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  1. Abada alongside Furuhashi will be great to see.


    Edouard playing just like last season.


    Please go somewhere you want to be.

  2. fieldofdrams on

    Bitton definitely had the red mist. Concussed? Yeah maybe, football doesn’t seem to have the Head Injury Assessment protocol that rugby does. It should. And it doesn’t have to be a rule or requirement, it’s just best practice and we should do it for player welfare AND to be sure the player doesn’t f… it up for the rest of the team

  3. Philbhoy on 20th July 2021 8:51 pm



    Kennedy all over the Bitton selection.



    Mibbe Ange will learn from that.







    With respect, you have no idea if that is the case.

  4. i don’t like this team at all. hope we pump them over the 2 legs (unlikely to bury it tonight with 10 men)

  5. I’m guessing Bitton started because we pretty much have nobody else.



    Hope to see Welsh and Starfelt against Hearts.

  6. Philbhoy, if you are talking to me, it is simple.



    Ange has played his most experienced players at his disposal to protect the Future Celts as much as possible, IMO.

  7. PETEC



    But what would make Ange think Bitton was a centre half?



    He played very few minutes in the friendlies.




  8. need to teach the player to surround the ref after a terrible tackle – too accepting