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  1. Teutchar,



    But Sevco are closer, and their mates in the refereeing fraternity will be well aware of this.

  2. Team changes were ridiculous by Brendan.


    The league is a priority and operation save der hun is in full swing so Brendan should always play the strongest team till title wrapped.


    Our caution and obsession with possession above all is now hampering our play.


    Young Miller who has a reputation for beating his man and great crossing never attempted it at all today.


    And the DeVRries distribution myth is just that.


    Musonda will be shocked at what constitutes a foul in Scotland as he was continually pulled and kicked all day.


    Beaton is a typical Scottish hun who shows no shame at his blatant cheating.

  3. Brendan:


    Lots of plusses. Rogic. Miller. Gamboa. All getting game time



    First half too slow.



    Second half better but didn’t take chances. Point about right.



    Calvin Miller excellent.



    KT played so many games.



    Hendry will grow from the experience.



    A very young side.



    Tommy W will be asking why he doesn’t get that performance every week.


    For me: I played young players. Wanted 3 points. Didn’t get them.



    Broony ( when asked about him)


    Fantastic leader.

  4. Gerry that’s my point. My priority would be to wrap up the League.


    We have surrendered 2 League points, what happens next Thursday will happen, not sure that our team selection today will affect the result in Russia to a huge extent.


    I may be wrong but for a normal happy optimistic Tim, I feel very let down at the moment, think I’ll log off before I let my frustration get the better of me.

  5. Any team that loses a Broonie and a Ntcham at the same time is bound to struggle to adapt, those two are high class players.



    Add to the mix a well organised super-motivated opponent and you get a result like today.



    Calm down ffs.

  6. I was at a football game yesterday, a smaller club took on a multi million euro team full of superstars at their pitch, they scored first to the delight of their fans and even when they were 3-1 down they continued to try to play football. There were of course a couple of yellows, Neymar was playing:))



    But credit to Strasbourg who even when 5-2 down were still attacking and giving their fans something to shout about.



    St Johnstone are not a football team, what they play is not football and how Mr Beaton referees the game is also nothing to do with football.



    Scottish football is a rammy everyone against Celticis and the terror of the Ten fills the hearts of every hun in this country with dread and you better believe that every dirty trick and crime will be used to stop us..



    Allez Strasbourg..you gave it a go!



    Edison Cavani, one of the best strikers I’ve ever seen, three goals yesterday could have been six, complete machine, Chapeau Monsieur Cavani it was a joy to watch!!




  7. In the past 10 weeks or so, we have played two good games. Hearts and Zenit. BR got the tactics spot on on Thursday and got the plaudits. Today he deserves the flack. The players had their January sunshine break in order to be ready for the run in, they don’t need resting (with the exception of KT and perhaps SB).

  8. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Hello this is WEE BGFC. So, not much to say about that. Just your average post European type game. They’re just tired, nothing much to worry about.


    What I can’t abide is people like that tube that was just on radio clyde. My Jings! What an ungrateful bafoon! People like that need to wake up and see what they’ve got. It was a draw we didnae get relegated for flip sake!!






  9. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Hello this is WEE BGFC. And as for the people that booed us off the park, they don’t deserve Celtic. They are huns and they shouldn’t come back!


    *comprehensive sniff*








    Agree on Cavani best leader of front-line in the game.


    His ability to link play and create space is fantastic.

  11. 16 Roads,



    The Europa is a distraction. A distraction from what? Mundane Scottish Football.



    European football is the future. The league will take care of itself.



    HH my friend.

  12. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Corkcelt 5.16pm



    As a very young 70yr old you are only a happy Celt when you are worried :-)



    No injuries for Thursday, another clean sheet for Dorus & a very young defence AND we have increased our lead at the top of the SPL, it’s all good, IF and it is still a big if, we get through on Thursday watch Brendan’s Bhoys go from strength to strength AND the biggest factor about today was no BROONY who is our most important player since Henrik, just my daft opinion :-)

  13. gerryfaebthebrigg agree Thursday is the big one but we need to win our home games though putting some pressure on ourselves might lift our performances. But I am having a panic attack as we have not played many good games at home this season.

  14. We could have played for a week with that team and not scored.


    Awful performance. Miller is no replacement for KT. Midfield poor due to BR’s team selection.


