way if possible I would take both !

  11. Great goal by City ruled out by linesman.


    Harsh but technically correct as Sane was in goalies line of vision though not sure how linesman on touchline could tell?

  12. Paddy back in a fortnight……



    There was further good news too for Celtic with Patrick Roberts set to give the Parkhead side a boost.



    The winger is working towards getting game time in the forthcoming William Hill Scottish Cup tie against Partick Thistle next month, which could potentially put him in line for a place against Zenit St Petersburg in the Europa League.



    Roberts has been sidelined since the end of November with a hamstring injury, a problem that came on the back of an earlier hamstring pull that had kept him in the treatment room.



    However, the player has targeted the Scottish Cup tie as a marker for getting back onto the pitch which will give Celtic some relief from the injury pile-up they have at the minute.

  13. CultsBhoy- Last of the famous international PlayBhoys on

    It’s only from now on in I take notice of transfer window. This is where the real business of shifting good players begins.



    I’d expect us to get in a good Goalie from EPL who is currently 2nd or 3rd choice.

  14. WITS


    JAMESGANG makes a valid point though.


    We do lack variation in our play and it seems have reverted only making safe passes to retain possession.


    Olivier is the only one at present playing good forward passes to our attacking players.


    We need to mix it up more.


    Conceding possession in the forward areas is not something to fear.I posted earlier in season About Dortmund -Real in champions league where Dortmund totally nullified Real’s passing game and Zidane altered tactics by pushing Ronaldo higher up pitch and playing long balls over the top tfor him to run on to.Dortmund adjusted and it stretched their formation and suddenly Reals passing game worked and they won easily.


    We should be utilizing SS and JF’s pace more with this tactic.

  15. Zenit have arranged 6 friendlies before they play us. Today they demolished the runaway Chinese SuperLeague leaders Guangzhou Evergrande 3-0. (Previous 2 results 5-0 vs Copenhagen and 5-1 vs Slavia Prague)

  16. Gerryfaethebrig on




    Hope they win their other friendlies impressively as well ….



    And when they have to play us in the last 32 of the EL they might still be in friendly mode :-)

  17. Go tell the Spartim on

    We’re in the second part of year 2 of BR’s plan so it’s great for him to check on here and get such great advice, I’m certain he sees the same things as us, however he has to deal with squad rotation, poor pitches, woeful referees, and a duplicitous board



    Whereas we can just press a button and on comes football manager



    Magiccircle CSC

  18. thomthethim for Oscar OK on



    Does any other team still use smelling salts for their subs coming on? Is that jimmy bellends job? They are in the dark ages in so many ways.







    And talking of dark ages theyvsing about the IRA almost constantly. #obsessed






    I have seen Bekk offering the sniff on a few occasions to subs, and wondered why.



    I haven’t seen any other medical staff doing that, never mind a kit man.


    Suspicious me asks, what is in the bottle and what are the drug testing protocols in Scottish football?


    I read that Sanches was getting pulled up for missing a drug test recently.



    On another Dingwall point.



    I have never heard them continously repeat BB for as long before.



    Curious me wonders is it because they believe that the OBAF Act has actually been repealed and they have carte orange to “sing” what they like?


    Totally disregarding the fact that sectarian songs/chants will still be illegal.

  19. South Of Tunis on

    A 3-0 walk in the park for Zenit v big spending Evergrande .



    Next up is 2 games in a Turkish seaside resort — Slovan Bratislava and Maribor.

  20. What is the Stars on

    Fan a tic


    I agree that Jamesgang makes a valid point and I agree with his point



    I agree with most things the big pragmatic fenianologist posts on here

  21. Any thoughts on the Ross County defender, Souttar. I thought he was brilliant today. Calm, composed, skilful and confident in his own ability. We’re looking for central defenders. He’s about 7 feet 14 inches tall too ;-))

  22. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Bourne, it was good to see you before the game.



    I was a bit worried about the pace of Barker and Boyle for Hibs yesterday but my worries were unfounded.



    Another tough match on Tuesday against a typical greetin McGreetin face Levein team, physical , leaving a foot in and barging into our players after the ball has been played.



    I dont know who is the most unlikeable Hearts manager, Jolly Jim Jeffries or Levein. Come to think of it , Neilsen was a greetin face get as well.

  23. The BBC really getting tore into The Rangers fans:



    ” A mini pitch invasion of celebrating Rangers fans followed; they knew it was game over and, like their new hero, they were loving it.”



    This and much worse, is what we are up against yet people still feel the need to CONSTANTLY criticise Celtic on here.


    I felt we gave a good defensive performance yesterday but were poor going forward. Dembele was particularly lethargic .Hibs were pretty good but maybe missed Stokes.

  24. Hearts, with their sound defence, willl be a good test of our guile. I expect our team to be fired up to face a team that took 4 off them recently.



    I did not think Brendan would go with 3 at the back yesterday but he did and it worked fine. I don’t see why we can’t go again with 3 against Hearts as they don’t attack much (apart from against us last time).



    I would go with



    De Vries



    Ajer Simunovic Boyata



    Brown Ntcham



    Forrest McGregor Sinclair Tierney






    with Eboue, Odsonne and Bitton being the likely subs (hopefully Dorus is not crocked and we have to field our youth keeper).



    I am hoping we will manage more than 1:0 but I’ll take that, if that is what we get.

  25. Dessybhoy @ 1527


    HH mate!! Playing catch up (6 hrs behind UK). Got the update, all running fine now. Thanks!!



  26. Sorry to see Jimbo67 taking a blog sabbatical but hope he will return when ready.



    As often, I think it is language that people respond to when views are critiqued. In referring to Scott Sinclair’s pen as a “dive”, it gets placed i the same category as a Schalk who goes down without any touch from the opponent or who seeks to initiate that contact and then go down. Sinclair did neither.



    Most fans will accept that Sinclair went down easily on feeling the contact that the defender initiated or that he made the most of it. In that sense it was an initiated fall after a failed attempt to foul, rather than an out and out simulation. It falls into a lesser category of dive but there is still an element of seeking the award. The defender who placed his left hand on Sinky’s left shoulder did so in order to attempt a tug back and to impede (after all if he just wanted to bump or muscle him out , Sinky’s right side was nearer for his left hand to reach). As far as our eyes can judge his attempt to foul was not as effective as he meant it to be and SInky could have stayed on his feet. The fact remains that the foul was attempted by the Motherwell player- Sinky merely reacted or over-reacted to that, he did not begin the process.



    I think, if we can meet in the middle, we could drop the dive accusation and reserve that for the no-contact at all situations or the “contact initiated by the attacker” situations. We need a lesser penalty for attempted fouling – I would propose an indirect free kick where the fouling team can onluy have half their outfield players between the ball and the goal, would be appropriate. Trouble is that this would give a lot of discretion and leeway for refs to create such situations so I reckon we will just have to live with this.

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