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  1. Kayal loses out. Adam does well. Wide to Hooper, loses out again. Chases back well. Efe wins it back.



    Adam wide to Sami, back to Chas, to Kayal, to Commons, inside to Kayal, tries to knock it wide. It goes out. Bit of frustration in the crowd now.

  2. Victor… Is Stll.. Wet behind his Lugs…



    He astonishes Me.. sumtimes..




    By… being so Inaccurate wi his Passes tae a Colleague..





  3. Chas forward for Hooper, now Tony, for Kris, to Sami, to Vic, to Kayal, to Sami, back to Vic, to Commons, ICT dispossess us.

  4. Commons long again. Sami on the edge. Cuts inside, to Vic, to Kris it goes out. Sub to come on. Paddy, I think.

  5. Put Dylan on for Sammi.


    We really struggle to play positive football.


    Our game plan seems more about denying the opposition and capitalising on turnovers rather than creativity