    Gamboa a sand dancer. No wing backs, no penetration. Simples.

  15. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Wee Big George 5.22pm



    Spot on



    Easily my favourite poster on here



    And tell your Da he is doing a great job as a father :-)

  16. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Caberfeigh 5.24pm



    No disagreements there but again no Broony on the park, our best goalscorer is our injured my take on it is a very young team who probably perform better away from home, less pressure BUT again we now are further ahead in the league than we were this morning :-)

  17. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Hello this is WEE BGFC. More to the point, they were saying on BBC Scotland that our lead was cut. Eh last time i checked 9 was more than 8. Doughballs


    *comprehensiver sniff*






  18. archdeaconsbench on

    The players came back from 3 week break, 3 weeks. That much tinkering is inviting that mob back into it.


    Cannot fathom that selection today at all.

  19. Italiabhoy


    7 changes today probably took away some of the fluency of late, We’ll be fine – Hun referees or not. We are winning this fight with our keyboards, wish we had them a couple of hundred years ago :-) Ill take the same scoreless draw on Thursday.







    Proud as I am of converting people to The Hoooops,one of the first things I taught them was the awful feeling of knowing yer joooost not gonna score



    Today sounds like one of those days.






    Pot, kettle, black, ;-))

  22. Just read back.



    I think it’s time Rodgers was moved on.



    I mean, we are just not doing it under his tutelage.



    Mibbe we should see what Ronny is up to.



    And I suspect Alan Pardew could be tempted.



    What about Mark Hughes?



    Shame Big Eck got the Scotland gig, he would have been a safe pair of hauns.



    Thank God I am a real Celtic supporter, not like a lot of the wankers who post on here.

  23. Italia bhoy



    ITALIABHOY on 18TH FEBRUARY 2018 5:25 PM


    The league will manifestly not “take care of itself”




    Stupid cliche.




    Indeed. If anyone thinks this league is over they need a rethink. Yes I think we will win it, but that’s 2 bad points dropped today.


    We need to put a series of wins together.





    Aye. But my Mum doesn’t was my mouth out with soap now!

  25. Thursday McGregor was brilliant and created .


    Today he started well but faded fast.Kouassi did well tidying up and keeping ball moving but Rogic and Calum did not do enough to create.


    I thought Rogic was just getting into the game when subbed


    Sinclair had flashes of his old self in second.


    Young Hendry did nothing wrong and he and Ajer can take comfort in knowing that as a very young pairing in the most difficult area of the field the game was scoreless.


    Musonda will be fouled with impunity in this league so although his talent will be stifled if we learn to attack the spaces he creates he will be invaluable.

  26. CultsBhoy- Last of the famous international PlayBhoys on

    BR will win treble again imo


    He has also taken us a step further in Europe.


    So difficult to moan too much.



    Players of all ages given their chance. Their fault for not taking it imo.



    Personally I think there comes a stage in the season you field your best team every week. We’ve reached hat point now.

  27. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    I have seen many games over the years, as have many here, when a referee’s performance have influenced the result.


    Today was one of them.



    Overall, it was a combination of, After the Lord Mayor’s Show, seven personnel changes and a complete disregard of the rules of football.



    A team doesn’t need to sparkle to win games.


    Sometimes it has to grind out a result, but, at least it should be played within the context of the rules.



    Beaton cheated with impunity, as his performance has become standard practice for our games recently. It is policy now.



    As for the wisdom of the team changes, it will be around 2.15 next Sunday before we can gauge that.

  28. One bad result against the Sheep or the Huns & today will not look like a harmless folly.


    We are never going to win the Europa,


    I’m not forecasting doom or gloom.


    I said pre game that I was shocked at team selection & nothing has changed since then,


    I’m all for resting players & giving fringe players a run but not all in the same game.


    It’s not fair on anyone including the fringe players.


    This normally happy young 70yr old, is currently a grumpy young 70yr old.


    Going to Killarney for a couple of days tomorrow might or might not cheer me up.

  29. 16 roads - Celtic über alles... on







    Would normally agree with your statement, however not at this moment in time when we are going for the 10.



    I’d rather this season we win the league even if it means dropping out of Europe.



    Apologies to the visionaries.




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