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  1. weebawbabitty on

    Morning, what a brilliant time to be a Tim ,, oot with a hun couple last night there pain was a joy, brilliant Celtic just brilliant ???????

  2. Morning all.



    Yesterday was also a day to remember all those granpas, fathers, uncles…who are no longer here, but are in spirit, who inbued us with a love and passion for the Celtic Football Club.



    God bless them all!




  3. weebawbabitty on

    KEVJ, hope you and Patrica are good my friend , these are good Celtic times enjoy my old friend

  4. Superb yesterday. Dembele is a unit. I don’t think I could love Celtic more than I do

  5. Gooooooood Morning CQN ???????



    DOUBLE TREBLE WINNERS ????????????



    Nothing else to add




    FtSFA ???

  6. For once, I cannae wait to see the papers. The parrot will be well and truly sick this morning I think



    KEVJ enjoy the good times with the rest of us. You endured the bad times along with us.





  7. I dreamt that I was walking along London Rd afterwards and KT, Griffiths and Moussa were playing a wee game with some fans. So I joined in!!!! ???


    The 8.5% ciders I consumed before bedtime may have been at least partly responsible for that!

  8. The goals,the celebrations,the greatest fans huddle ever,the bus parade,the fans outside Paradise.Memories that will never fade.Right up there with Lisbon,the 4,2 game,Love St,Centenary year,stopping 10,and Seville.



  9. Some of the scenes from outside the hallowed ground are heart-warming……….


    Much more than a stadium, and much, much more than a Club.



    A few texts and hazy phone calls from mates – all basically the same, an incredulity around what’s been achieved.



    Thank-you Celtic. Honest endeavour rewarded.




  10. David 66


    The Huns on Monkey Media have a bit about us owning Glasgow.The bus parade has them exploding.


    Wonderful stuff,their pain.

  11. Well done to Brendan and the team. Truly special special days to be a Celtic fan.

  12. JAMESGANG on 20TH MAY 2018 8:34 AM


    I dreamt that I was walking along London Rd afterwards and KT, Griffiths and Moussa were playing a wee game with some fans. So I joined in!!!! ???



    The 8.5% ciders I consumed before bedtime may have been at least partly responsible for that!




    Jamesgang did you win ?



    D. :)

  13. My friends in Celtic.



    What a day.Dont know about the players, but I’m shattered. ?



    I have never seen Glasgow so bedecked in Green and White. What is soooooooo pleasing is the amount of females now openly following us.



    But yes, there is always a complaint. The pubs were so busy it took ages to get a swally. However a well used word on CQN prevailed.





    HH to all

  14. Turkeybhoy- I knew they would go mental, and I loooooooove it???



    I hope some are lurking here, and of course if you are Mr Hun GIRFUY ???






    D. :)

  15. Great to see man mountain. scared of nothing Kipre, turn his back on Ollie’s shot for the second goal.



    The man’s a shitebag.

  16. Breakfast has been consumed and my hangover has subsided.?


    Now I am thinking about my nephews daughters communion at St Mungo’s at 12 noon.?


    I hope all the kids and thier family’s have a lovely day for any communions taking place today.


    Me, I will be there to support my nephew as I have throughout his life, and now his daughter as well.


    Then I am getting a cure’er ???. To match ???. ??? a Double treble again WOW



    D. :)

  17. I am off this morning to walk 7 miles in Rural Stirlingshire to commemorate the people who brought me here. So I will miss the Broony-fest but I will spare some thought to it afterwards.



    There may even be dancing this evening- blisters permitting.



    njoy your day whatever your pastime!

  18. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Absolutely fantastic!


    History bhoys again. An invincible season and now a double treble.


    Really impressive performance. Got the ball forward quicker and much better in transition.


    Defended well, although looked a bit less sure when Simunovic came on for Ajer. Thought wee Roberts might have got a run out at the end.


    Dembele excellent and deserved a goal. McGregor MOTM for me though. Controlled the game and another cracking goal. Wait until he starts using his good foot!


    Seriously though I really believe this bhoy could be one of the top midfielders in Europe in 2-3 years. Maybe just needs a bit more self belief, although I think that is coming.


    Well done Celtic. Onwards and upwards!

  19. Did anybody catch a glimpse of the Huddle coverage and Broony’s words on the Celts Are Here site?



    The words used may be less eloquent than the Hollywood versions like Al Pacino in Any Given Sunday, but if you were a player in that huddle, I am betting you would be determined not to make Broony angry.



    Not loquent but highly effective.



    Aff oot now

  20. weebobbycollins on

    Morning chaps and chapettes…double treble eh?? Rangers will be turning in their grave…

  21. Eck, yesterday…………gassed?



    If he wasn’t and that was the calibre of his commentary and insights…….Jesus wept!



    My fear is that he is perfect for scoddish fitba.

  22. Let’s enjoy this feeling bhoys and ghirls ???. ???



    Let the players get a rest, get some new players in and some out and get ready for another long season again.



    I believe we could do another treble next year, no matter what any of our rivals do in the summer.



    But as I said let’s enjoy this moment.



    D. :)

  23. Will Celtic sign new players this summer,what positions ,and who will leave permanently,and sad to to say some of the development squad,will be allowed to find another club.

  24. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Hello this is WEE BGFC. Morning Timland!! DOUBLE TREBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D


    Went on to CNN and found a bit of news that wasn’t about the royal wedding. My head just relaxed.


    Not on Sky and the BBC mind, they are still obsessing. Oops, CNN are talking about it again!


    Ah well, everyday is a great day to be a tim!!!!!!!!!!!






  25. Watching the game back just now and on 52 ish minutes what a huddle and chant of here we go 10 IAR. …. Hairs on my arms stood up.. Wow



    D. :)

  26. SFTB



    Despite what my parents and primary teachers drummed into me, I’ve coms to the conclusion that sweary simpleness is often the most eloquent and effective.



    After yesterday, I rest my case.




    HH jamesgang




    Totally correct about Big Feck. Met him in a social context many a year ago and he seemed a pleasant enough guy then, but he has morphed over the years in to a fud. I suppose when you sup with those eejits you become infected; remember he was the tube that talked about 120 (?) years of “….unsurpassed dignity” when referring to a club that had operated a sectarian signing policy for a century. He knew (recent admission!) that they cheated Scottish football, but all of that has to be just brushed away. His football interpretations yesterday were banal, if I am allowed to praise him that highly. Thank God for Mikey Stewart on the panel.



    Anyway, great great times to be a Tim. After a quiet recovery day I’m off to Islay for the week to get some rest, recovery, some walking and some whisky so I should be ready for the start of pre-season activities.



    Hail Hail to all Tims – have a great one today and remember, just keep smiling, especially if you know or suspect that you are in the vicinity of a Sticky or three.

  28. Up and watched all the match again. Plus the parade and speeches.



    I have never said this much before, but, on top of the football performances, what a great job the celtic events team are now doing. We can have our gripes about spending in the past, where and how it was spent, but this ongoing investment in the infrastructure at Celtic Park is paying dividens. Since the opening of the Celtic way, our marketing team, and event teams have used that space in very creative and inviting ways. The banners the boards, the messages, the prints around the stadium. The shear professionalism when we stage events.


    Yesterdays bus parade was special.



    At the very least you can see where our financial support of the club is being spent. Next we will spend again, the hotel, the lights, the pitch, its a great strategy.



    Well done celtic.








    my hope is that on the second day of her honeymoon she becomes the queen.tell yir da that.