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  1. JTT53


    My most beautiful baby son Ryan was born in Forth Park Hospital Kirkcaldy.


    He is a proud Celtic supporting Fifer till the day he dies.


    Come Kingdom Come.



  2. Gerryfaethebrig on

    About to hot ma cot



    Like it or not Naismith is a wee work horse



    Good night n god bless






    No one walks alone



    God Bless.

  3. DD, used to enjoy a wee trip up to Kirkaldy . They used to have fair all along the front shore. Then there was Jackie Os night club. Northern Soul legendary place. They used to come up from N. England to it!

  4. JTT53


    Jackie O’s and JFK bar adjacent. I love Fife


    Loads of fresh air there too.


    Bentley ‘s up the hill in Kirkcaldy too. Norhern Souĺ club.


    Happy Days



  5. DD


    Love sitting in the harbour in Ainster eating my fish and chips, but a local informed me the best chippie is indeed in Pittenweem.


    When you get the pass we will try both and decide ourselves.


    had a couple of day trips to Alloa and Elie for a bevy.


    You’re gonna love that bus pass.



  6. Ghuys and Ghals…. even Ghouns



    As usual, I haven’t read back..



    Just popped in to, spookily, say…. as we approach Samhain, and if it’s not already been covered….. .


    We were fantastic yesterday… played football the Celtic way, dare I say



    Oor Callum was MOTM



    He accepted, regurgitated and recycled the ball with minimum fuss and maximum effect.



    I’m so looking forward to our date with the diets next week. Like P67, I expected at least a draw for the dons… so game on… my prediction is 4 zero or 4 1 to the good ghuys



    And while I’m here… please, please stop the hubristic 10 in a row chants… it’s 8.



    Next year will be 9



    And also! Don’t lower ourselves to “rebel it up” cos they sing “the billy boys” let them do what they will… we have never and will never have control over what they sing… “the jersey doesn’t shrink”



    And the zombie chat… it is tedious… we know. They know.everyone knows. Yet the lies are being peddled as truths. Now, as I do in my everyday life, when posed a question…. I immediately reverse the roles. “How would I feel in that situation?” H


    “How would I respond?”



    The answer, vehemently… is I would say we never died. Real ‘rangers fans’ and I know many, many good people who support the dark side…. they are only responding as we would. Bottom line… there is still a hard core 30 to 40 thousand who will turn up at ibrox every game… as we would… also…I have many, many in my own family. Cousins, uncles, neices, great nephews…. etc… and yes… I do have an older uncle!



    The point is… some of them have never, ever had the experience of humping them… even playing them… they want it… and would gladly pay £49 for the experience.



    Stop the divide



    Start supporting the Bhoys



    We are getting closer




    Hail Hail COYBIG☘️??

  7. larssonse7en on 21st October 2018 11:49 pm



    Have to disagree pal, especially with your “they are only responding as we would” comment.



    I’m afraid they died, in shame, chasing lions, cheating the tax payer and the rest of Scottish fitba but yet they are the victims and not an ounce of remorse shown.



    Nah, it disnae wash, a bit like them really, cheating scum with a misplaced sense of entitlement – nothing like us.








    Your in my families prayers pal.


    Hoping for a break through, especially for all of those who are close to you, your immediate family, and loved one’s, what they go through can be undescribable.


    Norrie’s prayer spoke for us all.


    God bless, Stephen. Stephen is a precious name to me.

  9. 50 shades of green on

    Morning Tims…



    Would just like to offer my prayers and thoughts to MAH his family and friends.




  10. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Should have took the red card



    Naismith ???



    School run beckons have a good day fellow Celts

  11. bigrailroadblues on

    Good morning all from Shields Road. The Kingston bridge has never looked so resplendent.

  12. Good morning friends. Thoughts and prayers for Stephen Murdochauldandhay. When you believe, there’s no mountain you can’t climb.

  13. Hi Ghuys



    I want to say thanks to everyone who offered there prayers & best wishes on my behalf I am really thankful it really does lift the spirits I can assure you :)



    CQN is & still is a great Celtic blog with great people who have came together & achieved great things together which no other support could have done



    I am but a small cog in this big Celtic wheel that spins 24 hours a day keeping us entertained, informed & educated Yes just like the bloody BBC should be doing :)







  14. viewfaethewindae on

    MAH, so sorry to read of your illness, like many others all I can offer are prayers, while lighting a candle at Schoenstatt Shrine.



    I wish you the very best of luck with your treatment.

  15. So will @ClydeSSB @BBCSportsound @shinjukushug discuss tonight why a top referee that was sacked after sending an email about the pope/child abuse why his son is refereeing games involving the new Rangers a club that sings about their hate for Catholics ?



    Anyone that phones the show to discuss this won’t even get through.



    Place yer bets now.

  16. so far in the 2 & 1/2 months of the league


    how many penalties have TRFC had


    and is it a world record