Celtic v Motherwell, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 15:00.

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  1. Jimmynotpaul on

    JOBO BALDIE on 21ST MAY 2018 6:22 AM


    When does the new season start? (** drumming fingers**)





    Is that the marching season? Drumming fingers. :-)







    Brilliant news. Thanks for sharing


    Hail Hail

  2. Good morning good ghuys from a dry North Glasgow


    What a weekend?????????


    3 day week this week for me and Bhoy do I need it.


    Wonder when I will find out about the other 2 waiting list season tickets I have applied for



    CRC hope all goes well in you’re new job.



    Everyone else have a champion day?



    D. :)

  3. Word of The Day



    Hexad /ˈhɛksæd/





    1. a group or series of six


    2. the number or sum of six



    Derived Forms


    hexadic, adjective



    Word Origin


    C17: from Greek hexas, from hex six





  4. The Battered Bunnet on




    UCL 1st qualifying round, 1st leg , 10/11 July.



    Call it 51 sleeps.



    Thereafter, provided we progress, there’s a match every 7 days through to 4th qualifying round, 2nd leg on 28/29 August.



    That’s a European match every week for two months, plus the league kicking off on 4th August.

  5. Everyone still buzzing I take it after a history making weekend? still on cloud 9 or should that be 10 :)) The whole club really put on a show more please we just cant get enough



    CRC good luck with the new job & thanks

  6. CRC. Brilliant news regarding new job. And to think that throughout this time you’ve been so supportive to many, many others. Best wishes from everyone down here. Hail Hail, indeed

  7. Morning all.



    Still basking in the glow from a bloody marvellous week-end, but it’s the close season which I hate!



    We won’t have a competitive game until the 10/11th July in the first qualifying round first leg of the CL.



    50/51 days to go!!







  8. Celticrollercoaster supporting @WalkWithShay on 21st May 2018 12:16 am



    Good morning and well done M.




  9. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    Just when you think your Celtic life can’t get anymore emotional


    you come home very reluctantly from a wild weekend with the


    peninsula rebels and sit down to watch CTV with my own wee


    Grace and the tears start again watching that open top bus parade


    and then Broonie’s testimonial.


    I defy any Celtic supporter to watch them and not water up, my


    grandaughter said ” Papa are you crying ?


    ” Don’t be daft darling big Papas don’t cry ”


    Liar liar pants on fire.


    Our big Celtic Sunday in rebel town was just a continuation of the


    party from the night before and we were joined by a real star


    called Meaghan not one of those false pretendy film actresses but


    the daughter of our late great Phil O’donnell who once again gave us


    a rendition of.. GRACE ..and then.. Caledonia.. it must be my age.. but


    my auld eyes seem to moisten quite regular now 8-))


    Thank goodness for Paddymacoz he had us all laughing when he decided


    he would have to rename his two bhoys, one called Steven and one called


    Gerrard, who would have thought that?


    They’re now to be known as Jinky and Henky lol.


    H.H Mick

  10. What is the Stars on

    Very disappointed with the girls losing 9 nil.


    No Celtic team should ever lose by that margin.its really taken the gloss off the weekend.


    That result will be remembered long after double trebles have been forgotten.


    Lawwell and Desmond need to take a long look at themselves.


    Make no mistake this result gives great encouragement to King and Gerrard. Lets be honest if they could persuade the SFA/SPFL to make Celtic play their ladies team in the league they might just stop 10 in a row.


    Be Afraid…de ranjurs are coming

  11. Melbourne Mick on



    Fantastic to read you have found employment, the good


    news keeps on coming.


    Well done.


    H.H Mick

  12. CRC, good to see you last week, best of luck with the new job. HH from another glorious sunny day here in Dundee.

  13. What a weekend, a totally unique and Celtic way to do things and how we partied.



    Still tender this morning- but well worth the celebrations.

  14. ? @ 7:32 am



    Not for the first time you have supplied us with a most uncommon word.



    In fact, I’m struggling to imagine a sentence in which one could usefully deploy such a term: do you, perchance, have any examples to illustrate the use of this fine word … ?




  15. Damn you, Martin, for breaching the dam of resistance to the Big Lie/Continuity Myth built so courageously over the years by our Club, led by our major shareholder’s stirring call to arms back in 2012: “For us, it’s disappointing they’re not there………Rangers is (sic) a great football club, it has (sic) a great history and it’s unfortunate that they have been relegated (sic) ”



    You are, of course, also undermining the sustained and forceful protest the board has been making on behalf of tens of thousands of supporters ripped off by paying thousands of pounds for over a decade into a rigged game.



    But, but, most of all, BLACK SUNDAY, ya. . .naw, leave me, let me get ma hands on him. . . . .

  16. Mikey Johnson,and Regan Hendry,2 very talented young football players,and I think Calvin Miller,is more suited as a Left Winger,he has pace,but obviously Brendan has earmarked him as a future left back, Hopefully Jack Hendry,can improve next season,and make him first choice at right back,so there is a lot of young talent at Celtic,as Ryan Christie has still to come back to,

  17. Here’s hoping the players get some proper R&R now. Pre-season training will be here before most folk have had a summer holiday.

  18. Good morning all


    Even the rain in Roscommon cannot dampen the spirits again today.


    Just to top off a wonderful double treble achievement, I have just spoken to Our Mate Mick and his wife Caroline in Oz for a wee update on his recovery.


    He is doing well with the slow recovery and getting lots of occupational therapy and physiotherapy so remains positive and extremely grateful for all the support they have received.


    He intends to log into CQN himself soon and give an update and a THANK YOU to all CQN’rs.


    He also suggested the main song in Celtic park next season should be David bowie “rebel rebel” which of course will be adjusted to “treble treble”


    Hail Hail

  19. Celticrollercoaster supporting @WalkWithShay on




    That is good news re Mick and his road to recovery. If you are speaking with him, tell him, that we will get the monies across to him next week. I am just waiting for the final pledges to come in.







  20. Celticrollercoaster supporting @WalkWithShay on




    Just reading back. Thanks for all the kind wishes.



    CQN is a good place to be part of.







  21. Hunderbirds are Gone on



    Good luck on the new job. From personal experience I know that it can be very daunting restarting work after a long lay off, but you will feel so much better after the first day has been negotiated.





  22. BROONY is a God,and his wee draught was a superstar during the lap of honour.Very funny.

  23. CRC


    I will pass that on to Our Mate Mick and can i join everone else in saying well done and good luck in your new job too!!



    As long as u are able to stay up to date on CQN!! Don’t let work get in the way of Celtic!!!

  24. CRC………..



    Delighted to hear your good news.


    Well played!




  25. Colour Blind Bhoy on

    Just a quick between meetings lurk to say well done and very best of luck to CRC, hope tomorrow and beyond goes well M, very best wishes.

  26. Good luck CRC (Marc),



    Hard to believe that it is 15 years to the day that Celtic were in Seville……..memories flooding back!

  27. Thank God I put a holiday in for today, that was some weekend to wrap the season up with.


    Went to the corner yesterday before the game, either the regulars headed for their seat early or were suffering from cup final celebration.



    TAL… trying to get a hold of your mobile number for Friday…contact BMCUWP for mine.