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  1. Bateen bhoy


    I don’t disagree with most of that.



    Listen, if you’re not seen for a few days anytime in the future, I’ll have a search party out looking for ya.



    ( maybe everyone assumed you were a Hun and were glad to see the back of you:-))

  2. prestonpans bhoys on

    Hey Big Packy,



    Keep posting mhan, remember this blog is full of roasters, like me :0)



    Boat day today on Bowness on Windermere , up and down the lake drinking a few beers, occasional stop for pub relief !

  3. traditionalist88 on




    I know, I don’t always disagree with him, far from it.



    But he never factors any of the points I raised into his posts.



    We could decide to do x/y/z on the team, improvements in and around the ground, whatever. Look how long it took and the red tape we’d to go through just to get 3000 safe standing spaces!



    The Charly Musonda deal was about to happen in the summer and the rug was pulled from under us.



    If anyone can product a list of players that have sufficient quality to improve us for the CL, but are not yet quite good enough for the teams with the big bucks, and at the same time want to come to Scotland whilst not demanding a fee and/or wages that are not outrageous, I’m all ears.



    And I havent even mentioned agents yet. Remember, all the while the above is going on, the players in question, if they possess such quality, are always liable to have their heads turned.



    Just because the moneys there doesn’t mean nothing is being done IMO.




  4. David17,



    My take on the PL interview by English was much the same as yourself. Let’s hope something is afoot and that the likes of Petrie and McRae get their just desserts.



    Let’s hope that leads to an SFA thats fit for purpose. Then they can turn their attention to the refereeing establishment and sort that nest of vipers out too.

  5. I find it as frustrating as the next season ticket holder/poster when transfer windows pass and on the face of it feel slightly underwhelming. Then I usually take a step back and think why I define them as underwhelming? What realistically do I expect Celtic to do in a Transfer window?



    This question is regularly asked of the more critical posters on here and while they have every right to express their disappointments and frustrations, I very rarely, if ever have read a reasonable response to this question. Usually the question is either ignored or deflected by changing the narrative onto something more pointed (usually at the board) or is answered with the default “there are more players than just those England out there” when this is challenged it is usually answered with a stock “I’m not a scout” reply.



    I would love to be able to understand the argument behind the frustrations of the more critical posters but surely to be taken seriously you have to be able to provide a serious and clear answer to the “what realistically do I expect Celtic to do in a Transfer window?” question.

  6. Not heard the PL interview but caught radio Scotland yesterday when the host said they would be “playing” the rest of it on Thursday ? Why Thursday is it relevant to Zenit game our our national broadcaster playing to the gallery ?



    Bateen Bhoy



    Good to have you back :-)






    Hope all goes well with O today at the Uni

  7. Can I also say congratulations to the rebels of Cork City on a remarkable second half comeback in yesterday’s President’s Cup Match at Oriel park against a very good Dundalk side.




  8. Gerryfaethebrig on 12th February 2018 10:43 am



    Sportsound starts at 6.30pm, game kicks off at 8.05pm, a lot of time to fill in.

  9. Twisty



    Like the wart on my nose the PLC strategy is plainly obvious.



    This summer will be – we can’t spend too much too soon as CL qualification more difficult this year. If we qualify we’ll spend a fiver, maybe.




  10. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Transfer windows have of course, two facets. Holding on to our top players has proved difficult for Celtic historically, when the EPL clubs come calling. At the current state of development of Brendan Rodgers Team, or squad, or club, holding on to our top players is at least as important as attracting new players. The last few windows can only be measured as successful in that regard, although the vagaries of form and development of potential play a part in retaining players, as it does in buying players.



    I think the current situation with Moussa is informative in this regard. Some may claim we should have sold him in the summer or in the recent January window. His current form seems to have settled well below the high water mark of the first half of last season, and his perceived value has tumbled, reflecting that loss of form.



    This happens, especially with young players. However players that we have coveted, but fail to hold on to, suffer no such perceived loss of form or value….



    … Jason Denayer anyone? A good player, sure, but since his departure from us, he is viewed as a cross between George Connelly and Frank Beckenbauer… He never was, and never will be that.

  11. MWD


    I hear ya bud, but, didn’t Brendan tell us he will, if necessary, break the transfer record?


    Yes he did.


    Don’t let me go away from here thinking Brendan is telling us lies.



    What you say to that D? Is BR telling us porkies?


    For the record, I think not, but I was nearly wrong once before :-)





    Aye,it’s difficult steering your way round the icebergs in a hellish environment.



    But that’s why we pay people over a million a year.





    Welcome back!



    And I’d welcome JD back in a heartbeat.

  14. traditionalist88 on






    Aye,it’s difficult steering your way round the icebergs in a hellish environment.



    But that’s why we pay people over a million a year.





    True, we are a bit of a freak in the domestic environment in which we operate, though.



    Of course debate is healthy and the club clearly dont get everything right but if NegAnon wants to talk about risk management in the football industry and specifically at Celtic, he has to take into account factors/variables specific to the industry, which he didn’t in the post I replied to.



    Why? Because there are several obstacles in the way outwith our control before taking a risk is even possible.




  15. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Hello this is WEE BGFC. So, Does anyone have spares for aberdeen? We would be eternally grateful. :D






  16. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    I have just read the tribute to Liam Miller by Tam McManus , very touching andvheartfelt.



    Liam’s brother in law is Austin McCann , the Hearts assistant manager.



    May Liam’s soul rest in peace .

  17. Traditonalist



    In my opinion the biggest risk facing Celtic is loss of CL money.



    There are a number of factors there, one not being match fit during qualifying, the other being starting with a side, some of whom were introduced in the dressing room before the game. Even greater if they are new CBs.



    These risks can be mitigated by planning but to qualify we need to win the title and the biggest risk to that was Rangers. Not just Rangers but a Rangers prepared to cheat and lie to get their mitts on UEFA geld.



    They were able to do that because of the SFA culture and the folk there who influenced it.



    Although not as strong financially as they were and so less of a risk, history has shown that they are prepared to take risks with the existence of the club and with the same mindset as before, will do so again.



    There will not be a Scottish football without Rangers in one form or another, but to prevent them acting as they did before and are now, the policing of their financial behaviour has to be rigorous, hence attempts at reforming the governance by Celtic.



    It does not make risk management sense to me to say Celtic are playing a part in strengthening one of the biggest financial risks they face.



    What they are trying to do is make sure that any risk from their most likely rival is an honest and fair one and there can be no return to a governance regime that increased the risk to the business.



    Celtic will always act on what is in their self interest. Everyone does.



    However what can be in self interest at one point in time can change in another because nothing stays the same over time.



    That is where patience comes in. It takes time out of the equation, producing immediate results. :)