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  1. TheLurkinTim on

    Ref takes pity on mother’s….no injury time….HT 7-in-a-row Champions 2 Cluggerwell 0 ??

  2. Not a tim in the studio…………….



    ashen-faced currant rues ruthless Hoops……..






    Stewart saves the day.

  3. i'vehadtochangemyname on

    gameplan perfect, would like to see md on the 6 yard box more, not sure what br says now- keep going til the subs come on , first 2 mins of second half are so important – let them blow their puff and let our quality make chances, love Celtic, br and cqn, special day, already close to greetin

  4. No weaknesses in our side today.


    Motherwell outplayed, outclassed and out scored.

  5. When the Lhad comes back from the game and asks if I watched the game on BBC , I can say “ no, I think it was Motherwell TV”.


    Shameless , and by the way watch out for more of the sympathy refereeing from that half wit Clancy.

  6. Great 45 mins from the Hoops.



    Two great goals to top off a great performance. Marred as once again it’s open season on KT.



    Even the Atletico Madrid scout will be shuddering at these challenges!

  7. Excellent first half. Two lovely goals.



    Mothers are a feckin disgrace.



    KT being constantly targeted – good to see Calmac sticking up for him.



    Few more goals to come I think.




  8. Brilliant first half by the champions.


    Moussa the magnificent has led the line superbly.


    McGregor should be an inspiration to all young Celts and is a classic example of how much a coach can have an influence on their development.


    N’tcham is the Celtic metronome.


    He and Brown are a fantastic duo.


    KT adding to his value with a performance beyond his years.


    Motherwell resorted to type and only the refs leniency has allowed them to still have 11 men.

  9. cathedral view on

    No injury time despite two goals.



    Body checks a plenty from a ‘robust’ Motherwell side.



    KT taking the hits more than most.



    Everyone on BBC worried this might be a four or five nil.



    Great to see the return of the Efe goal celebration from Ntcham.





    ‘GG on 19TH MAY 2018 3:49 PM


    No weaknesses in our side today.





    Motherwell outplayed, outclassed and out scored.



    well said.i’m watching in YORK.leaving at 16.10 to take a PRIEST to say MASS..



    GOD BLESS hear from you next season.

  11. Fan-A-Tic


    Agree, Big Moussa leading the line superbly



    Come on Celtic – finish it off in 2nd half



    And Become History makers ????



    Billy, hope this helping your recovery, this time last year, you had finished your burger ?

  12. Delighted with first half apart from targeting of Tierney.



    SparkleGhirl: welcome back.

  13. TheLurkinTim on

    Robinson’s HT team talk…..we’re only 4 sendings off away from a replay ?

  14. Taurangabhoy on

    Football class from this Celtic team. Handling thuggerwell pressure easily and playing fast flowing football. Big Moussa holding the front line very well he just needs to get closer for KT crosses and stick one or two in. More goals coming for the hoops in the second half.