Celtic v Ross County, Live updates


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  1. Centre 3 leaving acres of room today. Very similar to Hearts game. Low tempo and low percentage passing. Hopefully a blip

  2. bigrailroadblues on

    3 points. We move on. It is the Glasgow Celtic. It is our love. Nae luck ya hun canutes.

  3. fourstonecoppi on

    Utter utter utter dross..



    btw we don’t need a striker cos we canny get a ba’ to one


    also bernabei is just a shite footballer!

  4. No doubt we’ll have the usual suspects who don’t share their views during the game telling us we must’ve been watching a different game …….



    Well done Ross County a better team under Adams than Mackay

  5. Praying for the final whistle at home to a make shift Ross County team……who needs quality signings?

  6. I’ve been to hearts, Motherwell and st j at home this season – that’s what it’s going to be all season.



    The squad is not good.

  7. spikeysauldman on

    kyogo needs some backup…someone said we diidnt need it – only buckie, ross county etc etc



  8. A DREADFUL “performance”!



    Against a team paid in luncheon vouchers.






    Deary me.

  9. RC beaten 3 nil at home by Patrick Thistle. We struggle to win 1nil. A jammy goal should have opened the flood gates. Empty net miss by Bernardo. 2 penalty misses from Palma. He should not be allowed to take another one. Powder puff efforts and they get a foot in the game. They had 2 chances at the end to equalise and it wouldn’t have been undeserved. Goalkeeper left back striker. Repeat after me. Get these signings in now or we will struggle to win this league.

  10. First half very poor…glad didn’t see second half…problems with clothes dryer anyway we will be better at the Dons.

  11. Shocking today.Midfield non existent,defence hesitant,and Kyogo,lucky if he had a pass whole game.


    No real inventiveness in the team from middle to front.Has BR EVER thought of playing Palma as a number 10.Packed defences a problem for us,although today,not the only one.Against teams like this that bit of magic from your number 10 can unlock the most stubborn of defences.As M. City know.

  12. Painful to watch. A total bore and we never looked safe, Where is the passion ?? We play like we are enacting a coaching manual. (Badly) A team full of fair to middling players. Crying out for quality not projects that are here for Brendan to develop and sell on !! Big improvement needed. I am away for a walk to help me waken up.

  13. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Turnbull looked good during the Covid season because half the team downed tools. Bernabei was rumbled on with appalling performances against Hearts and the huns. MJ – let’s not go there.



    This is the problem- we’ve accumulated a top heavy squad of mediocrity.

  14. the league is there for the winning by whoever gets a gamechanger in this week



    we will probably beat sevco again but anybody can hold out against us and get chances to win it

  15. Entire midfield shuffling the ball rom one winger to the next . Just very poor . Matt O’Reilly playing on the fringe. Flicks and tricks but very little incisive passes.

  16. boondock saint on

    Well that was a tough watch. That’s our 6th, I think, pk miss of the season. Even first half we were second to ball at times. Our field looks terrible. Remember a few years ago fir park was atrocious. Our build up play is so predictable and slow. See what happens this week .


    RIP Stuart Gray, a good lad taken too young like many by that awful illness.


    Hail hail



  17. The Star Above The Crest on

    Don’t stress yourselves about days like today.



    We have a “World Class In Everything We Do” board to guide us through these choppy waters.

  18. 31003,


    Knew you would be on with your usual guff.Quality ????,just how much more quality do we need to outplay County,than we had on the park today?