Celtic v Manchester City, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 19:45.

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  1. Whit a rollercoaster, I thought we gave it our best shot and got two goals. Man City are a very decent team.



    Thought we were running out of steam a little toward the end of the half there.



    Lot’s of positives and also a few wee warnings:))



    Celtic whit a trip!

  2. Never had an affinity with an English team,better still only one team for me, like my father and his da.Now it’s the same for my son and his 12 year old.HOOPS R US.

  3. Superb effort by Celtic, A couple of individual mistakes losing possession in midfield but under this pressure you can expect that.


    It is doubtful that we can keep up this pressure for the entire game, maybe try & hold on till the 60 minute mark and throw on 3 fresh men.

  4. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Fantastic first half performance . Don’t think we will see much more of TR.



    He is beginning to labour, after a magnificent first half.


    JF underused, but caught ball watching a couple of times?



    No matter how it ends, I think we have gone along way to redeem ourselves.



    I guess it will be down to fitness and stamina.

  5. Greetings from the North Curve. I’m knackered after that! Jobo is just in front of me and he’s had to sit doon.



    45 non-stop minutes in and off the park! We have acquitted ourselves well. Can we keep it going?



    FAC the Act




  6. All over the pitch as good as I’ve seen us for years



    So many players who don’t look out of place or daunted.

  7. Progress has been made.


    Brendan has done an exceptional job in his short time.


    This season its to early for Europe but next season we will give it a real go.


    Got to get Sinclair on the ball second half and bring on after 65th minute Lee and Paddy to deal the knockout blows.

  8. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Shutting a few city fans up in pub in Menorca




    First access to net


    Bar61 Blanes

  9. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Well done to the Bhoys for that first half a really great performance.Man City are a fine team and we have given them a scare I dont know if we can keep the pace up for the ninety minutes.We have improved so much under Brendan Rodgers in a very short time if we can hang on to him we will have a superb team in a couple of seasons.H.H.

  10. Thank god Brendan and Neil and Ronnie before him can see what nir brings to the team.



    A key player tonight

  11. JEROMEK67 on 28TH SEPTEMBER 2016 8:37 PM



    Well yer no’ watching. Him and Broony have been superb in the middle. Closing down and winning the ball. Denying them space.



    A great first half!



    FAC the Act




  12. Wee bit concerned that the bhoys were looking out on their feet toward the of the half. Hope that we can keep the tempo up through to the end. Amazing performance against a budget we could only dream of though. I need to remember this when I moan about our errors.

  13. Their first looked offside from the Jock Stein end ? ? Delighted with the first half. Energy levels are a. worry.


    What team cost 400 million ?


    Mon the hoops.

  14. saltires en sevilla on

    What a first half!!



    Not many would have expected that and hoping Brendan has a wee surprise in store for 2nd half



    Only downside Tam Roguc looks burst after his outstanding performance



    Hope the rest does him good and run for 20 mins before subbed



    C’mon Celtic !!



    This humble pies no bad!



    LOL. Well said!




    FAC the Act




  16. VFR … I’m knackered just watching it on the telly …. the fans there must be exhausted, let alone the players!



    How ya doing, by the way?

  17. Immensely proud of that first half. The only team this season to take the game to Man City. Big performances from our players in that half. Wonderful to see.



    Hopefully we can keep up the intensity.


    End to end. We look as if we will concede every time they attack- they are deadly up top



    Bitton is doing feck all.



    Otherwise we are doing well.

  19. Lennon n Mc....Mjallby on




    I can admit when I’m wrong and glad that I am however,I always know CP nights are an exception to the rule,hope you’re enjoying yourself in Paradise.




  20. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    LYMMBHOY on 28TH SEPTEMBER 2016 7:43 PM


    Morning macjay1










    Morning yourself.




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